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Previously a passionate modder of Generals Mod 3.0.

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End of Year 2021


As of now, the progress of Generals Mod 3.0 has been halted to an extent that I no longer have the confidence to say that I will be continuing it any time soon. However I would like to commend on a person who is currently making a mod with the resources that I have all utilized and planned for Generals Mod 2.95. Don't worry about the part where it heaps on the permission of usage, as I have provided the link to him for all the resources that I have piled up for this mod.

Without further ado, here is a video of demonstration on how far the mod has reached.

Go and play the mod and do provide feedback here. I would like to hear where and how you would like this mod to be improved. I'll take note on the feedbacks and I'll see where I could improve the game's performance by collaborating with the author, and the adjusting gameplay if able, here on out.

Signing off.


Link To Generals 3.0 Exclusive Unit List


Year 2018


23/2/2018 Progress update: Sorry for not updating much. So what's up with the progress lately? Not so much progress ever since last 2 weeks. I have not been in touch with the internet over the past week, reason being Chinese New Year, and I have to go to visit my relatives as a part of the tradition. I'm also been in touch with other communities of the Discord channel, for example, Red Resurrection, Tiberium Crisis & a bit of Mental Omega. Tiberium Crisis is an awesome mod, however there are several installation issues when you want to get it worked, the default installation format can be found at the Discord channel. As for what I have been doing recently, it is a personal mod. I cannot reveal it to you guys, at least for the moment.

So, I guess this is it. The release date of Generals Mod 3.0 is set to TBA. However, the progress for completing it is set to 30%. The progress for the mod is now 2 years, started from the end of 2015, and after this year, it will be a third. Till then, IamInnocent out~

4/2/2018 Cameos. :D

zionicon2 scusicon cpbmicon

Created a discord in case if you guys want to talk about the mod. :/

2/2/2018 Oh well, I edited a voxel and made a cameo for today. :/



New GDI flag. :|

new gdi prototype3 vs. new gdi prototype

BTW, the DOOM Snapmap that I love about has been updated not long ago. Check it out! :D


Sorry for not updating anything for almost a week. I have been thinking of revamping the structures and several destructive capabilities of the support powers and superweapons that presented in the 2.75 version of the mod. If you look at the video below you'll see that how cheesy it is for a Superweapon to cause cheap destruction. The same goes for airstrike support power, compare both to the mechanics of Mental Omega and YR Red Resurrection, and you'll see how game breaking they are.

Other than the changes, here's an idea of the new flags for the new subfactions replacing France and Germany.

Western Union (WUDO)

new wudo zocom

Germany Division Insurgency (GDI)

new gdi prototype

(It has quality problems, I just have to figure out how to fix it.)

By the way, if you are unfamiliar with Red Resurrection, OmegaBolt has been updating it like madness. Give it a shot if you haven't played it. :D

yr red resurrection updates2

By the by, Tiberium Crisis is announced to be released on Feb 5th of this year, and the recent trailer looks epic. Here's the moddb page, and the creators have updated their unit lists as an article. :D

I'll be updating more about tomorrow. (Full blown into fandoming Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Synthrock and Doki Doki Literature Club for today.) :/

Till next time.


While waiting for the update to finish for loading Red Resurrection, I have finished majority of the cameos for South Korea :) I plan to edit some of the cameos tomorrow, especially Ziona, as I don't prefer the basic background design and her lack in an automated sniper rifle. :p

japi3South Korea

Primary Infantry & MBT:

sogiicon tempicon3

Support Powers:

nanbicon invaicon

Subfaction exclusives:

propaticon fpilicon fbukicon sideicon morticon

stakicon javlicon dgiicon2 jjeticon3 cybgicon

aclgicon kbfticon5 nfrticon archicon

Special Hero Unit:


Here's a playlist I made for YR Red Resurrection mod, it's deadmau5-ish, hope you guys like it. :)


jjeticon3 kbfticon5

22/1/2018 More cameos! :D (Credits to RA3 Paradox for the Javelin template.) :)

javlicon dgiicon2 borsicon tanyicon abomicon

20/1/2018: I'm having good progress with the conversion of w3x models to SHP with the recent w3x importer which being updated just 2 days ago! This enables the import of the assets from Tiberium Wars, which is required for the completion of Seraph & Ultimatum!

17/1/2018: Took me 3 hours, I'm not sure if I'm satisfied. :v



16/1/2018: Several new cameos plus revamp of the past cameos. They are Medusa, Geomancer, the new and improved V3 credited to comando and the Nuclear Reactor originally by Psycho. :D

meduicon3 geomicon2 v3icon2 iradicon nrcticon3 madticon

And here I need votes from you guys once more. In regards to the original Fusion Reactor used by France in Generals Mod 2.5, I will change it's model towards a new version by Merophage. So now I need your help on choosing for me one from the two version of the Fusion Reactor cameos. The one with the highest votes will appear oin-game. Which do you prefer? The PreRA2 Weather Controller by tomsons26lv, or my edited version...? Do cast your votes below in the comment section! While you're reading and waiting for new updates of this blog, I'll be playing some Mental Omega first. (And probably resuming my adventure on Ori & the Blind Forest.) Toodles!





13/1/2018 Finishing what I have written yesterday, I'll crop the whole section out. :D


Command Centres -> Cost increased from $5000 to $7500.

America -> United States of America (USA)

Old: Dual MOAB Airstrike


First -> Airstrike - Calls in 5 airstrike planes to launch multiple heat seeking missiles onto targets within the targeted area.

