Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Hugely disappointing for what I was expecting to be the best game of the year (better than big studio releases).
The focus on realism and the implementation of it is simply a game breaker and completely cuts the immersion dead.
A few of these are:
1. Eating
Eating. What kind of soldier (or person for that matter) cannot eat a chocolate bar whilst walking?
2. Health
The enemy/player health is very wrong and instead of creating amazing shootouts it becomes annoying going through the process of loading the last save.
3. Loading.
Think hotline miami, when playing that game I never once think "I died again" because I know I can change tactics slightly and beat the situation so death does not become a chore. With misery2.0 this is not the case as due to point 2 above it comes down to complete luck as to whether you will survive a fight not skill.
4. Overall gameplay.
I have a decent gaming rig which I can play most games on ultra settings with at least 60fps. Playing misery2.0 even in enclosed areas has fps drops to zero every 15-20 seconds. The inventory screen is not fun to navigate as you have to wait for the tooltips to appear which some times do not appear at all so you have to mouse over something else and then back. The same things happens in the main menu.

It pains me to write this as I never felt this playing misery1.0.
It makes an amazing game the ultimate game. I will be installing 1.0 to wash this misery away...
You guys have put a lot of work into this and you should be really proud but for me its taken a step back and is misery 0.5 rather than 2.0.
I have watched each video, viewed every image and read every article you have posted and relished in the awesomeness awaiting the release, but I am sad it did not satisfy my hunger for stalker and misery1.0.
Hope things get fixed somehow.

Not only MISERY is an elitist project bound to exclude and frustrate most of the masses it’s been teasing for many months. It’s also a version of the game finally very remote from the STALKER spirit. STALKER is my favourite game franchise ever, because i have never found myself so powerfully immersed in a game, or even in any other imaginary world. MISERY looked like it was going to define nothing short of a new standard for this immersion, but it tremendously failed because its obsessive hardcorist component far outweighs all others.

Maybe this should not come as a surprise. This fundamental splitting from the STALKER spirit was actually embedded in the mod’s aesthetics. An all-grey-and-brown world is not what STALKER was about, quite the opposite: the franchise’s artistic balance relies primarily on the alternation between concentrated, filthy grimness, and explosions of greenish bucolism; between moments of intense, horrific warrior tension, and moments of enchanting, warming, poetical relief. This subtle mix is what makes these games so incredibly absorbing, so uniquely rich in terms of atmosphere, so bewitching. While the grim part clearly dominates all STALKER games, its monopoly in MISERY’s looks and feels induces something simple: this is not a STALKER game. This is the game of some guys who liked STALKER, felt like it would be better without any of the relieving and greeny bits, and thus wanted to turn it into something entirely different.

Most of the people who, like me, had the highest hopes in this mod, probably didn’t see this yet because they’re still under the influence of the massive buzz, trying to keep themselves convinced that MISERY is still the spiritual heir of STALKER 2 or something, and that it only needs some polishing. Yet sooner or later they will have to handle this painful truth: MISERY is not STALKER, it never will be, by any standard, and this should have been stated loud and clear repeatedly by the development team.


RinGuy says

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Let me just say this.
I really enjoyed Misery 1.0.
It had the perfect balance of simplicity and challenge. Each step forward felt fun and rewarding, it REALLY did give me more hope that maybe the modding community could hold up the now abandoned series.
Not only that but it was relatively customizable, I personally didn't like the boring bleak textures, so I added Absolute Nature green on top.

But 2.0?
It has way too many items for it's own good, the limitations to a ton of equipment and weapons are annoying, and trying to manage all of this together makes things an absolute headache. I'm not saying I don't appreciate what you guys are doing, because I do tremendously. It's the final outcome that makes me extremely disappointed, this is multiplied tenfold due to all the hype you guys built up, and the way you lead us on in some ways.
Want to improve more?
This DOES NOT mean you should remove features, it means you should explain them to the player in a way that they can grasp, and makes them WANT to keep playing.
Make things easier to access, for instance make cleaning weapons not limited to a certain condition percentage.
Adding limitations IS NOT difficulty, it's tedious. It makes the player frustrated and overwhelmed, especially with the huge amount of features.

I do appreciate what you guys have done, I've been following your work since the beginning, but it just isn't working.
I remember one of you mentioning a while back that you wanted to keep this mod simple and to the point.
I'm not seeing it.


balci says

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didn't experience a single crash, performance is okay at very best, economy is one of those things that have worsened since the last version as well, don't see any point in paying 47k+ to repair and AK when I can buy a completly new one for half of that.

everything seems to just be really brown and grey though, and then there is the fog damn near all of the time, none of that is pleasing to look at.

most new items seem to do absolutely nothing, or work as rags to repair equipment with, and you don't really want to eat mutant meat.

most guns on the other hand are still completly broken, most of which show no improvement from misery 1.0, some are even somehow worse.

Galil sight picture is clipping. tokarev, PPsh, K98, and a bunch more (nearly all) are all severly misalligned. then there are all the hideous vanilla stalker guns that have gotten a new mediocre texture slapped on top, and thats just the few ones I did see, I think I'd just be in for more disappointment if I kept on.

none of the handguns so seem to have proper animations either, most of them consists of changing an invisible magazine and drawing the slide 2mm back, no locking back on empty magazine, no hammer movement, nothing.

most animations in general are really bad, actually, makes you wonder if anyone at all worked on it.

realy don't know if I want to continue playing this, already really tired of the 2 guns that were actually well implemented, from the last three playthroughs I've done.

exactly what did you spend so much time on? apart from new useless items and mutant hunting, its as if I'm playing a slightly worse 1.2.

major props for options to turn off mask HUD and infinite NPC ammo though, you're also pretty good at photoshop to show off your mod.

