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Facebook.com ...is the facebook profile for my comic project I´ve worked on since 2008. I´ve started translating, editing, and colouring the pieces, and its coming to comixology soon. Sooooooo check it out!

Water HL2

HmTervapuro Blog


..a mod project of mine is coming out next sunday!

Phew, so thats done then. Actually Tero (AuHeppa) had the biggest workload on the mod, I´ve been more of an assistant or a helper. But there´s some of my touch there. I wish I could´ve done more, but I never had the time..

But yea, keep your eyes open for Water, its out soon! Soooooon!!!


Now its public...

HmTervapuro Blog

Moddb.com <--- Scintilla is up

So I made the profile for my project, Scintilla. The name stayed, originally we were going to change it, but its a good title..

Also, I had a nasty case of chickenpox. My mates keep saying "I had it when I was a kid", thats nothing. Im almost 25 now, and I´ve never ever felt worse. If you´ve seen Braindead, the mother from there is pretty much what I felt and looked like.

On wednesday I can resume my work (as in real job), and at the end of the month, I can buy some proper furniture and finish this new flat of ours... and then we´re all settled. Somewhere, someday, I´ll try to continue modding.

Such a hassle, such a hassle..


I havent touched any modding tools in ages, had plenty of stuff in my hands. This epicly huge illustration gig for an university, a comic festival where our Seitti published four new comics (a huge stress bomb to hit the deadlines there and get everything to print) plus we moved, and I´ve had close to zero loitering time in the past month. I should be able to clear myself alot of time somewhere in the next week, and that´ll get me back on track in A.Typical RPG. There´s a ton of graphics I have to do, really behind the schedule there. Glad I have alot of the stuff planned on papers, and Arvind´s done a pile of layouts to help me (and himself) out. Out of my game development, RPG´s the top priority right now.

Last friday we crashed our car, flew into the ditch, flipped on its roof, and hit a tree. Not a scratch on me nor my girlfriend, so we´re really lucky. Or unlucky, since we had that accident.. It was a good car too.

Ok, and Visage Im done with. Its become a really messy and a unstable project, so I thought that I dont want to spend my time fixing someone else´s project, even if it IS a good project. I just have so much other stuff to do as well. Visage needs a smaller, tighter team, and I think its pretty positive that some of us extra weight left the development team.

As for HL2 mods, I have two mod projects, neither of them are public. First comes something called "Scintilla", which is just the development name, for now. I cant say anything about that, ´cept I plan to make it fast and brutally, and finish by the end of this year. The other project is way larger, and it already has two levels, most of the models, and the gameplay in place. Its called Bone. That will take way longer to finish, now that I have Scintilla in my hands. But yea, both mods will be.. if Im modest. Superb.

So yar, this wont be the last time you hear of me!
with love,

Google "Amnesia: The Dark Descent". Such an awesome game. Or find it on Steam, its cheap, and I cant stress enough how damn good it is.


Wanna know where you can find my stuff in mods? Well then..

Projects Im very involved in:

Flesh, havent touched this after the release. There´s some updates I should do, but Im too full of Flesh just now, the developing was so hectic on that. I´ll just loiter around and see if I update it sometimes later on. =P

Visage has slowed down a bit, but there´s alot more content behind the scenes than what the public knows of. Im taking a rest from Visage for a second, realised I was getting really numb of serious singleplayer horror, so I wanted to skip for a while.. But overall, Visage´s doing good, for sure. So no worries. There´s plenty of content in the mod already.

Other stuff Im involved with, in some way:

Human Error Co Op, I´ve playtested this one, and its brilliant. Had so much fun, and its a pretty solid package, like there´s only 1 or 2 bugs that annoyed me, and Au-Heppa´s already fixing those. I hope this one gets alot of players.

Coven is something I´ve been working on lately. I´ve helped them polish some levels, made new textures, skyboxes, props, visual things like that, and will continue to do so ´till they get rid of the HL2 feel in the mod. They´ll release the new 3.0 soonish, which has two of Fishbulb´s maps -Deadship and Coast- that I´ve added eyecandy on. There´s a bunch of stuff we´ve been planning for the future releases, so expect more of me in there then. This´ll be grrrreat.

