+Brave procedurally generated game ecosystems, AI, Terrain, Missions.
+Hard games (Not HARD like Contra, but Hard like Dwarf Fortress, STALKER: Misery Mod, Operation Flashpoint)
+Easily Cooked Moderately Tasty Cheap Food
+Games that incorporate genetic algorithms
+Hard Sci-fi
+Alvin Toffler
+Post-apocalypse culture
+Mind-machine interfaces

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A minigame which is inside a bigger game, although an interesting meta, matryoshka like concept, is also a concept that is almost exclusively done by inept game developers unable to integrate the minigame inside their “large” “main” game with finesse. What I’m saying is that minigames should never be present in a serious game world, where a capable game tends to do as much as possible to integrate and immerse the player in the game world, minigames have the exact opposite effect... read the rest here : Noclipon.wordpress.com

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MISERY Development Team

MISERY Development Team

27 members Other

This group is intended for confidential modding development purposes only. Profiles who are actively taking part in the modding development and processes...

Deus Ex Fan Group

Deus Ex Fan Group

619 members Fans & Clans

Love Deus Ex? Of course you do! Delve deeper into the world of conspiracies and revel the glorious Deus Ex series. So, join us!

MDT Testing Lab

MDT Testing Lab

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Testing grounds for MDT works and pre-releases data packages. Only licensed members will be able to participate in this lab and MDT will be monitoring...

The Seed

The Seed

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MDT, the team behind the award winning S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MISERY mod, present a seminal project taking the form of a post-apocalyptic visual novel and showcasing...

Misery Development Ltd.

Misery Development Ltd.

6 members Developer & Publisher

MDT, the team behind the award winning S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MISERY mod, present a seminal project taking the form of an interactive book and showcasing the...


Hey dude, I like your blog :D You speak that what many gamers really think!

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damjancd Creator

Thanks man, I kind of left it unkept since I'm focusing on Misery lately :)

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