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Steam has a sale on to get a few last-minute deals in before the inevitable Christmas season discounts, so here's some top picks and a mod for each!

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Steam has kicked off their autumn sale, one of the last chances of the year (and before Christmas) to pick up some solid deals for your library. Tis the season to play mods, too, so here's our picks for five moddable games on sale and a mod for each!

Game: Far Cry: £2.57 GBP/$2.99 USD

Mod: First Contact: PlanetFall

By Shark in a Cube

lamp forest

First Contact: Planetfall is a First Person Sci-Fi action adventure game dropping players into a fully realised alien world teeming with strange creatures and threatening alien enemies. Players must survive in this hostile alien environment while discovering a secret plot, buried beneath the surface of the planet that could spell the end of the human race.

Romae ad Bellum - a Total Conversion Mod for Age of Empires 2 DE. Set in Early to Late Antiquity 500BC - 500AD. Explore beautifully designed civilizationss including Romans, Carthaginians, Iberians, Athenians, Spartans, Phoenicians, Macedonians, Parthians, Persians, Egyptians, Numidians, Gauls, Britons, Germani, Goths, Huns, and more to come.

Game: Medieval II: Total War: £4.99 GBP/$6.24 USD

Mod: The Long Road

By Kennel

New Units

The Long Road is your ultimate experience in Medieval 2 Total War. Biggest map possible, 299 regions (including Arabia fully present), incredible long campaigns (900 turns), new factions, new units, and all new diplomacy. Also included new Traits and Ancillaries, Lord, Duke, and Emir Titles with Coats of Arms for all Provinces and new Historical Events with graphics! Especially developed AI for more dynamic battles and campaign movements.

KOTOR and its sequel touch upon very different environments as you progress throughout their respective stories, with different characters, gear, and quests. KOTOR II, however, benefits from having received an official re-release in recent years that fixed many issues and added better mod support. Thus, this project aims to port the original game into the sequel engine, including all the missing planets, and establish itself as a basis for other classic KOTOR mods to make it into the newer engine. Whilst still in progress, it’s a great way to check out the older game as the port is almost bug-free and fully smoothed out!

Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition: £8.74 GBP/$9.99 USD

Mod: Oakwood

By Arthmoor

Screaming Goblin Inn 5

Falkreath Hold has always seemed like a reasonably large place, but having only the Hearthfire home, a house taken over by bandits, and the burned out remains of Helgen hardly does it justice. Oakwood fleshes this out somewhat by placing a fishing and mining village on the shores of Lake Illinalta, just west of Lakeview Manor. This town once existed in TES:Arena but has not been mentioned since so there's nothing saying it wouldn't still be here. When combined with building the Hearthfire home at Lakeview Manor, it feels more like a larger town with a manor house at the head.

There's our picks for five games from Steam's autumn sale, which runs until November 29th (so you've still got more than enough time to grab our suggestions). What games on the sale caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

NiiRubra - - 472 comments

Oooh, this is an interesting selection, didn't know about First Contact, it seems like something I'd like to check out.

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Kralich/David Author
Kralich/David - - 832 comments

I'm glad to inform about interesting mods to try!

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Thor110 - - 69 comments

Thanks for the mention, while I haven't been able to work on the project in quite some time, I hope to get back to it soon enough and hopefully even finish it eventually!

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