CERES is a cyber-tactical space combat game, where you lead a squadron of ships in an exploration and battle-filled single-player campaign. Inspired by Homeworld, Elite and Paradroid, it features thorough ship customization, advanced cyber-warfare and elaborate space combat. Command your ships in a rich 3D environment, manage your crew and artificial intelligences, mine, explore and trade your way through multiple missions -while keeping clear of alien monsters, rogue machines and dangerous transhuman mutants.

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UPDATE: Winners Announcment.

Thank you to all those that entered, there were a ton of brilliant entries!, below we have the list of winners of a CERES key.

Q:"What would you say if you were the first person to set foot on Mars?"

Feeiingz "Hello? Is it me you lookin for?"
Zer0ktober "I was expecting a huge chocolate bar. Oh well."
alaabigsmoke "I'm on mother land I wonder if the prothean archives are here."
overserbishop "I claim this land in the name of Duck Dodgers!"
djaussiekid "OK, I got my ass here. Now what?"
ShinyKeysStudio "Oi! Where are the Martians? And the Mars Bar factories?"
SLAYRGAMING_YT "hey I brought my surf board where's the water?"
misterbingo_ "I skipped the step, done the leap. Now where'll the hurdle lead?."
xknightyx99 "That my friends is a question for another i just fly the thing."
jameswaltersnz "This isn't where I parked my car"
Disilllusion "I claim this planet in the name of Marvin"
Ashestothestars "For a first step on mars, tumbling down the lander stairs sure was a great way to make history."
MrMRbaconman "One small step for martians, One big leap for marvin-kind"
PENNINGTONGAGE0 "Well I guess this is MARTIAL LAW now isn't it?"
SlypheedViper "We take our first steps on Mars today. Tomorrow, we can go further. To the edges of our solar system and beyond. To the stars"
SietaMaria "A time without end, when all exists for all eternity. Beautiful insolvable paradox, this thing called infinity."
AAron_Molloy "What would you say if you were the first person to set foot on Mars?" I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact."
CLKinoy "If I was the first to set foot on mars, I'd say in Latin:"From Earth to Mars, and from Mars to the stars."
WolferionEnt "Humanity cannot be stopped. It expands like Big Bang! Soon we will be no longer bound to planet Earth."
JonathanEvraire "We're all in this together, and we all achieved this. Proof once more that we are so much more combined!"
dmtagentsmith "For we shall not ruin another planet in our short history."
DarwinsLegacy "The Spirit of mankind has provided this Opportunity to satisfy our Curiousity and become Pathfinders on this new World."
michaelbrainss "War does not determine who is right - only who is left. Left on Earth. Time for a new start on Mars."
steve22hunter "Dejah Thoris, your Warlord has arrived"
BitGameReviews "! Alright, I've made it to Mars. Now where's the tee shirt to prove it?"

And a drumroll please!... The winner!

VAColetta "As I walk on Mars for all of humanity may we realize how small we are apart and how grand we are together."

Congratulations VAColetta, Enjoy your out of this world prize, be awesome to see all the photos from your experience, tell us how it goes!

A massive thank you to Iceberg Interactive for organizing this amazing competition and prize, aswell as supporting hard working indie developers world wide!

Win a trip to the USA to experience a space

simulation guided by a former astronaut

If you have ever found yourself gazing into space and wondering what it would be like to be an astronaut, then start exploring CERES and enter this competition to wonder no more. Everyone who participates has a chance to win. Here are the details:

  • Grand prize winner receives a 7 night holiday for two to Orlando, Florida, to visit the Kennedy Space Center. The trip includes:
    • Travel (Worldwide)
    • Accommodation
    • Spending money
    • 2 VIP tickets for the "Fly With An Astronaut" experience
  • 25 people will also be picked at random and given a copy of CERES
  • The competition begins now and closes November 11, 2015 6pm EST
  • The winners will be contacted on November 13, 2015

To enter, tell us: "What would you say if you

were the first person to set foot on Mars?"

It is our mission at IndieDB to help indies find success and in this mission we are enlisting your help. Answer the question above anywhere on the internet, be it on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, your blog, some forums (bonus points for posting somewhere space-related but please don't spam) and make sure you include:

  • The tag #ceresgame
  • A clickable link back to this post: Indiedb.com
  • If your post isn't on twitter, make sure we can find it and contact you by leaving a link in the comments

At the end of the event we shall pick the most creative answer and crown it the winner. To give you an idea, here are some of the tweets that have been posted so far:

#ceresgame Tweets

The Game: "Earth has been destroyed. Humans,
and monsters fight over what's left"

CERES is a game for those that wanted to push Homeworld, Elite or Nexus: The Jupiter Incident just a little further, by controlling a battle squadron in cyberspace as you hack, battle and barter your way into enemy ships. After all, you must do what you can to survive a post-apocalyptic monster-infested solar system.

Help us celebrate the release of CERES, and win a prize of galactic proportions.


Who can apply

Anyone interested in the contest is allowed to participate. The winner of the trip must be at least 18 years old, or must have a legal guardian who is at least 18 years old, to accompany him/her. There are no regional restrictions. Employees, or family members of employees, of DBolical, Iceberg Interactive or Jötunn Games can participate in the contest but will be excluded from any prize.

Submission Rules

Submissions are acceptable by posting a link on the internet to the contest page with an answer to the question stated above and the tag #ceresgame. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this contest. Closing date for entry will be 11 November 6pm EST. After this date no further entries will be accepted. Only one entry per participant is judged. The use of the website twittlonger.com is allowed if you are posting on Twitter and want to include a longer response. If not posting on Twitter, please include a link to your submission in the comments here, so we can find it and contact you.

