THE DARK MOD was once a total conversion of Doom 3, and is now a STANDALONE GAME with the release of TDM 2.0! A dark and moody stealth game, inspired by the Thief series by Looking Glass Studios.

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Great mod, must play for all thief fans. Contains great, userfriendly editor (To tell the truth, this mod is mainly the editor, and fans are making FMsĂș and a lot of super missions. Try it and you will be surprised.

Excellent mod, incredibly high production values for a total conversion. Everything about Doom 3 has changed, the engine is barely recognizable. The missions are pretty varied so far, and work continues every day with new textures, sounds, models and even gui changes. Big things are coming in v1.03

Best ever stealth game maker and editor and plenty of stealth missions for free. Inspired by Thief but goes way beyond it. And it's still improving!

In the spirit of the Thief games series, the Dark Mod provides excellent gameplay, stunning visuals and sounds, and stories that range across the board. There are already several dozen Fan missions set up for TDM. This first-person sneaker is a MUST for all gamers interested in stealth-style mods/games - and everyone else, too.

I am a major fan of Thief (1) & Thief 2. Unfortunately, Thief 3 was a huge disappointment for me. I had played the first two through at least 3 times each, but had never played any fan missions. After playing Thief 3 (TDS) only once, I deleted it and was left with a void which needed filling.
I heard about The Dark Mod very early on and waited ever so patiently for it; checking the web page every couple months or so until it was released. It definitely filled the void left by T3... and then some.
I joined the forum, played all released missions and eventually started mapping (something I had not tried since the days of Doom and Duke3D. I did not much enjoy mapping for those old extruded-2D games, and never made anything even close to being worth playing.
I have now released two playable (debatable, LOL) missions for TDM and am busy working on my third, which is far, far larger & more ambitious than my first two missions combined.
I am having a blast doing so and never would have made any missions without the awesome help and support of the TDM community. The forums contain a vast wealth of knowledge and friendly, helpful people. There is an excellent, and ever improving, WIKI to help new mappers, modelers, texture creators, etc.

TDM is the next gen stealth gaming engine/mod with all the tools to create almost any kind of stealth/thieving mission.

It beats old thief games in looks, versatility and several other categories.

It looks like that when commercial developers fail to recreate good old games properly, internet communities have to do the work.

TDM has achieved it's goals quite well and I am eager to see future improvements: it is still very young, but still very close to perfection.

Excellent conversion of the original Thief principle to a modern, perfectly-suited engine (real-time lighting). Very close to the original series (Thief & Thief 2). Gameplay feels very similar, even with new (but useful) interaction possibilities.
The mod is supported by a huge community which provides several fan missions. Only a campaign is lacking.
Furthermore the mod team developed a tailored version of the Doom 3 map editor (called DarkRadiant).

The spearhead of Doom 3 mods. A must have for everyone wants to play a mod for Doom 3. Priceless quality!!

They turned Doom3 the archetypal brain dead shooter into a fully immersive stealth experience - simply amazing ! There is also a fully active community for this mod, so it will thrive for years to come.

best. mod. evar. period(.)