With the intention of being realistic, it ends up feeling like its "overly" realistic, while some aspects make sense, others do not. The idea that a trained military sniper gets too tired to even move after WALKING about 100 yards, only carrying 10 pounds of equipment, seems silly to me. A normal person might get tired, but military personnel are trained to run for miles with much heavier equipment.
The ai could still use work, their detection system is most certainly unrealistic and can be very easily abused. Vendors won't buy weapons that have been worn at all, which all of them are since it is "hard to get good weapons into the zone." It doesn't make sense that all vendors would only buy and sell weapons in perfect condition if this were the case. A smuggler can get better weapons in then the military, who controls what goes in an out? Come on now.
A decent mod, the retextures look like silly grimdarkness, the designer is clearly more interested in his own opinion as opposed to the community's though.
You should probably just stick to vanilla on master difficulty.

An excellent attempt to create a real zone of exclusion, but when you set goals that high expectations are even higher. This is not a difficult mod, this is a PUNISHING mod. Let me explain that difference, Dark Souls is difficult, but everything follows the rules the player does, i.e. the difficulty isn't due to cheap factors designed solely to make life hard for you, it's beacuse you are having to outfight and outwit equals in terms of power and ability. In misery that isn't the case, enemy humans soak up more bullets than you, run farther than you carrying more equipment, suffer no environmental hazards, and apparently think 5% of an items value is a fair price. Even early missions meant as tutorials in the vanilla game are nearly impossible without basically sitting around hoping people die on their own so you can loot them, or that 2 boar won't murder you in the first 30 seconds of the game. All this for the sake of "realism" and there are such gaping holes in items and weapons it's a little insulting that the development team made those mistakes, numerous firearms use incorrect models (FAMAS, AEK 921) or are chambered for the wrong ammunition (Mosin Nagant, STG 44). For this mod to fail not only in delivering a satisfying gameplay experience but in the only possible redeeming factor of the game is unacceptable, uninstalled until some MAJOR improvements are seen.

1) Enemies shooting hundreds of bullets but having just a few in their pockets

2) Stamina decreases too quickly, considering the emission rate that's a frustrating combination

3) vendors not buying unique products if their usage is below 75%. Trust me a vendor would buy a f2000 even if it were below 25%.

4) cave textures are terrible, some terrain/concrete textures too.

I just completed the game, saveв everyone. Extremely happy that this torture is finally over. I was really really sick of playing it, but I had to move on because I never played CoP before and I wanted to complete it. It wasn't hardcore difficulty or creepy sounds that annoyed me. It was constant crashes, freezes, stuttering, bugs etc etc.
I was stuck at kindergarten fridge in Pripyat and couldn't go on because the game crashed when I talked to the guy in the fridge. After 2.0.2 I changed settings to minimal and finally managed to get through it. But at the same time after patching the game to 2.0.2 random crashes started happening every 5-10 minutes. And the last escape to helicopters was hell for me. Game crashed at least 10 times randomly while running, shooting, saving, loading, CTD CTD CTD again. I'm so happy they didn't release the patch before, so I was able to have less crashes during the rest of the game. And devs say - the best option is to start the game anew. NO THANK YOU.
But finally I'm through.
What I think of this mod? I have no idea why it is on the 1st place at Moddb. It has no new quests, no new locations, no new anomalies and only one new crappy mutant. All of its "changes" are actually a compilation of different mods that existed long before it. Weapons and Atmosfear 3.0. They created an overhaul, tweaked config and script files, made prices absolutely absurd and non realistic and combined it with other minor modifications as I mention before. It could be ok but they did it with tons of bugs, crashes, errors so people have to dig into it and change config files and scripts and find some ways to get around crashes. Is this really worth your ruined neuron cells? Are you, developers, really happy to release this nonsense and promote it so it gets to the 1st place?
I have not idea, but I'm done with this and I'm happy I'm not getting back to Misery ever again.


The mod claims increased difficulty. However, THIS (2.0) is not increased difficulty, it is plain dumb. Bulletsponges and ****** combat in general, not to mention a level of bugginess that reaches absurdity.

Sadly this mod suffers from very severe item bloat and new, unintuitive mechanics. For some reason sewing and gun maintenance kits are single use and can only be used on equipment above 80%. I just pay for my stuff to be repaired, but this is also way too often. Degradation is way too quick.

Unfortunately the mod is also horribly unbalanced. Most human enemies will take 3 mosin shots to the chest and 2 to the head, while they can kill you with quite less from a pistol. Dogs can incapacitate you in one-two bites.

Everything this mod does to change the aesthetics, such as diversified weapons and STALKERS, is great. New gameplay features like stashes are also good. However, new eating and weapon maintenance mechanics are poorly implemented. But mostly the awful balance and bug oversight means I cannot recommend this mod. (IE, English subtitles dont work.)

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Survivor horror at it's finest, although slightly flawed. Once all the kinks are ironed out, this will be the definite Stalker: Call Of Pripyat mod.

Jan 15 2012 by pinkribbonscars