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Hey everyone! I’m David from DBolical and welcome back to ModDB’s countdowns with the Top 5 Mods Dripping With Atmosphere! Immersion is essential in games and the best mods achieve immersion comparable to the base game. Now, prepare yourself for a rundown of mods that’ll make you think, feel, and fear!

Dear Esther takes you on a pleasant walk on a foreboding island, with the mythos of the island - the experiences of those on it, and of the protagonist - narrated by a calm, thoughtful voice actor. It’s a far cry from the action-oriented gameplay of Half-Life 2’s regular Source Engine fare - but for those who prefer a quieter, introspective play session, it’ll be just what you want. No especially flashy visuals; no bombastic action; just you, an island, and a narrator, learning to make sense of the ideas put to speech.

Cry of Fear is a game whose quieter moments are characterised by equal parts relief and dread of what comes next. Epilogue, an unofficial continuation, picks up where the game leaves off, only with an insane psychopath behind the facade dragging the torture out for longer. You’ll never be quite comfortable, knowing he’s always got his eye on you, and Cry of Fear’s signature enemy design will keep you on your toes in the dark and in the light.

Before Amnesia, there was Penumbra, for those who preferred cat-and-mouse to fighting your fears. Now, we’ve come full circle, with Necrologue - a total conversion for Amnesia that sees you once again exploring those grim halls and watching for signs of hostile activity. Resources are scarce, your only ally is a mocking voice in your head, and in an unforgiving facility of mistakes and regret, you’ll find little solace to be had. There’ll be plenty of time for introspection, and atmosphere, to grip your thoughts.

Just screenshot

In Estranged, a mystery is afoot - an island lies in the curfew of a malicious corporation, or perhaps one that simply flew too close to the sun, as a contagion spreads throughout the people there. Zombies tougher, faster, and more fearsome than Half-Life 2’s appear at times in sparse numbers and at others in overwhelming quantities, with never quite enough ammo to justify killing them all. Meanwhile, the Source Engine is used to its fullest - and then some - to create an environment just as interesting as the quandaries to solve.

Remember - that’s all you have to do, or so say the visions stalking you in White Night. It’s another Amnesia total conversion that pulls no punches as the conventional fear induced by abandoned asylums mixes with surreal otherworldly horror. Plenty of memorable sequences rear their head and meanwhile you’re just the right amount of helpless, with neither an overuse nor underuse of threatening moments. There will be times you can reflect on the themes the mod puts forwards - and times you’re better off looking forwards yourself. Whatever the case, this is one mod you won’t forget any time soon.

Denver State Hospital Entrance


And that’s all for now! If you enjoyed this countdown, be sure to comment down below what other mods you lose yourself in all too easily.

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I've played Dear Esther and Estranged, and both are really fantastic in terms of presentation and atmosphere. 😺

However, I've unfortunately never gotten around to playing either of these 2 Amnesia mods mentioned here, Amnesia is one of those several horror games I (shamefully) was too scared to finish. 😿

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Kralich/David Author

Oh, both of these mods are certainly unsettling - but I liked 'em both, and I've particularly enjoyed my time with White Night. It's not overbearingly dread-inducing, with just the right amount of "I'm not sure if I'm safe here" going on

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Played Estranged before, really cool.

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White Night is so cool, i even got the soundtrack that comes with it.

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