Second -> Hybrid Fuel Air Bomb - Calls in a Stealth Bomber to drop a Hybrid fused Fuel Air Bomb capable of devastating all units and structures.

South Korea

Old: Invasion


First -> Nanoboost - Boost the defense of friendly infantries by 50%, also heals them.

Second -> Batallion Paradrop - Same function as Invasion, but has a cost of deployment.


France -> Western Union Defense Organization (Western Union or WUDO for short)

Old: Artillery Strike


First -> Defense Bureau - Deploy a node that grants nearby structures defensive 50% armor bonuses. Multiple instances of bonus gained from Defense Bureau stack with each other.

Second -> Avant-Garde - For a certain period of time, half the costs of the defensive structures by 50%. This excludes Support structures and superweapons. (They do not receive the cost reduction bonuses.) While Avant-Garde is active, EMP Patriot and Nuke Patriot no longer requires upgrading for deployment, instead they could be built and constructed normally like Patriot Missiles.

Germany -> Germany Division Insurgency (Germany Coalition or GDI for short)

Old: Tank Paradrop


First -> Hunter Seeker - Target an area and summon 3 hunter seeker bots. The bots will seek any targets within the designated location, and detonate an explosive warhead upon impact.

Second -> Bombardment Beacon - Sets a beacon at a designated place for a certain period of time. The beacon allows all friendly GDI artillery units to fire at a designated spot, regardless of the position. Do note that firing at the beacon will result in high inaccruacy. :v

Britain -> United Kingdom (There are some differences, but political agenda should be the same. Hmmm...) :p

Old: Laser Strike


First -> Particle Cannon - Fires a particle cannon continuously at a designated area, nearby Athena Cannon gains bonus firepower when firing near the targeted area.

Second -> Ion Cannon - Immediately fires a beam of Ion Cannon that devastates the area around the designated position.

North Korea

Old: Dual Nuke Bomber Strike


First -> Irradiation - Applies a strong radiation to the targeted area. The radiation is so strong that it will also melt down tank armor. However, the radiation will also affect allies, be careful with it!

Second -> Atom Bomb - Drops an Atomic Bomb on a designated location. *Gets sunglasses.*

Iraq -> Arab Republic

Old: Dual Toxin Bomber Strike


First -> Carpet Bombing - Calls on a carpet bomber that drops infectious gas warheads upon the ground. The acidic chemicals burns through even concrete.

Second -> SCUD Storm - Fires a barrage of SCUD missiles around the designated location. The missiles contain a mixture of Anthrax and explosive warheads, that when detonate, chemicals within the missile were scattered to contaminate the area around it.

Cuba -> Latin Confederation

Old: Dual Firestorm Bomber Strike


First -> Spetsnaz - Spawns 3 Spetsnaz soldiers on a targeted area. These soldiers are able to take down infantry from long ranges. Armed with a specialized explosive rifle, they will also deal mediocre damage towards vehicles. accounting for situational purposes. However, they also serve as a support disabler as their high precision and concentration enables them to take out the tyres of tanks, effectively preventing them from moving forward.

Second -> Tunnel Network - Summons a Tunnel network at a clear ground. The tunnel is invisible to the enemy. Friendly units were able to move through and ambush from anywhere of a tunnel network. The structure is able detected by a unit with sensor properties. The cost and cooldown of this support power is 1/2 of a normal secondary support power.

Russia -> Soviet Union

Old: Dual Pulse Bomber Strike


First -> Overcharge - Powers up the firepower of Tesla units within a designated area by 50% for a period of time. Tesla structures within the radius will also receive overcharge bonuses without the need for any nearby Tesla Troopers.

Second -> Gigavolt - Generates an electrical vortex at the targeted area that instantly kills all infantry within. Vehicles and structures that were caught within the radius are stunned and continuously receiving damage.


First -> Iron Barrier - Protects all structures and units from receiving damage within a designated area. Units leaving the barrier will no longer be protected.

Second -> M.A.A.A.D. - Massive Area Attentive Accumulative Denial. Continuously creates shockwaves within the targeted position, followed by a large burst of MAD wave that devastates everything around it. Any units caught within the wave were EMP'd for a certain duration.

Special Corps Division -> Phantom Prominence

First -> Reanimation - Turns dead bodies of Phantom Prominence into loyal minions, granting them more durable bodies, but lower firepower due to their decaying nature. These reanimated units will die again after a period of time.

Second -> Earthbreaker - Like Massive Area Attentive Accumulative Denial, it continuously projects wave after wave of seismic waves that results in a massive earthquake on the targeted area. Structures around it will lose their power supply and continuously be damaged. Tanks around it were slowed and disrupted to a point where they could not properly fire their weapons. Due to the massive nature of the Earthquake, infantries around it will get trapped and killed if they stay too long within the quake radius.

Shadow Hand Division -> Shadow Hand Operatives (Shadow Hand for short)

First -> Cloaking Field - Applies a Cloaking Field that cloaks all units and structures within it. Units within the Cloaking Field will receive speed and firepower bonuses. Upon exiting the area, they will immediately get uncloaked and lose the bonus gained.

Second -> Radar Destruction - Immediately jams all enemy radar signals and prevents all of their signal inhibitors from functioning. Enemy missiles and drones will also have their radar systems jammed, thus effectively disabling them... Hah!

