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I havent touched any modding tools in ages, had plenty of stuff in my hands. This epicly huge illustration gig for an university, a comic festival where our Seitti published four new comics (a huge stress bomb to hit the deadlines there and get everything to print) plus we moved, and I´ve had close to zero loitering time in the past month. I should be able to clear myself alot of time somewhere in the next week, and that´ll get me back on track in A.Typical RPG. There´s a ton of graphics I have to do, really behind the schedule there. Glad I have alot of the stuff planned on papers, and Arvind´s done a pile of layouts to help me (and himself) out. Out of my game development, RPG´s the top priority right now.

Last friday we crashed our car, flew into the ditch, flipped on its roof, and hit a tree. Not a scratch on me nor my girlfriend, so we´re really lucky. Or unlucky, since we had that accident.. It was a good car too.

Ok, and Visage Im done with. Its become a really messy and a unstable project, so I thought that I dont want to spend my time fixing someone else´s project, even if it IS a good project. I just have so much other stuff to do as well. Visage needs a smaller, tighter team, and I think its pretty positive that some of us extra weight left the development team.

As for HL2 mods, I have two mod projects, neither of them are public. First comes something called "Scintilla", which is just the development name, for now. I cant say anything about that, ´cept I plan to make it fast and brutally, and finish by the end of this year. The other project is way larger, and it already has two levels, most of the models, and the gameplay in place. Its called Bone. That will take way longer to finish, now that I have Scintilla in my hands. But yea, both mods will be.. if Im modest. Superb.

So yar, this wont be the last time you hear of me!
with love,

Google "Amnesia: The Dark Descent". Such an awesome game. Or find it on Steam, its cheap, and I cant stress enough how damn good it is.

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