Will you survive when the world falls apart?

Jawbreaker is a survival horror game that will have you running, hiding, and fighting in a terrifying gang-infested society on the verge of collapse. Though that’s not all, once the sun goes down the true fear begins...

After the devastating "Great Economic Collapse of 2028," survival is the only thing that matters. The average person is compelled to join armed groups, engaging in battles for resources and control over what were once the cities and towns of the United States.

You belong to a small gang based in New Citadel City, and your bunker's supplies are dwindling. You've been chosen to venture into the concrete ruins on rumours of an unlooted police station on the edge of town—a high-risk, high-reward mission.

After breaking in through an unguarded entrance, a sense of dread fills your mind as you realise who has taken refuge in this station and question whether the entire thing was a setup by your own gang…

  • Run, hide, or kill those in your way to stay breathing
  • The “Faceless Gang” will hunt you in teams or on their own
  • Push through the station while scavenging for supplies and a way to escape
  • Once the sun goes down the real danger begins…

  • Deep exploration into a dystopian vision of the United States
  • Hide under tables, in lockers, between shelves, or shadows to stay unseen
  • Search for weapons to defend yourself, though gunshots draw attention...
  • An interactive environment encourages looting for supplies
  • Multiple endings prove if you are a true survivor or not

Genre: Survival horror with stealth, puzzle, and combat mechanics.

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Jawbreaker is reaching the end of its development and the final levels are in production!


Some of the new levels are part of 'The Streets Of Citadel City' where the game begins. Walk the streets of a city completely fallen to crime and looting, navigating your way to the NCPD where the demo begins.



Roaming gangs, wild dogs, and vagrants are the least of your worries after you discover a massacre perpetuated by the 'Faceless Gang' introducing the enemies encountered through the rest of the gang




'The Streets Of Citadel City' introduces the player to just how terrible 'The Great Collapse of 2028' truly was for the morals of society.

Demo available now on Itchio:

And also on Steam:

Stay tuned for more updates, screenshots, and videos on the full game coming soon!

VL (@VincentLade)

Jawbreaker: Updated Trailer + New Boss!

Jawbreaker: Updated Trailer + New Boss!


Jawbreaker has some big updates! The new trailer reveals 2 epic boss battles, a menacing mini-boss, brand new locations, and a new weapon!

Jawbreaker: Bob's Big Boy (Boss Fight)

Jawbreaker: Bob's Big Boy (Boss Fight)


The first boss battle for Jawbreaker is now complete, featuring "Bob's Big Boy" a Faceless Gang member with a stolen tank and rage issues.

Jawbreaker: Game Progress & Freaky Friends!

Jawbreaker: Game Progress & Freaky Friends!


Work on the full game is strong and steady, plus achievement-unlocking collectables added.

Jawbreaker trailer and updates!

Jawbreaker trailer and updates!


The first trailer for Jawbreaker is here! There has also been a number of updates to the demo (including a new item)


Soo basically, it's a real spiritual successor to Manhunt.

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VincentLade Creator

It's very inspired by Manhunt!

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