Traveler Division

First -> Wormhole - Functions similarly like Chronosphere. This support power is divided into 2 sections. Each section will summon a wormhole that has a 5 minute recharge time. Units were able to go into a wormhole and exit from another. Note: Wormholes do not last forever, and units within will stay inside the who-knows-where, but they were able to exit as long as another wormhole is opened. :v

Second -> Rift - Creates a large black hole that sucks all nearby units within, killing them immediately. Structures are uneffected. :|

Mastermind Division -> Psychic Legion

First -> Pyrokinesis - Generates a firestorm that damages everything caught within it, except Yuri's troops. Note: Infantries caught within the radius are immediately burnt, except hero units.

Second -> Psychic Ring - Deploys a large field that massively boosts the firepower, armor, and speed of all friendly units within the radius. Enemy units within the field will feel pressured, continuously losing firepower, armor and speed as long as they stay within the radius.

Deathstrike Division -> Global Liberation Army (GLA for short)

First -> Deathstrike Missile - Launches a DOOM missile that flies swiftly toward the targeted location. The missile is larger and it's impact is more violent, eradicating most of the units instantly.

Second -> V.I.M. - Launches a Vacuum Imploder Missile, or VIM for short, onto a designated position. On detonate, it gathers all nearby units into a vacuum. Shortly afterwards, the vacuum explodes. Unleashing a huge explosion along with large amounts of debris that deals a moderate amount of damage on anything it lands upon.


Hey, it's a new year, and the mod hasn't been update much. While I'm away, I have planned changes for the mod. There are new games to be expected for this year, and 1 of my favourites is Forged Battalion, being developed by ex-Westwood members. :D When MO 3.3.3 is out, Ares will have Save/Load functions which (I think) will be beneficial for the campaign. (Woohoo!) By the by, if you haven't noticed what's hot within C&C modding, Generals Evolution will be out on 1st February this year. Yes! :D

As for Generals Mod, I will be noting down the details of whatever I'm going to be implanting to the game, too see if they fit their bill. I'm going to revamp what is already set in Generals Mod 2.75, one of them being the support powers given by Command Centres to each respective countries, along with their subfaction. Each subfaction will receive 2 new support powers instead of just 1. The first support powe will be a tactical role that is has a 5 minutes recharge time. The second one will be a high game changer, but requires 10 minute recharge time and a high sum of cash.

Oh, and the majority of the subfactions will get their name revamped.


Year 2017


29/11/2017: I have organized a lot of voices, I have discovered that Warhammer 40k unit quotes are suitable to use. Other than that, today I have finished 2 voxels for the mod. (Damn, reediting V3 is quite hard.) I also want do get done with Scorpion Tank's Voxel, but the rest for my body is at upmost importance.

29 november progress

Credits: V3 - comando, Marauder - zenoniations... Damn, that grinder needs to be shrinked.

21/11/2017: I read through several pages of MO wiki today. :D Seems like there are dedicated people putting effort into the description of the design of the game. :)

Here's today's cameos progress:

v3icon geomicon agcnicon novaicon straicon3

V3 credits - tomsons26lv

Advanced Grance Cannon credits - Original Cameo - lefthand, Texture - Madin

20/11/2017: I'm going to shleep and starting to worry about my exams. :(


Ghost Spec Ops - Replaces SEAL for America. Ghost are spec ops deployed by the army that undergo the same procedure of producing super soldiers. Ghosts are fast and are usually stealth. They are armed with an augmented rifle along with enhanced polymer explosives that sticks onto metal and deals huge damage towards tanks. With their enhanced physiology, they are able to swim through tough current with their armor, proving the same capabilities as Tanya.

20/11/2017: Sorry for the lack of updates。 (As usual~)

I will try and make several cameos up to 1 (Edit 21/11/2017 Promise not fulfilled. T_T) tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the performance of a talented pianist. :D

14/11/2017: Now you all may be wondering, WHERE DEM UPDATES AT!?!?!?

There's long answers, but they are shit to be put up because being twisted with indirectness. So, I'm going to be direct with you about my life recently. I'm actually having exams tomorrow, but I feel that I'm drawn towards updating a new blog. So here's my quote unquote "short" explaination of the motivation towards Generals Mod 3.0 while tuning in to this epic mix. (Highly recommended since it's a motivation towards the working of the mod.)

The short answer is undoubtly, I lack of inspiration and motivation. I have been so used to generate new ideas that there are no thrills to practically implement them. The long journey of hiatus have been commenced for 3 months since, and... I will break the chains of hiatus sooner or later.

New voxels have been released in the past few days. And a very hot voxel pack has been released for an discontinued mod, m40 will be used for Toxin Tank & obj261 will be used for Advanced Toxin Tank. Other than that, I will be using a lot of revamped voxels provided by the community, especially the infamous Infector Tank which will be known as Banshee that I have planned for China faction. Advanced Grand Cannon, Nova Laser Tank (Originally uses Sprite's Prism Tank), Hover MLRS -> Iron Lotus (To be edited for Hover), and Zeus (To be edited for hoever), the epic unit for British faction (Fast, Light, Stealth, Powerful Lazer Cannon that uses C&C 4 Juggernaut's voice)... This are only some of the units that I will be talk about.

