Kernel Panic is essentially a sublimated RTS. The resource management has been taken away completly: all mobiles units and buildings can be constructed for free. The learning of complex tech tree has been cut out drasticly: there are only 10 units per side, including factories and walls. The hours long struggle so typical of TA/SupCom/Spring have been shrunk dramatically: A typical Kernel Panic game will last no longer than 10mins. Even the eye dazzling graphics every other mod strive for have been swapped for old school vectorial look, somewhat reminscent of Tron or Darwinia.

With the removal of economy management, of offense/defense balance, all that remains is pure strategy and tactics: Performing a ten seconds retreat to gather your troops, choosing between staying battling units, or charging through to hit the enemy to the heart, spreading your forces to scout and skirmish everywhere around the map, or concentrating them into an unstoppable tide, taking the left, right, or middle route,.... Yes, in every RTS, you will have to make such choice, but much too often they are diluted into long and boring building up phase, repeating learnt by heart build order, building in masses only the one best unit and throw it by pack of 20 to the enemy via the direct route, ....

In other real time strategy games, newcomers are slaughtered under five minutes by Koreans who know every little idiosyncrasy of every of the myriads units. To the contrary, Kernel Panic has such a short learning curve, that it takes about half of game to learn all there is to know about Kernel Panic. It is not unusual for people who have never played Kernel Panic to reach the top players in their first or second game, as only raw skills matter in Kernel Panic.

In short, Kernel Panic is pure, unadulatered RTS fun, with all the boring bits removed, distilled to fast intense action.

Keywords about Kernel Panic:
- Streamlined
- Fast Paced
- No resources. (All constructions are free)
- Short game (like, 5-10 mins)
- Extremely few and archetypal units.
- Short learning curve.
- Gameplay feels a bit like Z, the 1996's Bitmap Brother hit.
- No building up, to teching up, no porcing up. Pure unadultered action!

Note: this moddb page having a very low activity, you might want to check:
- Kernel Panic page on wiki
- Kernel Panic subforum in forum

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Kernel Panic 4.9 Installer 39

Kernel Panic 4.9 Installer 39

Full Version

Complete Win64 Installer 39 of Kernel Panic 4.9 with Spring 105.0

Kernel Panic 4.4 Installer 28

Kernel Panic 4.4 Installer 28

Full Version

Complete Win32 Installer 28 of Kernel Panic 4.4 with Spring 85.0

Kernel Panic 4.2 Installer 26

Kernel Panic 4.2 Installer 26

Full Version 1 comment

Complete Win32 Installer 26 of Kernel Panic 4.2 with Spring

Kernel Panic 4.1 Installer

Kernel Panic 4.1 Installer

Full Version

Complete Win32 Installer 23 of Kernel Panic 4.1 with Spring

Comments  (0 - 10 of 26)
Guest - - 687,512 comments

hola soy nuevo en esto de juegos en linux y quisiera que porfavor alquien me diga como es que se juega el kernel panic ya que lo veo tan atractivo y entretenido...
al parecer es un juego que se trata de jugar con ciertas partes del CPU o algo asi pero no se mas.....
De que se trata el juego en relidad??
por favor si alguien fuera tan amable de ensenharme....

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
pierolas - - 1 comments

soy el mismo que escribio esta pregunta
solo que con una cuenta ya registrada en este foro o como se llame
por favor alguien que sepa como se juega kernel panic

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
gamma_TA - - 72 comments

I installed and ran it, it said "Spring has crashed" :( Now I can't even run the lobby, it says "GAME-section does not exist in script.txt"

Spring is not very user-friendly is it :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
az9693 - - 2 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
nokanomi - - 101 comments

kernal panic, a whole new take on spammail!

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
neddiedrow - - 161 comments

I think the installers here should be updated. Z?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
StoneCrowUK - - 308 comments

cool, didnt know this has a page here, tracking

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Scarface123 - - 71 comments

A ******* ****

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
OrangeNero - - 6,589 comments

right, thats what you are

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Recognition101 - - 1 comments

Hey, I get several errors when trying to play:
First, when I start the game, it says:
SkirmishAI0: Error: Could not load mod and/or general config file, see .../log/AILog.txt for further information

Then, if I let it go on, it says:
SkirmishAI0: Failed to initialize AAI! Please view ai log for further information and check if AAI supports this mod

I'm using linux, and I tried to find the log with the locate command, but I couldn't find it. Is there anything I need that I don't have?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
zwzsg Creator
zwzsg - - 6 comments

Do NOT use the AI called "AAI". (Nor KAIK, RAI, NTAI, E323AI...)

Only use the AIs called "Fair KPAI" and "Kernel Panic AI".

Here is a small excerpt from
Three AIs, each with their own playstyle:
“Fair KPAI” - The beginner’s AI

This is an AI designed to adapt to your level, so as to ensure you can play at your own pace. For instance, if you’re just discovering Kernel Panic and need a couple minutes at the beginning to look at the build menu and decide what to do, this AI will wait for you. If you’re a little at slow at expanding, this AI will expand at the same rate. Basically, the “Fair KPAI” limits its strength to yours, so as to ensure games are fun and challenging whatever your level is, from total n00b to confirmed KP player.
“Kernel Panic AI” - For regular play

This run the same code as “Fair KPAI”, but without the strength restriction. It knows how to use every unit and special abilities (except mines and walls), so watching one play could be a good way to learn the game. A single one of these is enough to beat me when I’m too relaxed. Pit yourself against two or three “Kernel Panic AI” for a challenge even experienced players may not come out alive.
“Baczek’s KP AI” - When you need a real challenge

This new AI was programmed in C++ by imbaczek specially for Kernel Panic. Unlike the two previous AI, it’ll ignore most special abilities, but has far more advanced grouping and attack strategies. Might be a little more stressing on your CPU, but fight much more intelligently.

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