Raven Shield is a tactical shooter with realistic properties. Raven Shield moved forwards, adapting various features absent in previous versions. These included the ability to see one's weapon while in first-person view, many new weapons and upgrades (including larger magazines and sights), and a redesigned multiplayer.
It is about an elite team called Rainbow Six specializing in anti-terrorist activities. They were deployed to counter a Neo-Facist groups bent on doing major attacks on South American oil interests and European financial institutions. The game features over 60 different weapons and gadgets, as well as different camos and uniforms. There are two official expansion packs, Athena Sword and Iron Wrath, as well as multiple user made expansions and multiplayer mods.

Athena Sword

Athena Sword is the first expansion for the PC version of Raven Shield. Athena Sword expands on the original by adding eight new missions, five new multiplayer missions, three new multiplayer gamemodes, and seven new weapons. Athena Sword was developed by Ubisoft-Milan and released on March 9, 2004. A Mac port was released on November 23, 2004. Athena Sword was packaged with the original game as Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 Gold Edition in 2004.

The story of Athena Sword begins in 2007, two years after last wave of terrorist attacks. Team Rainbow neutralized the terrorist threat and captured Gutierrez, but the threat is not over yet as there are still remnants of his terrorist group. The remaining cell still has some chemical weapons, making them a very dangerous threat.
When the terrorist cell strikes in the Castle in Milan and takes hostages Team Rainbow is immediately brought onto the scene to deal with the threat. The terrorist hunt is then continued along the Mediterranean coast. The last terrorist action is to be set in Athens, Greece, where the remaining terrorists plan to launch a chemical attack. Team Rainbow launches the operation Athena Sword and manages to prevent the attack.

Iron Wrath

Iron Wrath is the second expansion for the PC version of Raven Shield. It was in production for almost 2 years before Ubisoft decided to release it as a free download on June 9, 2005 to FilePlanet subscribers. Since the sites archival, its now available here: both in US version and UK versions. Developed by Ubisoft-Casablanca, this latest expansion features a 7-mission campaign, 3 classic missions, 8 new multiplayer maps, 6 new weapons, as well as 5 new multiplayer game modes. In October 2008, the CD-key activation server was taken offline, suspending the multiplayer features of Iron Wrath.

This section is made so as to compliment other Ravenshield sites such as RVSGaming.
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Rainbow Six: Zombies 1.3 update

New zombie types, new powerups, improved gameplay, drone strikes, AI backup, and so much more!

Six years after the original release of the R6: Zombies mod, and five years after its last update, the frantic wave-based gameplay returns better than ever! Test your skills against the new exploding and toxic zombies, but keep a healthy distance. Try the new Nightmare difficulty mode, but beware, wave 1 starts with a health and speed boost and it only gets harder from there. Call in AI backup and drone strikes against the zombie hordes, and choose your weapons carefully - zombie health has been tweaked and bullet choice is more important than ever.

Under the hood, much of the underlying code of the mod has been rewritten, allowing for a much more satisfying and bug-free experience. Tweaks to all aspects of the mod - from the single-player map selection, to zombie death physics, to balance changes of powerups, and more - make this feel like a new experience.

Main changes/additions:

  • New zombie types - fiery exploding zombies, and cough-inducing toxic zombies
  • New zombie behavior - zombies can leap to attack, and can now maneuver ladders
  • Zombie health - damage and death is much more realistic, making weapon choice more important
  • New drone strike - new powerup calls in four predator missiles
  • Powerup appearance - all powerups have a shiny new gold appearance
  • Player health - your screen flashes red when taking damage
  • And more - more zombie variety, sound alerts with messages, and much much more

Singleplayer changes/additions:

  • New map - Shipment from Call of Duty 4 - tiny map for frantic gameplay
  • New AI backup - new powerup calls in a Rainbow operative for backup
  • New "Nightmare" mode - much more difficult gameplay
  • New and improved cheat commands - lots of great cheats to tweak the game
  • Better Athena Sword/Iron Wrath support - map names and pictures now work properly
  • Map menu tweaks - better recommended list, map descriptions added
  • Support for Presidio Night - map available if you have Supply Drop mod installed

Multiplayer changes/additions:

  • AI backup - setting the game's AI backup feature is now fully supported
  • Difficulty setting - you can configure your server to be more difficult

Balance changes/bug fixes:

