Stand-alone CoP A.I. and a-life (simulation) overhaul revamping and radically improving every aspect of NPC and mutant behaviour in-game. Changes include everything from complete smart terrain revamp (spawns, function, logical repopulation of all quest-related places), thru NPC and mutant daily behaviours to rank-specific combat skills and habits (diversified aiming skills and reaction times). All this done for all locations (so Pripyat also got completely overhauled) and perfectly integrated into the storyline and side-quests meaning that (despite such major changes) everything works fine and doesn't get broken. No other CoP mod ever has touched this subject in such a complete and complex manner - and all this is available to you in stand-alone, 'vanilla-oriented' package making the mod easy to add to your favourite compilation.

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Very well done, the result of hard work and dedication to the stalker modding community!


Good mod, nevermind: just a mod, or a base for other mods (like my DSOTE). I can't imagine gameplay without this and CrommCruac's Absolutes and AtmosFear.

Credit given where credit is due

This mod is good. Cheese is good. Support cheese makers.


My most favorite CoP mod of ALL-time. You never know what will happen.

Man, such a great mod to merge with other, it makes npc MUCH and MUCH more inteligents, such as you shoot them and them star running or stab you with a knife/weapons, increases vision distance and spawn distance that makes the zone much more active to the players.


Great work tweaking the AI, much better than vanilla. I've played plenty of COP mods and when you get farther in the game, Zaton and Jupiter areas feel abandoned, there's almost no enemies or mutants to kill. This remedies that problem to a degree, it repopulates those areas much better than vanilla, or most mods. The AI is much better... ie: more deadly. I'd recommend this mod to anyone who wants more of a challenge!

Vanilla STALKER with enhanced AI and a few tweaks (i.e. AI won't make annoying "breathing" sounds when running or being alerted anymore).

Nice AI tweaks. Thanks for this mod!

A powerful mod that is explained well and easy enough to implement in CoP. M.S.O is what the title says, lightweight in both size (only 15Mb)and performance. IMO it accomplishes well.

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Credit given where credit is due

Jun 2 2013 by LŠ¾nerboner