The counter-terrorist unit, RAINBOW, is pitted against global terrorist organizations that in some cases have taken hostages & are said to have armed themselves with weapons of mass destruction. Rogue Spear focuses on realism, planning, strategy, and teamwork.

Rogue Spear: Urban Operations

Rogue Spear Mission Pack: Urban Operations, released on April 4, 2000, was the first expansion for Rogue Spear. It was developed and published by Red Storm Entertainment. It added eight new maps and five classic Rainbow Six maps from the original game, as well as three new weapons.

Urban Operations was re-released by KAMA Digital Entertainment in South Korea - this new edition included two exclusive missions and two new weapons.

Mod system

With the release of Urban Operations, a built-in mod system was added to manage user-made "mods" or modifications. Previous releases of the Rainbow Six series did not have this system, and using a mod required overwriting existing game content. With the mod system, mods could be used without overwriting, as they were installed into a separate folder within the installation and could be turned on or off. When a mod was activated, its content would take priority over the default game content. This allowed the addition and/or customization of all game content, allowing new operatives, weapons, maps, missions, etc. to be added.

Covert Ops Essentials

Rainbow Six: Covert Ops, is a stand-alone expansion pack of Rogue Spear. The training simulator was developed by Magic Lantern Playware, six of the levels were done by Zombie Studios and three of the levels were done by Red Storm Entertainment. It was published by Red Storm Entertainment. It was released on September 28, 2000.

Rogue Spear: Black Thorn

Rogue Spear: Black Thorn was developed by Red Storm Entertainment, published by Ubisoft, and released as a stand-alone add-on on December 15, 2001. Black Thorn featured nine new single-player maps.

Mission eight was edited in the US release (modified from an airport into a coach terminal) and a mission featuring an A380 aircraft was removed in all releases after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

This delayed the release. Six new multiplayer maps, 10 new weapons, and a new multiplayer variation on the "Lone Wolf" game type in which one player takes on everyone else; the winner of the round then becomes the new "Lone Wolf". The plot features a mentally disturbed ex-SAS operative challenging Team Rainbow with reenactments of real-life terrorist attacks, such as the Entebbe raid and the Japanese embassy hostage crisis.

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I'm glad to announce a new release of Rainbow Six: Black Ops 2.0. Months have passed since the last release in January 2022. A great amount of bug fixes and improvements are part of this latest release, alongside welcome additions.

Here below you'll find a comprehensive change log since the last January 2022 update:

  • Recompiled installer with older version of Inno Setup, now it should also work on WinXP.
  • Added more complete support for mod folders; maps from all mod folders are now listed in multiplayer.
  • Added alternative version of DDrawCompat wrapper, it should work better on Win7/WinVista.
  • Added brand new version of the ogg-winmm CD Audio Emulator wrapper as released by ayuanx.
  • Added "R6BOLegacy" executable with no graphics wrapper use, for those playing on WinXP or older (at your own risk).
  • Added the Generic Mod Enabler which allows users to select and properly enable their preferred reticule for use in multiplayer.
  • Added "RSMP04 Bunkers" map, Rogue Spear's day version of Urban Ops' Bunkers, to MP and Custom Mission.
  • Added Obstacle Course maps from both Rogue Spear and Take Down to MP and Custom Mission.
  • Added "Ghost Recon Demo Map" mod, adding GR's Castle map to MP and Custom Mission (originally converted by Akira_AU).
  • Added unused skybox model and textures from the RSE Level Plugins for use on the UOMP03 Old Train Tracks map.
  • Added flipped spawn points to all multiplayer mission files for all maps included in Black Ops.
  • Added the Ak 5 assault rifle using Take Down's FNC 3d model, restored Black Thorn's 3d model for the FNC.
  • Added "Navy" uniform, namely the Street2 camo from Take Down, with slightly reworked textures.
  • Added light and medium armor versions of the biosuit, created by using custom textures and stock 3d models.
  • Added five VA mods which replace English in-game dubbing with Korean, Russian, French, German or Italian voiceovers.
  • Added Take Down's UI sounds to the "UI #7 Take Down" mod, tweaked few UI colours.
  • Added correct arrow cursor textures to each UI mod (restart the game for properly enabling them).
  • Remade main menu background with new title header texture created by xDaVIRUS.
  • Reworked menu backgrounds for the UI #1 Rainbow Six and UI #2 Eagle Watch mods.
  • Remade ladder uniforms mod with tweaked textures and colours, now called "MP Ladder Uniforms".
  • Retranslated all Korean text from Take Down that was previously translated in 2019, with help by HcH.
  • Enabled all maps for selection in the Scatter Hunt and Terrorist Hunt rules in MP.
  • Enabled only maps with proper "Disarm Bomb" data in the Save Your Base rule in MP.
  • Enabled unused MP variant of the TM06 map for use in Adversarial and Custom Mission.
  • Modified AI, now enemy NPCs use a separate set of weapon files that can be given custom stats.
  • Fixed few mistakes in the "Original Splash Screens" mod and added files for it to work in Adversarial.
  • Fixed other NPCs of Rogue Spear that were using the same textures of NPCs from Take Down.
  • Fixed missing textures referenced by some Take Down terrorist characters.
  • Fixed rotors not being animated on the helicopters appearing in the CL05 Water Ride map.
  • Fixed wrong actor/kit file pairs in few custom missions, causing wrong texture mapping on few characters.
  • Fixed inconsistent armour values and wrong animations on few characters in the R6/EW mission remakes.
  • Fixed wrong fog and/or skybox data on multiplayer mission files for the Covert Ops maps.
  • Fixed stock bug/typo on ambient sounds referenced by the BT01 Japanese Embassy map.
  • Fixed TD03 multiplayer mission files referencing the wrong file and directory, hence causing a CTD.
  • Fixed missing mission objectives in the Lone Wolf custom mission for the TM02 map.
  • Fixed different/wrong skybox in the multiplayer and custom mission files of the Biodome map.
  • Fixed wrong skybox for the EW05 Capitol Building map, now it correctly features daytime.
  • Fixed wrong weather forecast icons in the briefings of many mission files.
  • Fixed missing intel data/text for various Take Down custom missions.
  • Fixed missing rain effects in custom missions on the Take Down campaign maps.
  • Fixed wrong magnification zoom values on the AUG and on the L85A1.
  • Fixed M4A1 SD not having the same rate of fire of the unsuppressed version.
  • Fixed excessive rate of fire for the FAMAS rifles, now it should be more reasonable.
  • Improved all encumbrance values for all firearms so that they are realistic and using the same standard.
  • Modified CAR-15, now it features new UI textures and proper 30-round magazines.
  • Replaced Take Down's weapon sounds for the FAMAS, P90 and suppressed MK 23 with those of Black Thorn.
  • Tweaked stats for many weapons (shotguns, sniper rifles, LMGs and pistols) so they are more balanced for multiplayer.
  • Renamed dozens of multiplayer .mis files so that maps appear in alphabetical order in Adversarial.
  • Reworked tons of spawn points for most classic R6 and EW maps so that they are more usable in multiplayer.
  • Restored Kevin Sweeney in the briefing of the two Korean Missions exclusives from Urban Ops.
  • Restored Rogue Spear's sky_day_snow_mountains skybox textures which got replaced by ones from Covert Ops.
  • Standardized planning map zoom data and AI LOS distance values for various mission files of each map.
  • Lowered excessively loud ambient sounds on the CO01 Jungle map.
  • Removed many unused files, cleaned up the mod package.
  • Other small improvements to text strings and UI textures.