Outbreak: Condemned has my old spider model (made it for a now-dead Resident Evil mod), I donated it to them. They updated the look, since the model is like 5 years old or something. I really like what they´ve done there, added the hair and that. Looks great. This is a promising mod, so Im looking forward to this one. I hope I can playtest this at some point.

Prison Island is something I´ll have my hands in. Gonna help them with some new plant textures in the future, since they lost ALL of their old foliage props. Since textures and 2d is my strength, figured I´d be useful here.

Dogfight is something I SHOULD be playtesting, but we havent kept in contact that much. Got the mod, but its no use playtesting it alone. Mmmmhmmm.. I guess I´ll bug the developer the next time I see him. Love the project btw.

...and, yeah, thats it. Cant remember if there´s anything else for me right now. Generally speaking, Im dead-tired of horror right now. Coven is somewhat horror, with the vampires and that, but the direction they´re heading to is so unique and fun that it feels very refreshing to me. But yeah, otherwise.. bleh with horror. After Im done with Visage, no more horror for me.

´till the next update


Quick update on my mod-related life.


Flesh is done, actually, we released it in the christmas.
Im still working and planning on a updated version of Flesh, that´ll come out... sometimes, in the future. Subtitles and configurable keys, dunno if there´s something else I want to add, I´d just like to move ahead already.
Flesh did really well, I really enjoyed the feedback. After the release, I noticed its truly a love-or-hate sort of a mod, quite unintentional from me, really. I didnt realise the audience was that much narrowed down. Flesh is pretty much targeted at old-school horror gamers, and from the comments, I think they really loved it. Soooo Im happy about that, yeah. For others, I can understand if it was a letdown.



So, nowadays, Im busy with school and my comic work, trying to focus on those a bit more now, catch up with them, and whenever I have the time, I try to work on Visage.
...Visage is cool, and the team is working really well together, so Im enjoying that experience. I cant really share any information on that, but Im working on my own short bit in the mod, which is kinda different from the rest of it, when it comes to the gameplay and enviroments.



On other news, after releasing a mod, I´ve been continuously asked to join different mods, which is quite satisfying, like people want ME to join their mods, not the other way around. But I dont have the time for anyone´s projects right now.
Usually, Im trying to jump into every project I can get my hands into, since I love this stuff so much. And then I cant focus into anything, and things go bad. I´ll try to avoid that now.


Human Error released, that´s cool. I recently playtested the mod, I couldnt really find any core-gameplay related bugs, just a few, but I did throw a bazillion comments with the level-design, so hopefully that was of any use.
Actually, I´ve tried to work on Human Error in the past, I was going to make Au-Heppa some sprites, but I never got around that, and then I faded away. I feel bad about that, but it isnt that serious I guess. These things happen all the time. But anyways, Human Error, really cool, play it. I really enjoyed this.



Sigh, dunno. I have plenty of ideas, some good ones, that would make some great mods, but I dont know if I have the time just now. I´ll let them brew, work on some models and gameplay elements real quiet and discreet, and eventually I can start on something properly. Like, first, gotta do the groundwork, and then BAM! go at it with full-speed.
One thing about doing a mod is, it takes over your whole life, and I dont want to do that straight away again. Doing Flesh was damn hard and sometimes really depressing, but the result was great, and Im happy with it. But yeah, tasking. Nowadays I can actually go to sleep early if I want to, which is cool.


Soooo that was it for today, I´ll write here whenever there´s something I want to discuss, or I notice people are actually reading these. Thanks to all the people who were interested in my mods, thanks for the interviews and the news items and such as well, that helped me alot.

´till later


HmTervapuro Blog 2 comments

I´m working on this small map pack, where the player is portrayed in third person, and he has to sneak around monsters while doing simple puzzles. Big kudos to SDK-Projects for the answers with my troubles in the third person view, namely that I couldnt get the character to animate.... In the end, I just didnt realise I had the wrong activator for the game_ui.