  • Difficulty - wave difficulty and difficulty curve increased slightly
  • Max ammo - powerup now fills all weapons for all players
  • Powerup spawning - ammo powerup more likely, powerup drop frequency increased
  • Player speed - players no longer have wounded running speed at low health
  • Player speed - base speed increased, speed powerups less effective
  • Shotguns - buckshot made more effective vs slugs
  • Maps with barriers - now spawns powerups just like other maps
  • Zombie spawning - less likely to happen in view of players
  • Custom powerups - fixed bug preventing their use
  • Map removed - because of bugs, Nacht Der Untoten has been removed from the game
  • Flashbang instakill - fixed bug making flashbangs insta-kill zombies
  • Log file warnings - fixed bug causing warnings
  • Dead player respawning - fixed bug where dead players respawn after the game is lost
  • No sound powerups - fixed bug where powerups have no sound

Download Links:

  • Singleplayer version:

R6: Zombies single player mod - version 1.3

  • Multiplayer version:

R6: Zombies multiplayer mod - version 1.3

  • Complete source code:

R6: Zombies source code - version 1.3

Want more Raven Shield mods, videos, and discussion? Join the largest R6: Raven Shield community today at R6Chat.com!

Rainbow Six: 3 April Free Update - new guns and more!

Rainbow Six: 3 April Free Update - new guns and more!

News 14 comments

April's game update is here, and it includes three new guns as well as two reissues of popular items!

2.0 Server ONLINE!

2.0 Server ONLINE!

News 54 comments

Raven Shield 2.0 finally got a public server! To participate, follow the simple steps below:

Monthly Updates for Rainbow Six 3 continues!

Monthly Updates for Rainbow Six 3 continues!

News 2 comments

February's game update is here, and it includes three new weapons and a scope!

Elite Counter-Terror launched!

Elite Counter-Terror launched!

Elite Counter-Terror 17 comments

This mod started as a small template overhaul to shake up the enemy types in missions, but has now evolved into a major Single-player upgrade. I have...

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Unreal Script source code for ECT

Unreal Script source code for ECT

Elite Counter-Terror Source Code

Unreal Script source for the new AI, Merc enemies, and weapon sounds in Elite Counter-Terror.

R6: Zombies single player mod - version 1.3

R6: Zombies single player mod - version 1.3

Rainbow Six: Zombies Full Version

The single player version of the R6: Zombies mod. Note: this file is NOT needed for any sort of online play; only download for offline play.

R6: Zombies multiplayer mod - version 1.3

R6: Zombies multiplayer mod - version 1.3

Rainbow Six: Zombies Full Version

R6: Zombies dedicated server mod, for multiplayer gameplay. NOTE: Clients should NOT download this file. This version of the mod is for setup on a dedicated...

R6: Zombies source code - version 1.3

R6: Zombies source code - version 1.3

Rainbow Six: Zombies Source Code

The complete source code for R6: Zombies mod (version 1.3). You are free to use this code however you like as long as you credit the author (Twi).

Bullets Through Walls mod

Bullets Through Walls mod


A small mod for single OR multiplayer, that allows bullets to realistically penetrate thin walls and objects, according to their energy, ballistics, and...

Twi's Shader Preset

Twi's Shader Preset

Ravenshield Shader Overhaul (Crosire Reshade) Graphics Tool

A beautiful shader preset that includes texture improvements (sharpening, anti-aliasing), color/shadow/lighting improvements (saturation adjustments...

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best self made mission i ever played was raid of ROTHSCHILDS FAMILY HOUSE !!!
underground secret !!! nothing for public

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

funny ACARDE GAME, but pure terror propaganda junk a la JEW NEWS... TRY HARDER next time ^^ and stop paying hard earned us tax money to isisrael with AIPAC !!! STOP IT !!!

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where to download the original game

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Need a copy? The Uplay version is 100% DRM free and I’d be happy to share it with you. It’s the 1.6 Gold edition, which is exactly the same that’s on Steam.

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Can someone remove this from the PSP section

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I have made a multiplayer patch so you can keep gaming even after UBISoft tried to shut everything down. Get it at rvsgaming.org

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

Just want to update everyone that, in light of UBI shutting down the online portion of this game, I am actively working on a solution to allow multiplayer without the need for CD keys or UBI logins. Will keep this community updated as we get nearer to September 24th.

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Other maps from your list -> Mediafire.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Bac RLD -> Mediafire.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

If anyone can help me out, I'm looking for the following maps:


and Mercenary 1 and 2
Secret Service Clan Map Pack 1 and 2

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This game is an absolute classic. The fact that it still has an online community after nearly ten years is a testament to the quality of gameplay. Whether you enjoy single-player missions, online cooperative terrorist hunt, or frantic deathmatch games, Raven Shield delivers. It's not the mindless on-rails gameplay of the Call of Duty series or the R6 Vegas games, where you are always forced down one narrow route; in Raven Shield your choices matter and strategy is of ultimate importance. Other notable…

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