In these times, there has been a fan questioning about the newer faction. To answer everyone's doubts, the faction is not considered to be implemented. The theme of the faction will be an antithesis to Yuri & the aliens, acting as the "law" side of the "chaos". If anyone played SMT IV, they are more familiar about the theme. This side neither supports Allies or Soviet, but act as an independent faction that has their own motives. It draw influences largely from Foehn of Mental Omega, and futuristic FPSs like Warframe and Blacklight: Retribution. I can't set plans for the faction, but if there are enough public resources or people providing graphical assets, that will help a lot. But facing reality, the only thing that lacks of pushing this idea forward are the graphical assets. The combat theme are already mentioned in one of my past articles. :) [WIP]

- Zeta (Siege & Speed Specialty)
- Bane (Armor Specialty)
- Ares (Assault Specialty)
- Tera (Ground Units Specialty)
- Orca (Air & Naval Combat specialty)

These are To Be Changed.

For my what I have been up to with my life (since nobody would even care,) I have no more motivation on continuing D2IMBA, and have recently been interested on Borderlands 2 mods, especially this one! Plus, the beautiful graphics mod just increased the desire to wanting to play the game again. No, I won't participate in the modding voluntarily, but I will participate if they are searching for volunteers. Right now on Borderlands 2, I'm starting with a new character and trying to install all the Borderland 2 non-invulnerable mods on github, I'm only stopped 1/10 of the total mods and needless to say, it was a chaotic experience. I might be uploading a series on Youtube, (Since, my connection is faster now, hooray! :D ) , but due to time constraints... Sigh. Right now, I have finals to tackle tomorrow. See ya guys, IamInnocent out~

͡° ͜ʖ ͡ –

Dear Diary 12/10/2017: Looks like I can't contribute to DotA IMBA anymore. Plus, I have hectic uni life in regards to assignments and lab reports to keep me at bay.

If DotA IMBA's core can't continue to grow in the way (I think) it should be, then I'll won't do IMBA anymore. Things have happened and my contributions towards IMBA are totally in rejection. Even if I am disagreeing with the current direction of DotA IMBA, I can't disagree that the game is more fun now. I am learning to be an adult, while preserving the ambitions of a child. There's a line where someone shouldn't cross, and for me, I want to preserve this line of nature, I tried, and nevertheless, the update proceeded further and further from my standards. I don't really see a glorious presence of IMBA's originality as it used to, the nature is still there, just dimming, and I can't bear to see the originality getting ripped patches by patches.

Therefore, I am coming back, getting on my mod. Where I should be paying attention to, Seraph's model should be converted to SHPs, those shading within the cameos begging to be polished, and other plans I have for my mod.

Ares is also updated to Ares 0.E, with Ares v1.0 coming in sooner. AlexB's power have given the mechanics enough magic for me to finish the mod towards the full potential of 3.0.

Project Perfect Mod is also shining with its availability of public resources, lifted up by talented contributors, NucleiSplitter, Creator, OverWatch and Salted Old, whether being in Grey or White area, and I definitely will be using several of them in my mod. :)

Right now, my journey in the development of IMBA has come to a stop, whereas, my ambition will continue to rise, in Revengeance... >:)

(Spoiler: Some of the kickass music. Expecting more of the game development soon.)

NEWS 14/8/2017: Sadly this mod going on hiatus for a while as I am working on DotA IMBA and my uni life will be keeping it at bay. There wont be updates until I announced it.

In the mean time, do keep in track on Thyme, an open-source Zero Hour, and Tacitus Revolution, a C&C mod project by the creator of Kanes Wrath: Reloaded. The author has been working for 3 years and he has recently made a Moddb page about it. I recommend the mod to you guys as he made a lot of promises with the mod, and he stated that will be the Mental Omega of C&C 3:

Till then, IamInnocent, signing-out... Pe-Ru-So-NA!

HIGHLIGHT from 17/5/2017: Link To Generals 2.95 Exclusive Unit List

Still have a lot of things to do. I have been kept busy by university load, but alas, still made time for my mod because I couldn't help myself. :3 Here are the cameos I started posting on 5 of May, still making one. It took around half an hour to make a custom one, perfectionistically saying. :/ (Magnetron-A, Magnus-C, Hazemaker, Scourge Trike, Rad Scykle, etc.)

Credits: EA, Speeder, Tyler Adams, MadHQ, Da Arg, lefthand, Bu7loos, IceDragon200, tomsons26lv, liyigg, Rattuskid, RLY_BiG_Tank, shin.peter.pan, Salted Old, Clazzy, Starkku ... and others :D

domiicon2 1 beagicon8bit trkeicon4 hazeicon2 conficon grepicon3 braticon ptmgicon3 bansicon

beamicon zealicon apupicon3 drokicon2 apaticon scrbicon3 mwelicon2 adomicon teraicon2

vprticon2 viruicon irdricon hakricon telaicon resoicon2 mgnuicon mtraicon ovsricon

devticon4 crylicon radbicon4 toxcicon2 1 meduicon2 gmlricon3 acrticon2 toxbicon2 tbupicon

tdupicon3 atxticon2 rsniicon3 rvgricon2 1 gdesicon2 dtslicon4 nukeicon nnukicon hbomicon2

overicon nukbicon5 dhndicon4 kbfticon4 stgzicon3 ttnkicon2 attkicon2 tarticon sprdicon

stgricon fbmricon3 dtst3icon pusbicon lyudicon empticon5 ttdricon drgsicon tsamicon

tscdicon   Copy anpwicon2 tcomicon3 gtesicon fanaicon nrcticon stakicon rgiicon rngiicon

mrauicon zonricon3 zonticon sogiicon moloicon lsgiicon6 dfgiicon miliicon initicon3

btrpicon2 gullicon2 antticon3 straicon2 bconicon biocicon tconicon psdwicon2 fconicon2

rconicon2 cobricon5 bmasicon2 rtnkicon tplmicon2 hamticon demticon abraicon5 guaticon

predicon2 crusicon2 tempicon3 insgicon lshricon2 psyticon2 scoricon mshpicon rtriicon

empticon5 & tcomicon3 = Re-re-reediting the edited. :D (No regrets)

Comparisons, regarding the gif: :v

old vs new tcom

Took me an hour to make, and 50 minutes to make the gif. Dammit, I'm 2 hours late for my dinner. My stomach is punishing me! :(

Edit NEWS 14/8/2017: Sadly this mod going on hiatus for a while as I am working on DotA IMBA and my uni life will be keeping it at bay. There wont be updates until I announced it.

