ARX INSANITY is a remaster and immersive sim mod for Arx Fatalis. Improved gameplay, remastered and detailed HD graphics, enhanced lighting, expanded lore, quests, remastered soundtrack, original music, overhauled sounds, environmental effects and thousands of total changes. Adding new elements inspired by Arkane games and style, you can play with a variety of new approaches and choices.

This mod is still based in the original Arx Engine and it uses Arx Libertatis. One of the goals is to get the most out of the Arx Engine and AL features overcoming the challenges involved in overhauling the original game directly.

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Hello everyone, some months have passed since the last demo patch was released and we are still working daily in the Full mod and the next patch.

The patch was expected to be released a month ago but it was delayed due to new implementations and addons that we are finishing, we want to release a major patch instead, some of the upcoming features are:


3D Remastered models for weapons and misc objects

swords in progress

It's a very requested feature from the community, redo most of the weapons in better quality, after we did and experimented with the implemented bone as a contribution, a lot of you requested to remaster every weapon in the game so now it's happening, thanks to our new 3D artists we have some of the remastered weapons already done, a new Lord Inut's bow is in the works, after that we are done with every weapon from the demo.


The work consists in work the mesh on blender, fix and add details, collision spheres and the required attachments, paint textures and finally make a post-process to make the new weapons fit in the Insanity graphics environment.


As an standalone step we make about 6-7 blood variants for every weapon in 5 different blood colors found in the game, our idea is to have dynamic and real time bloody effects depending on the NPC we fight.


Bringing back to life early concepts and ideas discarded by Arkane

We want to implement new content based on old concept arts, ideas and concepts that Arkane Studios removed back in the days because of their deadline or other reasons.


Early concept art by Arkane Studios, featuring a goblin weapon and a shield.

club 1

club 2

Now we revived the early club design and it's implemented and totally functional in the game.


As you already know, we have brought back the Miguel's Fight Arena, a concept that was completely discarded by Arkane due to the lack of time, we are using unused dialogues, sounds, weapons, skins, puzzles and many things that were lost in the final version.


3 swords

club big

New texture format and optimizations

Some users reported slow loading screens and performance impacts in a few computers due to user hardware limitations, so we are changing the game format from bmp to png in most of the textures, this to improve greatly the game, now we have x48 times faster loads per texture. We changed the color profile to index limited to 255 colors in the bmp textures to decrese up x32 the charge and size loaded in the vram, this means faster loading times, light processing and a smoother gameplay (Another lite version with low resolution textures will be available for the Full and final version only).


A new overhaul for the goblin prison level

The upcoming patch will feature brand new textures completely re-worked to match with the other levels and standards, now we have more realistic and deep walls with the same current Insanity art style.

Gameplay modifications

We did gameplay modifications as well, including some radical changes that were very requested by the community in general. Now we are able to find taar from the beginning of the game, so if you are a mage you're no longer vulnerable and the game will no longer be unfair when fighting with enemies and difficulties at the start of the game, so the game it's more balanced now. Currently we are looking for a way to balance the archer class from the beggining as well, it's very requested as well so we'll be on it in the next days.

Magic balance

New Am Shaegar's faces and some remastered NPC faces

We experimented remaking the textures for the Am Shaegar faces, our goal was to make them more realistic and the first prototype had very good results, so we decided to implement this feature as official and replace all the Am Shaegar's faces in addition to remake others such as Tizzy, Alia, etc


Face rem

Difficulty modes re-work

We received a lot of criticism and suggestions for the new implemented difficulty modes, specially for the Nightmare mode and number of enemies, a lot of you made reports saying that those difficulty modes were hardcore and frustrating in some cases. So we re-tweaked all difficulties from Normal, Insanity and Nightmare (Secret mode) completely, to give a better and enjoyable experience, being fair with the players, the important thing is to have fun in the mod.