Abide by the IndieDB terms of use

Read the terms of use here: Indiedb.com

Winner selection process

Iceberg Interactive reserves the right to select the winner of the trip based on the quality of the text in their response. You can mention CERES, @Iceberg_Int, @jotunngames, @indiedb and include images or videos in your submission, but doing so will not give you any additional chance to win. Selection of winners for a CERES Steam key will be at random. We will announce the winner of the contest on Friday November 13.



The Entrant(s) agrees to release and hold harmless Iceberg Interactive, any of the Sponsors of the Contest and their respective parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, service agencies, independent contractors, and the officers, directors, employees, investors, agents, and representatives of any of the above organizations from any injury, loss, or damage to person, including death, or property damage, including any claim of infringement, due in-whole or in-part, directly or indirectly, to the acceptance from or use/misuse of a prize or participation in any promotion-related activity.

Sponsors are not responsible for any inadvertent error in the printing of this offer, in the administration of the Contest, or in the awarding of Prizes. If any of the Sponsors is prevented from continuing with the Contest, or the integrity and/or feasibility of the Contest is severely undermined by any event beyond Sponsors’ control, (typically referred to as a “Force Majeure”) including but not limited to fire; flood; epidemic; earthquake; explosion; labor dispute; strike; act of God; public enemy act; satellite or equipment failure; riot or civil disturbance; war (declared or undeclared); terrorist threat or activity; any federal, state, or local governmental law, order, or regulation; order of any court or jurisdiction; or other cause not reasonably within Sponsors’ control (each a “Force Majeure” event), Sponsors will have the right, in their sole discretion, to abbreviate, modify, suspend, cancel, or terminate the Contest without further obligation.

The countdown has begun, don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity for you and a friend to visit the Kennedy Space Center. And don't forget to check out CERES, an incredible indie game made by a solo indie developer.

contest 1200x628 final
Ceres Release date 16th October 2015

Ceres Release date 16th October 2015


Date has been set and hammered into stone. 16th October 2015. Released on Steam.

Ceres Release date set for Steam.

Ceres Release date set for Steam.

News 1 comment

A date has been set, Mid October 2015. 16th to be exact. The game will be available on Steam and in boxes. Yay. This is it. My first game release.

Development update 19th of March 2015

Development update 19th of March 2015


Ceres has been picked up by the publisher Iceberg Interactive. Various fixes. Skin variations for the player ships. More modules! New character portraits...

Yet another development update.

Yet another development update.

News 1 comment

Development update. The last months I've been working on various things. Graphics, game play, bugs and missions. Ship capture and salvage.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 48)
ProtokSt - - 34 comments

Looks good. Storyline sounds interesting.
For me, it's have userunfriendly interface.
Even just how to play is to hard to learn.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Veronica_ - - 1,499 comments

"What would you say if you were the first person to set foot on Mars?"
My response: The extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are. Curiosity is the key to creativity, knowledge and discovery.

(well. too late. I had to post it anyway)

Have a nice day everyone. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
WILEz - - 82 comments

If there was Italian texts in would buy it immediately!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
INtense! Staff
INtense! - - 4,104 comments

Got a big contest coming up for this games launch. Super excited!

Reply Good karma+5 votes
Guest - - 687,512 comments

pc requirements???

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 687,512 comments

Y no Mac? :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
tryggvienator Creator
tryggvienator - - 76 comments

Thats actually laziness on my part.
Go to our site CeresThegGame.com and Click the download button there. Its a dropbox link, we have a Mac version there.
Please note that the mac version is completely untested.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
BarecGesh - - 51 comments

getting better and better as it progresses along really like the new drones

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Coded_Ninja - - 105 comments

Best game ever in customization and storyline! Period.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
WolveNZ - - 106 comments

Not sure about some of the changes in the New Version:

Ship combat feels a lot more fast paced than what it used to be, I think their should be a 0.5 Time Speed to help slow it down a bit.

It also seams like your ships dont automatically engage fighters anymore, I think they should (as targeting is a pain!)

The New AI that causes the Enemy ships to move around is a bit of a pain, in the Scene with the AI ships, they just run around my two Ships, utterly devastating them. its pretty dam hard taking on 6 odd Ships that are flying above, below, left and right!

But else, it does seam allot more polished than the last Version!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
tryggvienator Creator
tryggvienator - - 76 comments

Yeah there is a lot of debate within the team concerning the speed of the ships.
Faster speed is better for long distance, but pain in the combat area. We are thinking about setting a specific combat speed to slow down the ships during combat.

Point defence systems automatically target fighters.You have to manually target them for other weapon systems.
You can group select targets for attack by activating attack order and ctrl drag a box over the targets. The ships should attack the closest ones first.
We are working on changeable attack stances for the ships. This will allow the player to change his turrets to point defence mode and back. This way a ship can dedicate itself to defensive fire. The PD turrets will still be available as dedicated defence systems.

The New AI is a bit more aggressive now. I myself did manage to take them all out without too much of a hassle, but I designed the game, so I know all the tricks.
We feel its better to have the enemy on the move(At least some).
More movement bring action to the combat. And apparently aggressive strategic movement :).

Reply Good karma+2 votes
WolveNZ - - 106 comments

Yea, the Aggressiveness does help the overall feeling of the game, immersion wise. But I think Coupled with the 200% speed it might be a bit much...

Afterall, for Long distance, at the old speed, you could always speed up the game, and have it autopause when something important happend (might be good to also have a slow time down to something like 0.25 or 0.5 normal speed instead of straight off pause?)

But Cant wait till you have those Stances Implemented! depending on the route you go down with player interaction (Majorly Observing, or Having to Micromanage a bit more) could it lead to also having movement automatically as the AI does? (Would make a great dealof sense with ships like the New Gearhead(?) ship, being armored better on some angles, and hopeless on others)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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