In the mean time, do keep in track on Thyme, an open-source Zero Hour, and Tacitus Revolution, a C&C mod project by the creator of Kanes Wrath: Reloaded. The author has been working for 3 years and he has recently made a Moddb page about it. I recommend the mod to you guys as he made a lot of promises with the mod, and he stated that will be the Mental Omega of C&C 3:

Till then, IamInnocent, signing-out... Pe-Ru-So-NA!

Edit 25/7/2017: So next semester is gonna start soon. I'm on a camping trip and I just finished my task for DotA IMBA before the camping trip started. My semester commences after the camping trip, so there's no more time for modding. Hope that there's more time for next semester for me to finish stuff. Till then... :/

Edit 18/7/2017: Having exam tomorrow Wednesday, no updates until further ado. In the mean time, listen to this. Scadoosh!

Edit 14/7/2017: I'm helping out DotA IMBA, so be expecting no updates until further ado. :[

Edit 10/7/2017: I'm getting lazier and lazier as time goes back. After I'm finished with Insurger's cameo I will be taking a break, not going on spending my whole time on this hobby until I feel like it. To me, it's saddening because I want to finish this mod, however, there are already other things substituted my dreams, because some of my wishes have already been granted. Such as getting buddies with matters to discuss with, and also a total action/strategy hybrid game where it tests a person's concentration. Anyway, until that desire came back, I won't be spending all of my time modding for a while. Plus, there's already a matter that prevents me from being a full time video game nerd. I will only be in my house until 13th of July.

Enough of the diary writing, here's a nonexistent idea of a 4th side for Generals Mod 3.5:

Blacklight: Another faction that acts as the enforces from the outer space as well. They hold technology more advanced than any timeline the Earth has ever experienced. As enforces of the galaxy, their purpose of coming to the Earth is to stop the aliens from invading the earth. Even though this is their aim, they show unwillingness to coorperate with the humans. One may think they could had made a peace-treaty, however they insist that the reset of human race must occur, linking to the destruction and reformation of mankind. The unwillingness to coorperate effects the Earth to wage war on them.


- Zeta (Siege & Speed Specialty)
- Bane (Armor Specialty)
- Ares (Assault Specialty)
- Tera (Ground Units Specialty)
- Orca (Air & Naval Combat specialty)

Edit 3/7/2017: Finally finished with Black Lotus shp. (Looks a bit ugly though.) Anyways, I noticed there are some good mods released last week:

1. VS_INI by Toveena, freaking beautiful enhancement and an almost perfect vanilla YR.

2. Russian Overkill 2.5 by Pillowblaster, bringing a fresh update towards an oldskool game that is considered one of the best Doom mods out there.

3. Perfected DOOM 3, just watch the video.

I also made a change towards Traveler, Mastermind and Deathstrike division of the hero units. Traveler division will use Mothership instead of Infantry Hero unit, as it links towards their unpredictability and the usage of air superiority. Mastermind division will use Yuriko instead of Phantasmagoria, as it links towards the usage of Mastermind's Psychic and Psionic specialty. Deathstrike will be using Executioner Warship, as it links towards their usage of Destructive Firepower instead of a slow moving airship.

Edit 29/6/2017: I really enjoy SMT IV music these days. Sadly, I don't own a 3DS and Citra isn't optimized enough to make it ran on anything other than GTX 1080 without lag. Even as I couldn't play the game, I watched some walkthroughs, and I was mesmerized by the Soundtracks. Some of the kick ass OSTs I enjoyed included this and this, having the first one being my favourite. However, the official Soundtrack won't be included in the upcoming mod. Two of these tracks, (#1 and #2,) both of these will be the will go into the playlist for Generals 2.95 Soviet themes. I haven't updated the playlist ever since... 6 months ago? Idk, I have changed almost all the songs I will be using for Generals 2.95. The current list in the blog is very outdated. Other than that, I am also doing BlackLotus.shp by using Nod Commando W3X to SHP by kenosis as a base. It's not a huge edit as it's just a Black Lotus with a ECM/EMP Hybrid Disruptor Gun. I am doing it for 2 days and the progress is on 225 frames over 404 frames... The mod will be done very soon. :)

...I need a Morgana to make go me shleep. :/


Oh right, I have edited something on the playlist blog I posted a long time before I my last university semester commences. Have fun checking it out. :)

Edit 27/6/2017: SPOILIOPS: *For China only: Black Lotus will use ECM/EMP hybrid Anti-Tank Weapon, damages both Vehicles and Structures. Unable to damage infantries other than disarming them. Deploy to "¡Apagando las luces!". (Seriously brain, when are you gonna stop yourself for playing with copyright issues?)

