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VTMB shares its 18th anniversary with Half-Life 2, so let's share the love and dig into some great mods for this sleeper-hit RPG, too!

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Article by Kralich/David - Editor and Community Manager at DBolical.

Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines is the oft-discussed cult-classic RPG that, whilst suffering a rough launch on the same day as Half-Life 2, managed to stick out the test of time thanks to committed work by modders and a dedicated fanbase of content creators. Few games with as challenging a development cycle and release as VTMB can claim to be alive and well eighteen years later, so let's celebrate the occasion, and the content creators who made VTMB what it is today.


By _xMAX_

Bloodlines Extreme - vtmb

Bloodlines: Extreme takes a top-level approach to enhancing the entire game, bringing in more gameplay features alongside improved textures. The list of changes is immense, containing additions like extra info for items, more difficult enemies with changed disciplines, added NPCs that both contribute to combat and to the playing out of the main storyline, and improved aesthetics on many assets for a very overall revised experience in Bloodlines.

VTMB: Clan Quest Mod

By burgermeister01

Brujah Quest

Clan Quest Mod (CQM) is a fan-created add-on for the classic PC title “Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines”. Originally Clan Quest offered seven new quests, each one specific to each of the seven clans. Since the first version, even more new content has been added to the mod, including an additional path midway through the game, allowing you to join forces with the Sabbat and battle it out with the other Kindred of LA.

VTMB: Arsenal mod

By lenusk@

VTMB arsenal mod

Though not specifically a combat-oriented game - with some mandatory bits, but with a heavier emphasis on roleplaying - VTMB's gunplay is notoriously a step below the melee side and the rushed narrative making this more and more important later on doesn't help. Just as well, then, that a competent arsenal mod vastly expanding the weaponry at the player's disposal has existed for many years. Gunfights are more bombastic and varied than before, making even the most egregious encounters from the base game much more fun.

Bloodlines: Antitribu

By Team Antitribu

[Under Water Level] Shā Wùjìng - The Water Demon

Adding 7 new clans with over 10 new Disciplines that use completely new mechanics previously deemed impossible, such as shapeshifting into monstrous forms, summoning deadly creatures to aid you and manipulate your surrounding in ways that change the very dynamic of the game. Antitribu also offers new main quests, maps, and over 100 new characters which vary from humans, vampires, zombies, to more uniquely formed monster bosses with new abilities and mechanics that change the way combat is experienced.

VTMB Unofficial Patch

By Wesp5

Chateau Hotel

Today we leave off with the "Definitive Edition" patch to end all patches - the Unofficial Patch, in development for practically the entirety of VTMB's life-span by the ever hard-working, ever incredible Wesp5. It's not an exaggeration to say this mod is mandatory for any decent playthrough of VTMB, and it restores quite a bit of cut content to the game as well beyond just tightening up the edges. Many mods are built upon Unofficial Patch to some capacity, and if there's one mod that can be traced as the reason for VTMB's continued existence, it would be this one.

Dead of Night

VTMB released on November 16th, 2004, a somewhat fateful day that gave Troika's developers a little more room to work with thanks to contractual obligations from utilising the still-nascent Source Engine. Competing with perhaps one of the most anticipated sequels of all time with a game that was technically riddled with holes, VTMB was panned commercially and, for a little while, critically too. In the time since, though, the Unofficial Patch and numerous other community creations have made it a title not only worth playing once, but over and over again. Now regarded as one of the tightest and most intriguing RPGs of all time, it has sucked in fans of RPGs and gothic horror alike, experiencing nothing less than a miracle revival that has allowed VTMB to survive well after its inception.

Vampire Bloodlines

VTMB released very buggy on launch, but fan efforts since have made it an RPG for the ages

Blood Money

A sequel still hangs about nebulously as a possibility, though the road to release for VTMB 2 remains a little rocky. Nonetheless, modders have kept picking up the baton with new mods and ways to experience not only the base game's story, but brand new stories, too. On that front, at least, VTMB has one other thing in common with the sister game of its release date - modders are building all the expansions we could ever want.

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