+Brave procedurally generated game ecosystems, AI, Terrain, Missions. +Hard games (Not HARD like Contra, but Hard like Dwarf Fortress, STALKER: Misery Mod, Operation Flashpoint) +Easily Cooked Moderately Tasty Cheap Food +Games that incorporate genetic algorithms +Hard Sci-fi +Alvin Toffler +Transhumanism +Post-apocalypse culture +Mind-machine interfaces +Libertarianism

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Deus Ex: Revision

Mod review

The Dark Mod (Standalone)

Mod review - 1 agree

There doesn't seem to be any developers doing stealth and thievery as well as the Dark Mod, of course I'd give a 10/10



Mod review

I am totally in love with GITS and I blindly support anything even slightly related to Ghost in the Shell, let alone this gem.


New Vision

Mod review

M.S.O. Massive Simulation Overhaul

Mod review

X-Ray Engine

Engine review

Mount & Blade

Game review

One of those games that is guilty for me missing out on wonderful opportunities in the outside world. I could've been a prime-minister, but no, cutting people in the middle of their head in game, is a much larger contribution to humanity.



Game review

Such massive potential, but Minecraft devs fail to emphasize the right things. Building in the game has no gameplay value. Constructing the biggest strongest castle has absolutely no influence on your game. Why does the major advantage and most innovative element of this game, has not been incorporated into the gameplay? But rather, the developers are focusing on inserting new food items and satisfying a niche crowd of teenage console players that are usually the loudest.

I've spent more time in this game, than I've spent time with people in general, but once you realize how claustrophobic is the insignificance of you building a mechanical farming device, or an obsidian fortress, you loose interest.

But there are dragons.

Still one of the most influential and groundbreaking games in gaming history.



Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

This mod is something that I've been hunting at for a while. Many games are veering off the direction of "hard gameplay", since they require attention to detail, developing skills and the quite unpopular save/reload game.

But this is what games should be, they should present us with obstacles that we can, after learning, adapting and trying enough times, succeed triumphantly.

Surmounting the hard barriers of this mod, by playing well, overcoming fear, thinking right are lessons that serve well in life as well as in games.

Misery mod manages to correctly "nail it", because it is a terrifically hard game to play, and a horrifically fun game to play. Those two factors are essential, and Misery thrives there.

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