I'm Nick, aka jacksonj04, and I used to be a volunteer staff member here at ModDB. I was active on ModDB way back at the beginning, and did (at one point) actually mod. Outside gaming I have a degree in Computing and Cybernetics from the University of Lincoln, which is just as cool as it sounds.

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Public Beta Release
Half-Life 2

Public Beta Release

Science and Industry 2 35 comments

Science and Industry 2 release their 1.0 public beta for the world to try. Briefcases at the ready, lets go knock out some scientists!

Forums, Spotlight and Comments; Oh My!

Forums, Spotlight and Comments; Oh My!

Mod DB 15 comments

Mod DB has rolled out a lot of changes recently. Your resident Community Manager presents a sweeping overview of all the new goodies and a few hints on...

Knights of the Farce: We've Had Enough
Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Knights of the Farce: We've Had Enough

Knights Of The Force 59 comments

Mod DB has finally had enough of the once-popular mod for Jedi Academy, and have decided to formally ban it. Here is our explanation.

The Soap Box Is Here

The Soap Box Is Here

The Soap Box 4 comments

Got an opinion on gaming you want to share? Mod DB's new group - The Soap Box - is here for you to link your articles to.

A Few Updates

A Few Updates

Mod DB 49 comments

We've just rolled out some updates to the site, here's a quick summary of what's changed and what's coming.

Who's Who - Mod DB Staff

Who's Who - Mod DB Staff

Mod DB 9 comments

We re-introduce all the core Mod DB staff, so you know who's behind what.

Just a Quick Note...

News 12 comments

Hi guys, As some of you regular visitors may have spotted, Mod DB has had the odd couple of glitches the past few days, with people getting errors on...

Yes, we know!

News 9 comments

As you may be able to spot, bits of Mod DB have suffered what is effectively a minor DoS attack by a particular idiot spamming the forums. This is just...

Half-Life 2

Now Available on Steam

Garrys Mod 31 comments

For those of you out there who are interested in things like this, Garrys Mod (MotY 2005) is now available via Steam for the incredible price of $9.95...

From the Admin's Desk

News 10 comments

Here I am again with yet more stuff from the staff. Today's lesson is on our mod authing, banning and archiving process. I apologise for the length...

From The Admin's Desk

News 13 comments

Hi again, this is your resident community supporting staff member here to tell you about a feature which has been part of Mod DB for ages, but which is...

From the Admin's Desk

News 66 comments

As stated before it is unusual for Mod DB to have staff editorials unless we have something interesting to tell you, or run out of things to do. For those...

Half-Life 2

Creaking back to life...

Nu Skool

Alright. I've decided that I've been sitting on this long enough and I need to get back into the doing of modding rather than administrating...

From the Admin's Desk...

News 13 comments

Mod DB isn't usually a place for editorials; but some recent news going through the queue has, I feel, made this one necessary. We strive to provide...

Steam Issues

News 13 comments

As many of you may be aware, the folks over at Valve have released a new update to Steam. Whilst this update includes a lot of specific optimisations...

Getting the First Impressions Right

News 3 comments

For those of you who are thinking of starting a mod and want some tips on how to get it seen and noticed, we have just the thing. Getting the First Impressions...

ModDB Downloads Are Here!

News 55 comments

After three years of waiting, countless people asking us where the downloads were, and around 3000 lines of code, we have some good news for you. modDB's...

modDB @ Free Play 2005

News 27 comments

15 - 17 July 2005 For those of you who have been tactfully avoiding the conversations, modDB will be present at the Free Play 2005 expo in Melbourne...

Half-Life 2

Garry's Mod 8.3a Released!

Garrys Mod 5 comments

Well, here is the latest incarnation of the amazing Garry's Mod is upon us. This 8.3a is quite a major step forwards from 8.2, with nice new interfaces...

Half-Life 2 Expansion Pack Confirmed?

News 8 comments

The current news which is just starting to creep out is that Valve, the folks behind the massively acclaimed Half-Life and Half-Life 2, have confirmed...



Natural Selection 9 comments

It's been a long time coming, but the Natural Selection people have done it again with the release of Version 3.0 of the highly rated Half-Life modification...

Sven Co-Op 2 Exclusive Artwork
Half-Life 2

Sven Co-Op 2 Exclusive Artwork

Sven Co-op II 6 comments

Sven Co-Op 2 are proud to present their first piece of available artwork in a modDB Exclusive!

Windows XP SP2 Released

News 1 comment

Just to let you all know that Microsoft has cleared Windows XP SP2 for release, and it should be arriving via Windows Update, seperate downloads, and...

Forum Trouble...

News 9 comments

We are aware of the forums currently being, for want of a better word, screwed. Please do not bug admins, log bug reports, scream, shout, commit suicide...

Modification Absence...

News 17 comments

As you may have noticed, there is a distinct absence of mods on the database. I don't know the exact cause at the moment, but rest assured that the mods...

HL2 Source Leak

News 40 comments

For those of you who haven't been keeping up, the HL2 source leak has been confirmed: Ever have one of those weeks? This has just not been the best couple...

Remote Compile System Cometh!


Alrighty then, for those of you who don't know what the HLRCS is, I've written up this nice little review for you all to read up on. Enjoy!



Well, since it's been months since our last update (November :O) I have decided to write up all our new stuff. Our review over Christmas (just recently...

The Legal Stuff


OK, after seeing a disclaimer for the 4th time today I finally snapped and wrote this up for you to think about when you next try to rip some work or...

modDB.com Natural Selection Server

News 4 comments

Yes, we now have an NS server for you all to play on. This server has been provided by the very kind crash0rz, and is the latest addition to our supported...

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