Hacker replaces Saboteur, it will able to jam vehicles briefly after deployed. Its primary weapon is a jammer pod that briefly disables the enemy's vehicle. Their laptops can be turned on to disable buildings by sending them a computer virus. Also like their Saboteur counterparts, they are stealth, and able to Infiltrate the enemy's bases.

Edit 26/6/2017: Spent the whole day looking on Shin Megami Tensei franchise... No progress for today. :p

Edit 21/6/2017: Currently importing more animations by Michael Bay (Apollo mostly, also Starkku.)

Edit 14/6/2017: Whale whale whale, that's a nice voice for a Magnetic Artillery~!

And I will be using this for my Cyborg Unit. :D

Edit 7/6/2017: Finally done extracting unit sounds via windows recorder and audacity. Game kept on crashing while installer not working gives me a headache, but alias I solved my problems regarding that matter. Some of the units that I will be using Emperor Battle for Dune voices are: Nova Laser Tank, Demolisher, KV-1, Toxin Tank, Soviet MLRS, Devil's Tongue and Hypnotizer.

Edit: Added usage of EBFD voices for Bio Conscript and Flame Conscript.

Edit 2: Bio Conscript will not use EBFD voices, whereas Rocket Trooper will.

Edit 6/6/2017: ...Should I...? I think not, you have not even finish what you are starting to begin with, what's causing more burden than adding things into the mod while you haven't even finished what you have promised. Oh dear, but I think the others following the development of the mod should know this. Yea, sure.

So this recent idea came up to my head, and should I, like majority of the Zero Hour mods, changed the starting Infantry and main battle tank according to each faction? I will soon actually, but whether should I add it to the next release or should I not? If so, then I would add too much unfamiliarity to the classic Generals 2.5 mod. However, I will change this sooner or later. If it gives a fresher view than a perspective that consider this idea as a plagarized thought, then I will be loving to add it to the game. Just not the next release.

Edit: Maybe, I changed my mind though, will be adding it to the next release.

Here's the list of them ideas: Link (Of course, taking influences from C&C Shockwave, and Untitled.)

Wait, why am I even considering the stuff the is already set to the game? Since I will be adding it to the mod soon eventually, why am I still considering the readers to give their opinions? Nvm that. Here's an edited voxel of Gate Six and the new Toxin Tank. (Credits, liyigg & zenoniations (gattling turret), & RLY_BiG_Tank respectively.) Yeah, both of these could be better but I'm keeping them like this until a release of the game then I'll be working on adjusting these things that triggers OCD modders.

GATE SIX voxel Untitled 3

Btw, I am having shitloads of fun with C&C Untitled. That makes me thinking of a low cashflow system for the current version of the mod, unlike 2.75 where you can earn shitloads of cash instantly (Even Construction Yards produce cash,) cash comes in like a meal of white rice, where the noun "cash" is compared to the adjective "a grain of rice", making the game totally irrelevant of starting cash. I was talking about 2.75 btw. For 2.95, I will still give the player a good amount black market money, but extra workload is needed for the player to obtain a sustainable source to balance the game.

Edit 1/6/2017: FINALLY I has my busy assignments settled. Now for introducing the new bombers replacing old ones, now not every bomber uses the same voxel unlike Generals Mod 2.5. Now I introduce to you these majestic creations for the purpose of Devastation! Credits: Longwall, 纯洁の司机, liyigg, RLY_BiG_Tank & shin.peter.pan. (In respective order)

nukbicon5 toxbicon2 fbmricon3 pusbicon lyudicon

However there is still a long way to go for the mod... As cameos were nearly done with Russia and left majority of China left undone. A lot of Yuri cameos have not been touched. Plus, I'm not sure about my current motivation levels to finish this game around July. I have been more holding back lately. Oh well... :/

I have been playing C&C Untitled lately, (fun as heck, a masterpiece as well) and I will be trying YR: New War later as it's just newly released. Happy modding. :) (Dammit, I still have exams.) :(

Edit 23/5/2017: Kay guiz, Imma remade some cameos for NK because King John Urn is awesome. I'm not high i swaer I just luv dem nukez <333333

Oh well, guess I'm high for staring at the screen for 2 long. Here's a new Nuke Missile Superweapon icon (Shamelessly taken from C&C Generals because it looks awesome as ****!) and also some cameos for North Korean faction, including an advanced version of Nuke Missile Strike. 2 of them are remakes, 1 for the well known Nuke Carpet Bomber from 2.5, another is an updated version of Death Hand. (Thanks to some hand on knowledge for shadowing smoll pics.)

nukeicon nnukicon nukbicon5 dhndicon4

Comparison between old and new Death Hand: (Old one is around 4-5 months old, I can't believe I procrastinated that long. Sadness) :(

old new deathhand2

Btw, if you haven't noticed, I uploaded an updated version of North Korean exclusive units. More teaser while more stress for my university work~ :D

Edit 22/5/2017: Freaking hell, I was suppose to finish my assignment on yesterday but I used too much time on this. Turns into a depressing emo guy for sometime. Still, I'm glad I was able to rush 7 cameos on afternoon to evening. LOL! Xd, long catz... Heck, university is taking a toll on my teenage humor and I'm starting to become a serious yet boring adult. :(

Last episode of Samurai Jack was out btw, don't spoil... DON'T. Please. :3

Edit 15/5/2017: Holy Brap, my facebook has gone rad lately. Almost hitting up to 50 likes. Even as I am in university and the progress of this mod is getting slowed big time.


