Telefrag VR is a hellishly fast-paced shooter with visceral movement and combat mechanics. Dash, shoot, and teleport around unique arenas that feature impossible geometry where there is no right side up and death can come from any direction. You’d better bring your A game and telefrag your enemies into oblivion if you want to excel in PvP duels.

Set in an alternative universe where the Roman Empire never collapsed, you step into the shoes of a new breed of a gladiator on the road to becoming a champion. Use your speed, accuracy, and wits to outmaneuver and defeat your enemies, crushing them beneath your feet.

Core Features

  • Loadout Management – Pick your favorite loadout to outwit your enemy. Combine powerful firearms to create the most powerful set. Each weapon features two firing modes and a unique teleportation attack.
  • Teleport Attacks and Telefrags – Use teleport to move through the play space or telefrag your enemy! See them reduced to a pulp, using the well-known ability.
  • Guns – Pick the best one, including classic arena shooter weapons, such as Rocket Launchers and Flak Cannons, as well as futuristic Plasma Rifles.
  • Dash – Combat in VR has never been so dynamic! Catch your enemy by surprise. Short and fast jumps from place to place allow you to constantly stay on the move.
  • Impossible spaces – Fight in unique arenas arranged with no regard for gravity, opening up various angles of attack and movement. The designed maps will force you to be on guard.
  • Arena Game Mode – Fight in 1v1 deathmatches on the principle of rounds. Climb up the leaderboards and conquer the most significant win streak.


The Empire has never forgotten about their beliefs and traditions, including gladiatorial battles, which have now become the most prestigious sport in the sprawling intergalactic Empire. You can play 1v1 deathmatches in a best-of-five rounds format to determine the ultimate victor. As for futuristic gladiators, there is no place for losers. Wager your hard-earned loadouts and try to stay alive for as many matches as possible to make your mark in the global leaderboards.


PvP matches will require a good knowledge of the arenas in addition to creative use of dashes and teleports to gain the upper hand in combat. But these abilities are for more than just defense and evasion – after all, the game is called Telefrag. Tired of shooting or in the middle of reloading? No problem, teleport through your enemies to watch as they’re reduced to a pulp. The game’s abstract arenas will test your skills. Move dynamically through the designed maps and don't stay in one place under any circumstances.

Fast-Paced Shooter

Block incoming shots with an energy shield and shoot your opponents with a range of firearms, from the staples of the genre to new, unique entries. But if you’re going to outwit your enemies, you’ll need to choose your loadouts carefully! Some may work better against your opponent than others. Each weapon also has a unique, built-in teleportation attack that is more than just a means of locomotion.

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Our latest content update was built around two major parts – Spectator Mode and a new map – The Labyrinth. Let us tell you a story about its setting, design, and unique features.


The Labyrinth is a map we always wanted to have in our game – built on the experience we gathered while creating all of the previous ones. Thanks to your warm feedback after the game launched in July, we assembled a team to work on it for the last couple of weeks.

The start wasn't easy. We wanted to make a truly quake-like experience with a map that is balanced and allows different routing without the issue of being blocked or turning up in a dead-end. But let's talk about it step by step. Let's read some of the thoughts behind designing this map by one of our brightest minds, Michał.



"The idea with those grates was to create a feeling similar to playing the alien in the good old' AvP games. Those spots intentionally create an easy way for the "lurker" to ambush their enemy. It's harder to spot the ambush due to the sharp angle that is even more evident in VR, where to look up, you would need to physically look up."


"Lured by the heavy armor, the player can be ambushed here from four places: up above, behind the column, just outside the arena (through those far windows), and through the perspective of the shot. Each of those can be a route to the heavy armor. Both players might have an ambush set up for the other, and you can't check all places at once. This way, the level attempts to set up a cat-and-mouse game of sorts."


"Here, you can see early meshing ideas that reflect thought, trying to go for a snake-like quality. Some elements of that idea persisted through to the final design of the level if you have a keen eye, you might just find it."


"Initially, it was supposed to be built in the shape and vibe of a high tech Medusa, but later, our level designer made this skeleton to look more like a snake. In the end, we decided to go with a high tech labyrinth, based loosely on the concept of Medusa."


What makes it so unique? Almost every place on the map has two possible ways to get there, so you can surprise your enemy or flee when he's got the upper hand. The Labyrinth is made of 11 platforms, mixed and connected around all three axes. Better prepare your inner compass! We hope you like the high-tech maze feels coming from the Labyrinth!

How do you rate the latest map? Feel free to share your thoughts about the Labyrinth in the comment section!

P.S. Telefrag VR is currently having a free weekend on Steam! See you on the server, Gladiator!

Telefrag VR is available now on Steam, Oculus and PlayStation VR!

Telefrag VR is available now on Steam, Oculus and PlayStation VR!


Telefrag VR is now available on Steam Store, Oculus Store, and PlayStation Store. Make sure you have what it takes to become a space gladiator.

Telefrag VR Original Soundtrack

Telefrag VR Original Soundtrack


From today, Telefrag VR Original Soundtrack is available on YouTube.

Telefrag VR with the release date - July 19, 2019!

Telefrag VR with the release date - July 19, 2019!


Telefrag VR’s arenas will open their gates on July 19, 2019, simultaneously on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR!

Introducing The Six Leagues Under - Telefrag VR

Introducing The Six Leagues Under - Telefrag VR


We're revealing more details about the 5th map in the game - The Six Leagues Under.


Looks amazing!

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