Set in an ancient world inspired by mythical China, Jade Empire lets you train under your master's watchful eye as you learn powerful martial arts and mystical powers. When danger threatens, you'll travel across the world, from the harsh mountains of the Land of Howling Spirits to the lush gardens of the Imperial City. In your adventures, you must face powerful human and supernatural foes, learn the exotic and magical martial arts, and discover the darkest secrets of the world. Practice the greatest fighting styles and defeat the most powerful enemies to become a master of martial arts.

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Version 0.3 is available now

I had quite a few things planned for this release, but the amount of bug reports I got over the last release, was nothing short of surprising. And so I figured I'd better put out a new release immediately, so you guys wouldn't have to wait any longer for the collected bugfixes! You really should all update!

Improvements to the console

I simplified the console. As I'm sure you've all figured out by now, you have to talk to the animals to access the console. In the previous versions you needed to equip the Hummingbird Gem to do that. No longer. You can talk to the animals at any time, without jumping through hoops first.

In the first half of vanilla Jade Empire there are a lot of animals all over the place. But after your first palace visit in chapter four, they somehow disappear from the game. That probably was okay in vanilla Jade Empire, since the animals had no function, but it's not okay in my mod. So I added a few new ones to the last levels of the game.

Talking to a crane in Dirge

I even added some animals to the spirit realm. But since the spirit realm isn't exactly the place you would expect to find a living beast, I made the animals slightly hypothetical.

A rather hypothetical beast

Improvements to the vampiric armor

When enemies strike at you with a martial or a weapon style, while you're using the vampiric armor, it leeches chi and focus from them. I've added support styles to that little list.

In the past the armor would leech a fixed amount of chi and focus. Now the amount depends on your alignment. The more Closed Fist you are, the bigger the transfer.


  • The player was able to pick up wine for the Drunken Master style while playing as Black Whirlwind
  • The tutorial events were intercepted too early and prevented the tutorial fight from ending. [Thanks kentek!]
  • The Ironclad Mind technique was awarded after completing each and every bookset. [Thanks 7ty7!]
  • The fight against Aishi the Mournful Blade would not end, if you fought her in the Black Leopard School [Thanks 7ty7!]
  • Should you decide to poison the water dragon, you would have to fight your former companions. That fight would not end. [Thanks noimageavailable!]
  • The fight as Sun Kin against Death's Hand would not end [Thanks Amberon!]
  • The console store would collide with the inventories of other merchants [Thanks 7ty7!]
  • A "copy" of the Black Whirlwind would stand with Spear-catches-leaf, while you were fighting him.
  • The fight against Lucky Cho would not end, because the combatend animation collided with the dialog scene. [Thanks 7ty7!]
  • If you chose the appearance of another player character after your demise, your appearance would be set to the "living" and not the "dead" appearance.
  • If you did not give the right potion to Kia Min, you had to fight the pirates, she would otherwise kill, and the fight would not end. [Thanks Rewels!]
  • If you went to the clearing right in front of the entrance to the inn in the great forrest a few times too often, you found yourself in a random fight, that would not end. [Thanks Rewels!]
  • The fight in the dream version of the school before you leave for the palace one last time would not end [Thanks Grundir!]
  • The canons at the beach would fire at you during the combatend animations, when you were unable to dodge them.
RFC: A Highly Disruptive Change

RFC: A Highly Disruptive Change

Jade Empire in Style 6 comments

The current version of my mod sports a very special feature. One you probably haven't noticed yet. I kept mum about it until now, because it deserves...

Version 0.2 is finally out of Beta!

Version 0.2 is finally out of Beta!

Jade Empire in Style

Version 0.2 is out of Beta and available for download. It has taken a while longer than anticipated - mainly because I was faster at adding new features...

Last minute changes

Last minute changes

Jade Empire in Style 4 comments

After weeks of thoroughly beta-testing the new version of my mod, it wouldn't be complete without some brand new features that were added in the very...

Last Beta for version 0.2

Last Beta for version 0.2

Jade Empire in Style

I'm a silly person. There's only a handfull of bugs to fix before I can finally release 0.2 and what do I do? I add new features instead. So here's another...

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Jade Empire in Style 0.3 [magyarul]

Jade Empire in Style 0.3 [magyarul]

Jade Empire in Style Full Version 1 comment

Thanks to Zander Tenoki there's a Hungarian version of my mod now!

My Jade Empire SE Tweaks

My Jade Empire SE Tweaks

Other 4 comments

Some minor tweaks I made before replaying Jade Empire SE. Most work by putting files into the Override folder. Very simple and very small tweaks, mostly...

Jade Empire in Style 0.3 [source]

Jade Empire in Style 0.3 [source]

Jade Empire in Style Source Code 1 comment

This download contains all the uncompiled scripts and the compiler.

Jade Empire in Style 0.3 [deutsch]

Jade Empire in Style 0.3 [deutsch]

Jade Empire in Style Full Version

Diese Version enthält einige neue Features, aber vor allem ist es eine Wartungsversion. Die Liste von Bugfixes ist diesmal erstaunlich lang geworden...

Jade Empire in Style 0.3 [english]

Jade Empire in Style 0.3 [english]

Jade Empire in Style Full Version 15 comments

This release contains a few new features, but it's primarily a maintenance release. The list of bugfixes is surprisingly long this time! You should all...

Patch 1.00a Polish

Patch 1.00a Polish


Updates the polish version to 1.00a.


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Will this ever get a sequel, I wonder...

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Probably not.

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