Misc changes and addons

There are multiple changes in the patch from graphics improvements, new lighting designs, new behaviors (For example the flying creature will have a new poison cloud attack) and new props like a new broom to add a better atmosphere and world in the game.

General bug fixing

We already fixed lots of bugs for the next patch, fixed some of the ones you found in your gameplays and bug reports, so we still getting rid of them and other new that we have found recently, so the patch will have a better experience with less bugs (If you found some, please report them to improve the mod)


Patch 0.4.71 has been released solving and balancing some issues found in the latest one:

  • Fixed a bug with 2 trapdoors at the outpost
  • Fixed Kultar not firing the first cinematic at the prison
  • Fixed a wrong description for the medicinal herb
  • Buff for the drop attack game mechanic, now they inflict more damages
  • Nerf for general npcs in insanity and nightmare difficulties
  • Taar is now on its old spot and not inside a crate anymore

The latest patch is now available in 2 versions, full and patch only. 84 new bugs fixed, requests and new features done, update your demo installation to this latest version to get an improved game and a better experience.

In the most important changes and addons:

  • Optimized all-fog quality to significantly increase game performance on most systems and very high resolutions
  • Fixed a bug with a door not opening when showing a gem dealer license at the prison introduced in the previous patch
  • New magic system and balance
  • New and improved drunkenness system
  • Updated level design and level lighting for some levels
  • Localization minor improvements
  • Fixed some buggy goblins not hearing noises in the goblin prison
  • Nerf for drop attack and added a new system for them
  • Nerf for trapdoors and new system for them
  • A few brand new gameplay mechanics
  • New sound effects
  • General bug fixing and improvements


To install the latest version or reshade read the complete updated instructions once again.


Old saved games from old Insanity demo versions/vanilla/libertatis are incompatible with new patches, so start a new game to apply all changes and avoid corrupt scripts or broken games, thank you very much.


There are 2 different downloads available for version 0.4.7:

  • 0.4.7 Patch only version: this just include updates so it's required to have 0.4.5 (Or latest) previously installed before hand (0.4b is obsolete and not supported).
  • 0.4.7 Full version: this is an all-in-1 package (Full Insanity demo + patch), if you don't want complications just install this package and you're done, older demo versions or patches aren't required.

To download any version click here


Now you can play Arx Insanity testing the first levels of the game as early access, sneak and use stealth in the goblin prisons, visit the outpost and survive the dangers of the crystal caverns. This demo is only available in English, Spanish, Russian and Italian. Thank for all your support and for the recent inconveniences. More updates are coming in the next weeks.

We hope you'll have fun in this Arx adventure, it was a hardcore week but finally the demo is here, don't forget to share your experience!.


You can download the mod here:

Demo download

Also don't forget to join our discord server dedicated to Arx Insanity and Arx Fatalis

Join the discord server

trailer release


Finally, I'm happy to announce the Arx Insanity demo release date, after 6 years of development the mod is in a final state and it's getting solid, so the date is close and the mod demo will be released on NOVEMBER 8TH 2020, starting with a beta release!.

Development is intense and day to day the mod is being improved and approaching the conclusion, the long wait is almost over.

Plus, to commemorate the release date announcement, a first trailer for Arx Insanity is now released!, you can watch it in the link below:

Demo Patch 0.4.7 now available!

Demo Patch 0.4.7 now available!

News 7 comments

Patch to fix more than 84 new issues and add new features. Arx Insanity demo is now available to download in a stable version. Play and test the first...

Demo Patch 0.4.6 Hotfix now available!

Demo Patch 0.4.6 Hotfix now available!

News 3 comments

Patch to fix more than 400 issues and add new features. Arx Insanity demo is now available to download in a stable version. Play and test the first levels...

Arx Insanity Demo now available!

Arx Insanity Demo now available!

News 4 comments

Arx Insanity demo is now available to download in a stable version. Play and test the first levels from the game as early access, from sneak and use stealth...