Even with the country flags and music themes set, there's still a lot to do about my mod. Other than finishing the touch of around 90 cameos left, (Allied 12 + Soviet 35 + Yuri 52,) recolouring shps and voxels, coding heck tons of units, fixing bugs, and adding an AI, the main problem for me still lies with converting tiberium wars units to shps and voxels. Thanks to kenosis, I managed to know the tool used to convert these models to red alert engine. However the main problem is that These Tools Don't Run! Dammit! Why!? >:(

Oh well, towards anyone who is reading this, I'm quite sorry to place expectations anyone expecting a release of the mod, I thought I am able to make it, but apparently life gives me lessons and trials and I didn't finish on time. And towards those that are placing their hopes on a release date, I give you a thanks for giving your hopes up on this mod. It's been 2 months now inside the university, there's still one more month till I have more free time. Till then, IamInnocent signing out. :o

Btw, I have been "revising" the unit structure lately. See the unit list for the changelog. :D

Edit 10/5/2017: New country flags by lefthand :)

Edit: Not by, but credits to.

usai3 japi3 frai3 geri3 gbri3

djbi2 arbi2 lati2 rusi2 chii2

spci3 shdi3 trvi3 mndi3 desi3

Edit 6/5/2017: Oh. Look. More. Cameos. And. Stuff. Credits. Speeder. Tyler Adams. MadHQ. Da Arg. lefthand. Bu7loos. And IceDragon200. :))

domiicon2 1 beagicon8bit trkeicon4 hazeicon2 conficon grepicon3 braticon ptmgicon3 bansicon

beamicon zealicon apupicon3 drokicon2 apaticon scrbicon3 mwelicon2 adomicon teraicon2

vprticon2 viruicon irdricon hakricon telaicon resoicon2 mgnuicon mtraicon ovsricon

devticon4 crylicon

Edit 31/4/2017: ...Oh boi, would you look at the time. Another month is almost over and there's still isn't a demo? Crap dude.

I know, I know. It can't be helped. Other than venturing with fixing the main bugs of broken functions, like fixing Chrono Implosion, I actually spend time on improvising many minor aspects of the game and fixing a lot of minor bugs discovered. There are also some unfixable game breaking bugs discovered just can't be fixed by any means other than waiting for Ares to implant more room for the game engine.

An expression to describe my progress would be a programmer's block. I have been venturing back and forth on the same route of progress. I feel like the progress of the game would already be satisfying. In reality however, there's still a lot that I haven't implant into the game and I really want the game to shine.

I can't say when Generals Mod 2.95 will be released, but what I can say is that I do not want all this effort to go into waste. I want this mod to be released, and till that time comes, I'll continue to perfect this mod.

Edit 18/4/2017: Done the flags for the each and every subfactions. Yuri's one is subject to change. :/




And I have updated the list units exclusive for each subfactions to provide a better view of the picture. :D

Edit 17/4/2017: The progress is going slow, here' s a small tease: :3


Edit 2/4/2017: Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, you guys watch Season 3 Ep1 yet? :p

Edit 27/3/2017: I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole,I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole, I'm a lazy asshole...

There were no progress for the past week. (Other than finishing converting the cameos lol.) I've been playing Torchlight 2 with my homies for the past days, and it was heck of time. It reminds me of how much I used to love RPG games and it kinda feels nostalgic since there aren't many RPG games out there, (Other than Breath of The Wild, which I dont have any dosh to buy,) and I wany to release a demo within the next week... As much of a lazy asshole I am, I advise you guys not to stay tuned. :^)

Edit 16/3/2017: The mod isn't on hiatus yet, it's going in a slow, so slow that even the demo is 95% finished it require me to finish it at the end of the month. (Hope not, because I need to sacrifice 6-10 hours a day for university, including the stress relieve component of watching Youtube videos. Dee Ecks.) In the meantime, have fun with kenosis's update of EASB Hour v1001. :)

Anyhow the good news for yesterday is that I managed to get the Helix Hind Deploying problem away! (Alternative solution.) :D Now rather than deploying to drop Napalm Bombs, it be get to the direct spot while firing it's main HE guns. (Uses Gattling Cycle logic, thanks Ares.

For the compilation of music for Generals Mod 2.95, I will be using music from Quake 2 & 3, (We need the epicness of electronic metal to come back.) the Command & Conquer franchise and also songs that are available for public or modding usage. I have already set 54 tracks on the compilation, not including the RA1 and RA2 soundtracks yet, but will soon.

Anyhow, here's the list of stuff that I planned to do at the moment.

Archangel fix
Infiltrator and Spy fix
Grinder Tank fix
Avengers fix
Enforcer cameo
Helix Bomb projectile fix
Implant Stolen Tech Units
All loops of sounds being renamed
...Other stuff

P.S. I looked into sakuzyo, Feryquitous and Xi, and the new albums from 2016-2017. <3

Edit 9/3/2017: Good news, I have managed to plan out 75 units for the 5 new Yuri Divisions. :D

That's only the good part. Sad thing now is that I need to arrange the voices, FLH and make new cameos for them... And back to uni work. :/

Updated with the planning of the unit lists. Here's the link: :D

Edit 8/3/2017: Finally managed to get through the horror renaming 540mb of sounds while getting on with my uni life. There's still cameos, MissingName, FLH and Soundtracks to do. However this is not the end. I have been thinking about applying a major change for the mod that, and that is, every sides will have 5 factions, especially Yuri.

