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Wanna know where you can find my stuff in mods? Well then..

Projects Im very involved in:

Flesh, havent touched this after the release. There´s some updates I should do, but Im too full of Flesh just now, the developing was so hectic on that. I´ll just loiter around and see if I update it sometimes later on. =P

Visage has slowed down a bit, but there´s alot more content behind the scenes than what the public knows of. Im taking a rest from Visage for a second, realised I was getting really numb of serious singleplayer horror, so I wanted to skip for a while.. But overall, Visage´s doing good, for sure. So no worries. There´s plenty of content in the mod already.

Other stuff Im involved with, in some way:

Human Error Co Op, I´ve playtested this one, and its brilliant. Had so much fun, and its a pretty solid package, like there´s only 1 or 2 bugs that annoyed me, and Au-Heppa´s already fixing those. I hope this one gets alot of players.

Coven is something I´ve been working on lately. I´ve helped them polish some levels, made new textures, skyboxes, props, visual things like that, and will continue to do so ´till they get rid of the HL2 feel in the mod. They´ll release the new 3.0 soonish, which has two of Fishbulb´s maps -Deadship and Coast- that I´ve added eyecandy on. There´s a bunch of stuff we´ve been planning for the future releases, so expect more of me in there then. This´ll be grrrreat.

Outbreak: Condemned has my old spider model (made it for a now-dead Resident Evil mod), I donated it to them. They updated the look, since the model is like 5 years old or something. I really like what they´ve done there, added the hair and that. Looks great. This is a promising mod, so Im looking forward to this one. I hope I can playtest this at some point.

Prison Island is something I´ll have my hands in. Gonna help them with some new plant textures in the future, since they lost ALL of their old foliage props. Since textures and 2d is my strength, figured I´d be useful here.

Dogfight is something I SHOULD be playtesting, but we havent kept in contact that much. Got the mod, but its no use playtesting it alone. Mmmmhmmm.. I guess I´ll bug the developer the next time I see him. Love the project btw.

...and, yeah, thats it. Cant remember if there´s anything else for me right now. Generally speaking, Im dead-tired of horror right now. Coven is somewhat horror, with the vampires and that, but the direction they´re heading to is so unique and fun that it feels very refreshing to me. But yeah, otherwise.. bleh with horror. After Im done with Visage, no more horror for me.

´till the next update

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