Arx Insanity Demo and full mod delayed

Arx Insanity Demo and full mod delayed

News 7 comments

Plans for Arx Insanity continue for October 30th, a demo will be released featuring 5 levels from the game, also including the full modifications from...

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Arx Insanity Demo v0.4.71 **PATCH ONLY**

Arx Insanity Demo v0.4.71 **PATCH ONLY**


Includes access to 5 levels only. Patch to fix 84 issues and add new features, before install this patch version it's required to have 0.4.5 (Or latest...

Arx Insanity Demo v0.4.71 **COMPLETE**

Arx Insanity Demo v0.4.71 **COMPLETE**

Demo 29 comments

Includes access to 5 levels only. Fixes new 84 issues and adds new features, this is a complete demo version and a single all-in-1 installation, so no...

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Hello, when are you planning to release the full version of the mod or the next update?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Pedro_Ordaz Creator

Hi, the programmer had a big issue in his personal life and he is away from the project from months ago and the patch was paused but I continue with the full version instead, I estimate a time of 4 months to finish it, I have a full time job all days and weeks and just have like 10mins to develop per day but I try my best and put my last energy on it, thanks. You can join the discord server, we put small updates there periodically

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Great demo. You deserve the deepest respect. The picture with the goblin king made me laugh.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Pedro_Ordaz Creator

Thank you very much, hahaha that was a detail that was about to be deleted 2 hours before release the first version of the demo, but finally decided to keep that picture

Reply Good karma+2 votes

So with the release of Arx Liberatis 1.2, will those features be included in a follow-up update? I reckon some of those features are already present in AIM, though, right?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pedro_Ordaz Creator

Yes we plan to update insanity to Arx Libertatis 1.2, but that could take a while since we need to work on the source code in detail and it's complex, yes the insanity demo was using the previous development snapshots from Libertatis (Preview tests of 1.2), we were waiting for the official 1.2 before do changes for the next patch

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Hello Pedro, hope you feel a little bit better than the last couple´o days. I wanted to ask you a thing about Miguel´s Fighting-Arena, if that´s alright with you and we don´t spoil anything unintentionally? Besides the obvious fact that this new feature provides the player with more content within the human kingdome, alright? Will we be also able to optain EXP´s once we defeated those adversarys alongside other rewards, or will the achievement by winning only be presented by a certain amount of gold? I´m asking because the base game and even with the many tweaks that came with Arx-Libertatis, never gave the player a ( legitimate ) chance in reaching the last EXP-Level wich would be ,, Lvl 10 ,,. - Not even when pickpocketing every door/chest/what have you. I am just asking if you took that also into account, because I for my personal believe don´t want to rely again on tricks like summoning the golden Ylside-Dame in order to reach that last Lvl. Greetings from germany

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pedro_Ordaz Creator

Hello greg, thanks for your wishes. Yes the arena is an expansion of the human kingdom and you can visit it anytime, there is a system that allows you to fight or bet once per day, after that you need to visit the place later. About adversaries they don't give you XP points since it's a recreative level and it's to avoid xp abuse, but if you win the fight you're rewarded with gold, I was working in more quests and actions that allow you to obtain more xp, in addition to more enemies and addons, reach the last level is a big challenge but I take that into account, thanks

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Выражаю огромную благодарнось тем людям,которые решили посвятить свое время и усилия на создание данного мода! Аркс одна из моих любимых игрушек юности, перепроходил её не один раз, и теперь появляется возможность ощутить её по новому! Всегда мечтал о продолжении и вот открываются новые горизонты!) Хочу пожелать разработчикам творческих успехов и удачи в развитии проэкта! Спасибо за ваши труды!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pedro_Ordaz Creator

Большое спасибо за ваши слова, это нас очень мотивирует, мы продолжим улучшать мод еще больше, новая статья о разработке и новый крупный патч будут выпущены в ближайшие недели.

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