GR's Demo Castle Map

Bunkers Map Variants

Hazmat Uniform Variants

Remade Ladder Uniforms

Added TD's

Added Obstacle Course Maps

FNC Rifle Variants

Remade CAR-15

MP Extra Mods

If you have a previous version of the mod, you must remove it completely via uninstaller before installing this new one. Make sure to manually remove any remaining files, but remember to make a backup of any save files you might have. Clean installation is mandatory.

Moreover, the mod now has an official Discord server where weekly online events will be organized! Make sure to download the separate MP Extra Mods package for playing in those. Link to the Discord server:

Have fun and... how does John put it? "Watch your six."

Rainbow Six Black Ops 2.0 - January 2022 Release

Rainbow Six Black Ops 2.0 - January 2022 Release

Rainbow Six: Black Ops 2.0 12 comments

Announcing a new public release of Rainbow Six: Black Ops 2.0. The ultimate Rainbow Six experience awaits you!

Rainbow Six: Black Ops 2.0 - 1st Release Announcement

Rainbow Six: Black Ops 2.0 - 1st Release Announcement

Rainbow Six: Black Ops 2.0 22 comments

Announcing the first public release of Rainbow Six: Black Ops 2.0. The ultimate Rainbow Six experience awaits you!

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Black Bag Weapon Stats (spreadsheet)

Black Bag Weapon Stats (spreadsheet)

Black Bag Guide

A spreadsheet of Black Bag's weapon stats. This spreadsheet will be used to detect stats that need to be fixed or tweaked.

Black Ops v0.88

Black Ops v0.88

Black Bag Demo 1 comment

v0.88 adds the ability for tangos to fire their weapons in some of the lower fire mode selections, though they still can't switch between fire modes...

Black Bag v0.87

Black Bag v0.87

Black Bag Demo

v0.87 adds Desert Eagle pistols in .41 Magnum, .44 Magnum and .440 Cor-Bon and the APS Stechkin machine pistol in stocked and unstocked configurations...

Black Bag v0.86

Black Bag v0.86

Black Bag Demo

v0.86 replaces the uncommon Steyr SPP with the far more common PM Makarov pistol firing 9x18mm Makarov and also sets roughly half of the tangos to brandishing...

Black Bag v0.85

Black Bag v0.85

Black Bag Demo

Black Bag is a weapons mod being created for Black Ops 2.0 (which runs on the Rogue Spear: Black Thorn engine, though that title is not required to enjoy...

Difficulty Absurd v1.00

Difficulty Absurd v1.00

Black Bag Full Version

Increases the lethality and unpredictability of tangos to their highest levels. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Black Bag weapons mod, but...


Were i get the german language files for rouge spear?

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For anyone looking to play:
Search for Rainbow Six: Black Ops.
It has the 2 games and all of their expansions in 1 thing.

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No matter what I try to do I can't get this badboy running on windows 8, heck, I can't even get it to work past the main menu on an emulated XP machine.

Where is GoG and their magician skills at fixing old games when you need them...

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This Game will never be lost

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