Should be cool. If Im realistic, it´ll be finished around the next christmas.

Around again

HmTervapuro Blog

Ok I havent been around in a few months now, decided to take some time off since Pirates of the Empires was cancelled AND pretty much after that I came to the conclusion Dead of Night wont work out.

Lately I´ve been working on other things, like my comics, and, well, playing on my new computer (Bionic Commando Re-Armed is awesome and Far Cry 2 is boring, its pretty, but boring, sorry) and now I was thinking I´ll get back into the whole game graphics stuff. So, there´s a new map coming for Fistful of Frags, the HL2 mod, where I collaborated, I made this really rainy and dark map for it, I tried to go into the direction of The Unforgiven, but couldnt quite get that far, well, because of a few things... it should work well as a multiplayer map so excessive use of the particle system was out (for really heavy raining with fog clouds ´n such, looked really nice but I had to scale it down) and I had to light the map up a little.

BUT Im really satisfied with the ending result. I wont post pics of that map here just yet, maybe in a few days, or whenever I happen to ask for a permission, since, well, I dont want to take away from whatever media wave Ryell is building for FoF.

I´ve actually missed posting here, its so much fun talking to myself.

EDIT: nevermind, Ryell told me I can show the level. Here´s a picture, and a bigger version in gallery above. Remember to try Fistful of Frags for HL2!


HmTervapuro Blog

Well, Pirates of the Empire is cancelled. Instead of any big announcements, the webpage will just stop updating and it´ll eventually fade away from people´s minds.

..Its a big shame, I really liked that mod, and we made some really fast progress with it. What killed it then? Lack of interest, not from us, but from contributors. Creating a big total conversation is really risky, because if you lack one asset, it can stop the whole production... for us it was the player models. We just cant do anything without them. Or actually, we could´ve. We could´ve spent months into creating content that wont eventually ship it, because we´re missing an crucial asset. Oh well, this is the way mods are. Finishing one off is just a strike of luck. Pirates opened my eyes for how crucial it is for me to know 3dsMax inside out. I´ve made some progress with my skills lately, and now I can rig models, bake hi-def normal maps for them, animate them and skin them. I just need to practise and practise and get better with it! But yeah, instead of worrying about Pirates too much, I´ll just make the best of it now. I have the jungle foliage props and all that, and now I´ll be looking for a project where I can give them as a gift. The galleon ship is a bit different problem, since its afterall very crude and blocky, since it was ment to be mobile too. Atleast the initial plans were like that. Maybe The Hidden mod would like the jungle props for a predator-esque map? I´ll have to check out.

Well, yeah, whats done is done. Dead of Night is coming along pretty nice. 2 out of 3 weapons are done, the vampire needs the claw models for first person view, which I might do sometimes, but not now. And the vampire model is fully skinned and animation has begun. Mmm, yeah. Fistful of Frags, well my map has proven to be a bit too far away from the FoF concept, so I need to revise it a little and really polish the shit out of it. Figures, its still pretty early and I wouldnt release anything unfinished.
I might post some new screenshots soon, since I´ve done some work on an asylum map by Katasdf, in Dead of Night. I´ve added custom props and new textures into it. He´s responsible for the brushwork and lighting, well, I tweaked it a little, pompous bastard that I am.

Organic models

HmTervapuro Blog

Since I have so much free time now during the summer, I´ve decided to finally learn how to create character models. After watching a few videos and reading some .pdf´s I could make an simple human model in 3dsMax that works properly and is animated. I could model higher definition, but Im not comfortable with the rigging process. It was surprisingly easy. Maybe thats because the model was so simple. Anyways, there´s plenty of tutorials for 3dsMax on youtube and some links over at cgtalk.com which are worth looking at, for anyone who is interested.

Oh and I just HAD to upload a video of the character. I think it´d work ok in something like a mobile phone game, or a really old school engine. Im too lazy to figure out how to embed videos here, so its in the video gallery.

Its also a good reason for me to expand this profile page. Har.

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