Crevice is a story-driven third-person single-player RPG, where YOU can become a mighty dragon. A free playable demo is coming asap!

To survive in a handcrafted medieval-fantasy world full of love, hate, crime and intrigue, protagonist Taron has to master his unique skill: to transform into a mighty dragon.
Explore the continent of Calandhor on the ground and in the air, fight your way through the wilderness, search dungeons to uncover ancient secrets and visit unique towns and villages while you learn to deal with the power of the dragon. Because the earth is torn apart by enormous unknown forces, creating huge rifts in the landscape, the country is on the brink of chaos. Choose one of several factions to join, but choose wisely, because the emerging scramble for power between them will change the course of the world drastically.
Paying close attention to the environment and the characters living in it often will prove worthwhile, as the game world and the story are handcrafted with multiple possible solutions in mind.

Sounds interesting? A free playable demo will be released as soon as possible.
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After a long radio silence, we are back with a special lore spotlight!

Inspired by the currently ongoing game design sessions, we created a new point of interest in the home village of our hero: Esran's Grave.

Buried in a stone monument in the middle of a lake, the founder of Mountaingrass watches over his village, his statue standing tall and proud, surrounded by the graves of his descendants. Lots of Manka (the duck-like animals he introduced to the area hundreds of years ago) still thrive here, and can be seen roaming the place along many dragonflies and butterflies.


Special thanks to Philip Hurd-Wood, who spoke Esran. You can find his website here:

You can also support us on Patreon:

Esrans Grave 1

Esrans Grave 3

Teaser Trailer Premiere

Teaser Trailer Premiere


Hey people! Our teaser trailer is going life! Come on over to our Youtube channel :D

Discord Server is life!

Discord Server is life!


Games, chill and talk, watching vids together, sharing memes, exclusive content...

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