China will be added to Soviet's side as the fifth country joining the Soviet Union. It's speciality is Advanced Technological Weaponry, using less guerrilla and more on overwhelming conquer tactics. Unlike all other factions, China has 19 exclusive units as opposed to 15.

Yuri's army are organized into 5 divisions, namely Special Corps Division, Shadow Hand Division, Mastermind Division, Traveler Division, and Deathstrike Divison. From their name and if you are a true C&C fan, you can already guessed what each division do.

Because of this extension of my planning, I will be again releasing a demo of my mod. The demo will be containing America, South Korea, North Korea, Cuba and Yuri faction as I work on the full version of the mod... While trying to get a grip with my university assignments. T_T

Edit 1/3/2017: So, university starts 2 days ago, and the free time left for me to mod takes on a huge discount. Ohh well, so what's the plan for my mod?

1. Scrap the alpha version, I'm not into releasing a demo version of it anymore.

2. Develop a full version of the mod and release it.

3. Update the mod regularly, either changing the mechanics or adding new units.

For the progress and plans for the mod:

- Since I'm going to develop a full version of the mod, I am gonna sacrifice more time on making the cameos for the units.

- There are bugs around the game, and I am still fixing them.

- Making an AI is working on modding Yuri Revenge is not difficult, it's just about the part about planning to give the players rewarding experience while playing against it that matters.

That's all for now. Don't stay tuned~ XD

Edit 26/2/2017: Reduced strength of Premier Apocalypse from 3500 to 2250. Cost reduced from 4000 to 2500. Now requires only Battle Lab and War Factory to build instead of Battle Lab and Industrial Plant. Lowered the firepower and CellSpread for its weapon. Now replaces Apocalypse for North Korea.

Added a new unit, Mogjeog, an upgraded version of the experimental Object 279 used by the USSR. Its experimental armor gives him immune to bullets and many types of heat and radiation, this also gives it additional resistance to cryo, incendiary, chemical and nuclear weaponry. It's weapon is cannon that fires a deadly infused Nuclear Shell at point blank range. Has a long reload time, thus it has an Ammo Pipscale for indication. Cost: 4000, Requires Industrial Plant to build. Due to the set rule of 15 exclusive units per country, this will replace Neutron Mines for North Korea.

Edit 25/2/2017: I have edited 75/140-150 section of sounds. Why there's a "dash" between 140 and 150? It's because I need to recheck whether the sounds used are fitting to the game, and backtrack a bit whether I have forgot to include some for the units. (Even though I haven't tested it.) I have accumulated a total of... My goodness, over 4500 files and 600MB of them...! And I thought I could finished it in one day. How silly of me. It's no wonder I still can't finish it even with 5 days (laziness excuse, anyone passionate about it could had finish it in 1 day dumbass.) Oh well, I'm back to DotA IMBA gaming for the moment. Plus, university starts 2 days later, so tata for now I guess. :/

P.S. As long as I have not release the mod yet, and I will not upload a new blog until a version of my mod is released. I will be updating my progress in this current blog. It's 12.30 pm here, and I need my manly narcissistic beauty sleep, considering the fact that I haven't slept before 12.30 for one month. I don't like it. (Stop writing blogs and get your freaking body some shleep m8. You're a sucker you know that?)

Edit 18/2/2017: I'm getting lazier and lazier from modding day by day. Doing miscellanous sound files on today. ;) Awaiting Halo Wars 2 release date on 21st February. :D

Edit 16/2/2017: Today is the final day of my exam. If all goes well, I will release the early access tomorrow... And my planning always has shortcomings. :'(

Edit: I managed to get Evolution working. It won't be long before the early access is up after I am done with my exams... (I hope.) :/

Suppose I will release a demo version of Generals Mod 2.95 out around 8-9th of *February, but there are some codes of the game I need to fix and it involves Ares Unit Delivery and AI Targeting logic. Other than that... I AM FACING MY DOOM! My exams are on 15 and 16th of January and I still haven't even studied 15% of those 2 tests combined. (You can tell that I'm under high volumes of anxiety, and the irresponsible attitude I am exhibiting now and it just isn't helping.)

Other than that, what will be my future releases for the mod? When will it be released? It's not April's Fool yet so I won't be announcing the release on December. The mod will be released after learn to use W3DMax for a unit, got the codes working and the AI done. (AI is imbalanced for 2.75 version, even crashes the game.)

That will be... Around March? Well, I really hope I have the time to make it out at least on February. There will be no showcasing of my progress as the parts I am doing now are the coding. Ohh well, till then.

Well other than my mod, here's something that a Malaysian should know of, especially for me since I'm still in my 20's. :D

He's going to be the best... Like no one ever was.

Till then,

IamInnocent signing out~ freaking hell I don't like what I am studying. :(

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Yuri was always purple, even while holding a knife ;)

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IamInnocent Creator

I didn't notice a new comment here. ;)

She's gorgeous, even when mentally unstable. :3

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Wonder if the next game really going to be based on her (as the villain though :/ )

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That's what Game Theory said though.

Dan Salvato hasn't said anything about the new game, even though Game Theory decoded the new game is hinted out last year.

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Yup, and it was some quite fascinating hints they've left there xP

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try to in AI programming try to make a aggressive more or most! in hard

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Generals Mod 2.75 already has an aggressive AI. :)

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Yuri Lowell ToV?!

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I only played Tales of Berseria and haven't finished it lol. The character is from DDLC. :D

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