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So I have been doing Cameos these days (Along with surfing the web) I am done with America's Cameos. (For now) And here are the cameos for the units. of them are cameos using time to edit, while of them are cameos from the webs. (Credits given below.)


Advanced Patriot Missiles by Aro.
Advanced Stealth Fighter by ArgCmdr.
Blackhawk by cxtian39.
Nimitz Carrier by dodgevipergts.

So now I will be resuming on the... Hold on, what's that? ...Oh? Oh right. Uncle Sam wants you to choose.

Between 2 Cryocopters, this one:

cryocopter 1

Or this one...?

cryocopter 2

Cast your votes now on the comments below!

which cryocopters

Besides that, I am also aware that nobody uses support Superwearpons. (Chronosphere, Iron Curtain, Genetic Mutator.)

Nobody... Except maybe Iron Curtain. Still, the usage of Chronosphere and Genetic Mutator are both extinct in strategical planning. Plus, compared to dominant Superweapons, they are not even considered useful enough to be memorial. In YR: Generals Mod 2.95, I will be giving them a revamp. First off, each of their original Superweapons are buffed, having larger affected radius and lowered cooldown from 6 to 4 minutes. Next, is that the indicator of their Superweapon time has been removed, making it more unpredictable for the enemy. Foremost, is that they are armed with a secondary Superweapon. Each of these secondary Superweapons act as an offensive and game turning role and have a 6 minute cooldown..


For ChronoSphere, I'm giving it a secondary ability to create a Chrono Vortex on a designated area. The Portal will be opening for 15 seconds, continually damaging units and structures under the area. Since structures have the biggest surface area, they should be very vulnerable to this superweapon. Now you may be wondering about the Great Tempest Superweapon that Mental Omega has. Well, they both have similar function, only mine is blue in colour! The thing is, when I first had this idea, Mental Omega 3.3 hasn't even been released. And that time I was browsing through the forums... And I saw this Chrono Implosion Black Hole Superweapon code. So I thought... Chronosphere... Chrono Implosion... Chronoshift isn't that useful... A secondary superweapon!


For the Iron Curtain, as it is already unnatural to create a Curtain immediately on the field, how about creating an AOE unit clearing driver killer instantly on the field? This superweapon becomes a role disrupting well-made strategies, even to the point as able to make a comeback from a fatal position. Imagine if an enemy is having a huge tank army against you. And suddenly, BOOM! Their task are left nothing but a shell, only to be stolen by an army of $1000 Conscripts. However KillDriver is still bugged and doesn't work with Cellspread. So I will just make the blast jams vehicles and reduce their armor to thin air.


As for Genetic Mutator... Uncle Sam requires you to choose between 2 choices that I am facing.

which evolutions

Now both of these cameos looked good. (Credits: lefthand) However, I still want you guys to choose which one among these 2 would you want...

evolution 1

evolution 2

It's obviously no.2 for me. But still, have your pick.

Evolution is a self-unit targeting superweapon. Unlike Chrono Implosion or Neutron Blast, Evolution does not harm the enemy, however, they buff your own units. This is an area targeting ability, and when applied. It instantly destroys your own Infantry, reshapes and reforms them into a more powerful form. The energy require for the process is huge that it requires Genetic Mutator 6 minutes to recharge. The buff received by each unit is different, being evolved to their new powerful form. They still retain their original roles, but gained new abilities. So choose your units being buffed wisely... Wait did that sounded familiar before? Nanofibre... Gosh, Darn it! Why do I have to be influenced by Mental Omega? Is it because their ideas are so cool that it's hard not to draw influences from it?

Well, for real though, I do got this idea from Mental Omega. Not firstly, only the latter structure. My idea originally is to implant a single unit conversion, the unit name is Parasite and its' weapons are a conversion railgun and an EMP AOE Emitter for both anti-infantry and anti-unit purposes. However my concept is changed as I come to realized that Nanofibre Sync makes all different units transformed into their own variants after their death animation... So if I just create a dummy animation that makes different each damage verses variant for each custom armor type, I could just easily form 10 different MakeInfantry animations on a single warhead!

Ohh well, that's all for now. Time for dinner. :3


Nice 1st step

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IamInnocent Author

I have to made it to step 5 tonight, if you know what I mean. :3 I'll release an alpha version within 48 hours. :D

Btw, have you casted your votes? :3

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