So we want to bring Team Fortress to AvP2. It shouldn't be too difficult, all of the weapons we need are already in AvP2, and configuring armor and run speeds and whatnot isn't too hard. What we need, however, is input on how this should go down, and modders to make the more difficult things happen, like possibly adding new weapons and more importantly, new GAME MODES, like Capture the Flag or Assault, things that teams do that aren't Team Deathmatch. However, this is AvP2 Fortress, so everything should have an AvP2 twist to it. Like Preds and Aliens on the teams realistically, but not whorishly. No Predator rocket-launcher guys, for example, but a Predator as the Spy, a class that's supposed to cloak and primarily use a knife anyway. -- SMID

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We follow up on the test of 2009-10-16. As usual, a podcast, a video file and what's left to be done.

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Catching up, we have reached the test session from 2009-10-16:

We talked about our TODO list, the Enterprise map (Guus, the author of the map is quite surprised as how well the map plays), how the size of a map influences its playability.
We also talked about Linux servers, and why Linux is not yet a strong competition for Windows.On the development side of things, we have an update mechanism in place. The functionality is:

  • When choosing 'Multiplayer Internet' from the main menu, the local avp2tfversion.txt file is checked against a remote version of it, on
  • There are three outcomes possible from this comparison:
  • The files are the same. Nothing to be done here. The 'Host Internet Game' and 'Join Internet Game' are enabled.
  • There is a difference in the micro version. A dialog mentioning an optional update is presented. If the user declines, nothing happens, the 'Host Internet Game' and 'Join Internet Game' are enabled.
  • There is a difference in the major or minor version number. A dialog mentioning a mandatory update is presented. If the user declines, the 'Host Internet Game' and 'Join Internet Game' are disabled.
  • When the user agrees to update, the game closes and the Internet Explorer browser is launched, with this URL: And guess what, next week our testers will get the new beta through this mechanism.

And to conclude, the test videos recorded on 2009-10-16:

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