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The biggest mod stories for the week of February 23, 2018.

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For this recurring segment, we will be highlighting the five biggest stories on ModDB for the prior week. Whether it's new mod announcements, major mod releases, or important stories that affect the mod scene as a whole, you'll find them rounded up here each week.

The Week of February 23, 2018

The Endless Space 2 #EndlessMods Modding Contest has come to a close! Modders were tasked with creating a mod for Amplitude Studios’ 4X strategy game Endless Space 2 – and those mods went in the running to win some awesome prizes from Amplitude, Sega, and NVIDIA.

Blizzard made a surprise announcement earlier today with the news that a new patch for Warcraft III is available. Currently existing on the reactivated Warcraft III public test realm, the 1.29 patch brings a few modernisations to the base game such as widescreen support, multiplayer matchmaking improvements, and more. But the real interesting part of the patch for modders is what’s coming to Warcraft III’s Editor.

We spoke to TrenchBroom 2’s creator, Kristian Duske, about their motivations for creating the tool, and what it offers over other level editors for these classic shooters.

Tiberium Secrets is a total overhaul mod set in a parallel universe that introduces three new factions that can stand in conjunction and potentially independent from the Command and Conquer Tiberium universe.

“When we were looking at making the Windows Edition of the game, and what PC gamers want, we really did see that there’s a large portion of the PC gaming community who really enjoy using mods and the freedom that they bring to gameplay. So we felt it was pretty much essential to give these people the mod support and the kind of freedom they wanted to see in that."

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Final Fantasy XV to Epistle 3 total conversion when

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Wow, an update on old good modified C++ Warcraft 3 editor, after all these years? "Always"

March is on the march and this time finally properly fixed build mechanic TiSe 1.2 with it :D

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Just FYI, Tiberium Secrets is a laughing stock in the C&C modding community.

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