v1.0.1 (06.10.2022)



New mod that allows you to play single player missions and campaigns with other players, fixing problems with AI, triggers, some game restrictions, etc. The main goal of this mod is to recreate the singleplayer game experience in multiplayer.



  • Slightly reduced game difficulty


  • Fixed crash on respawn
  • Fixed Chestbuster missing attack animation
  • Fixed dgVoodoo v2 incompatibility with '+RawMouseInput 1'
  • Fixed elevator lags. Reduced chance to die
  • Fixed flickering flashlights on the client side
  • Medicomp consumes trophies only after healing animation
  • Fixed a bug that caused HUD to disappear after changing resolution before first connection
  • Trophies are now correctly saved between levels
  • Added new PickupObjects for Shotgun and Pistol to help avoid losing ammo after dropping weapons
  • Miscellaneous player object fixes


  • Increased chat font size
  • Added warning string about mission failure
  • Changed subtitles position to the center for every screen resolution
  • Auto ammo change now refills the clip


  • Reduced the total number of spawned aliens
  • Removed TransparentWorldModel on the bridge on p5s1 level that caused characters to lag
  • Fixed trigger on m7s1 that caused clients to freeze

Command line:

  • '+ DontShutdownRender 0-1' - prevents render from being shut down
  • '+ UnhookWindow 0-1' - dgVoodoo fix (on and off)


  • New Co-op game type
  • Slightly improved AI
  • Function NPC hit detection system (no more invulnerable NPCs)
  • Item drop mechanic
  • Saving equipment between levels
  • Function triggers, cutscenes, etc.
  • Improved 3rd-person camera
  • Ability to edit and spawn almost any objects for any level
  • And many other changes...



  1. Extract archive into the game folder
  2. Run Cooperative_Fullscreen.bat or Cooperative_Windowed.bat

All other important information in readme files

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AvP 2: Cooperative v1.0.1

AvP 2: Cooperative v1.0.1

Full Version 25 comments

A patched version of the mod that fixes many bugs, crashes, etc. Main features: New Co-op game type, Slightly improved AI, Function NPC hit detection...

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