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On May 5th, Wolfenstein 3D celebrated its 30th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, here's five solid mods for this classic shooter!

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30 years ago, Wolfenstein 3D released and laid the foundation for a change in the landscape of gaming forever - one its follow-up, the seminal DOOM, would build upon. Now, DOOM receives most of the modding attention - but Wolfenstein still has a few tricks up its sleeve, so here's five Wolfenstein mods to celebrate the occasion!

Batman vs. Bane

By Team RayCast


Wolfenstein's premise was slaying Nazis and robotic experiments in the name of bloody action. This was a time before nuance and subtlety, when kicking ass was all that mattered. However, if you'd like to take a different kind of vigilantism into your hands, this mod might be for you - where you'll step into the shoes of the caped crusader and dish out some street justice in Gotham.


By OKducky

Image 3

A port of Mac Wolfenstein 3D, using Wolf4SDL, as well as a base for future ports of Macintosh based mods. The project aims to eventually bring the entire Mac mod catalogue to Windows users while trying to capture the overall Mac version including details, bugs and glitches required for mods. These kinds of projects hold a special place in my heart - preserving user generated content from years ago and providing it to an audience able to enjoy it anew.


By Nembo

Woods with new water

Unsung, a World War I adventure in Wolfenstein 3D, lets you slog through the trenches in true pixelated FPS fashion. Along the way as you fight through the German trenchs as an Allied Trench Raider in an attempt to disable a crucial German Artillery Bunker, you had better watch out for machine gun nests, flamethrowers, poison gas, and an army of soldiers out to kill you. Based off Wolf4SDL code, Unsung is a stand alone mod which does not require dosbox to run on Vista or Windows 7. With new graphics, sounds, levels, and weapons, prepare for a whole new Wolfenstein 3D experience.

The Golden Parrot

By fraggeur

Beta Image 11

The Golden Parrot is a pirate-themed Wolfenstein 3D mod with a slight touch of RPG. It takes place in a colorful and original world, embark now! More weapons, improved controls, merchant system, brand new levels, and more...Choose between a english, french, spanish or dutch privateer and get ready for adventure! Yaaarrrr!

Wolfenstein 3D - 30th Anniversary Edition

By Wolf3DGuy

WL9 3

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary, an unofficial 30th anniversary edition finally sees the daylight after almost 7 years of hard work on both DOS and SDL systems, expanding the original game with yet another brand new trilogy, with 3 episodes, consisting of 10 levels each, bringing additional new features you haven't seen in the original game before including improvements and enhancements, it's all fun and great, but now totally in your face additions so you'll still get the original experience! Both DOS and SDL releases were done with care and playtested just enough times, so everyone will get the best experience possible!

30 Years of Nazi Ass-Kicking

On May 5th 1992, Wolfenstein 3D released and made a splash as one of the first games carrying some of the hallmarks of the modern FPS genre. With a simple yet compelling premise - Nazi experiments gone wrong, and you're the guy to set it right - it was the debut FPS of Id Software, which would be followed by the cultural phenomenon of DOOM. In that day, modding was a wild-west, but many total conversions and map packs emerged for both games thanks to Id's embracing of the shareware and user generated content scenes - something new and innovative for the time.

wolfenstein 3D - in game

Considered by many to be the great-grandfather of the FPS genre,
Wolfenstein 3D is a household name in gaming circles to this day

The Modern Masterpiece

Both Wolfenstein and its follow-up have received many reboots, sequels, and other games in their franchises, spanning different continuities and development styles. For games like these, there's no shortage of ways to reinterpret the classic yet simple foundation laid all those decades ago - and as these classics age, there will always be modders willing to make something new out of something old.


Thank you Kralich/David, very cool!

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Thanks for the article! Much appreciated!

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Well done with this Mac version, still no 3DO port nor its music...

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