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Welcome to the return of our feature modding spotlight! Join us as we discuss major new releases and chat with developers about their projects.

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Today the second mod cast will air, keeping you up to date on the latest mod news and releases! This week we are joined by a developer or two from No More Room In Hell!

We'll be chatting with the No More Room In Hell developers during the show and playing the game afterwards as well!

Part 1 - News and new releases

Part 2 - No More Room In Hell developer interview

Part 3 - No More Room In Hell play session

Come kick back and join the community as we delve into the wonderful world of mods!
If you miss the stream worry not, the cast will also be published over at our youtube channel so be sure to subscribe and enjoy it later.


- FakeFactory 2013
- Mafia Sweet Winter
- Double Action Boogaloo steam release
- Mount & Blade : Warband - New Dawn
- Mass Effect : Unification
- Warcraft 3 : Ancient Empires
- Arma 3 : Breaking Point
- Penumbra : Necrologue


- Quake 3 Arena : Knockout
- Fall Of Saigon
- Master Sword Continued Pre-Patch map
- Thief 2 + Expansion HD Texture pack
- Shadowlands
- Real Mod for FC2
- GMFX 6.3 for Deus Ex
- Awakening 6.9 for Diablo 2
- Tron 2.0 : Killer App mod
- Arma 3 : Get Wrecked
- Tactical Ops 3.1 for Insurgency
- Age Of Empires 3 : Napoleonic Era
- Supreme Battlefeel 3.5.1 for Supreme Commander
- Map Jam 3 for Quake

The Mod Cast is not possible without the help from our friends at custom gamer, mod informer, and eat at medve's they all cover content featuring custom maps and mods, you should check them out.


Hey, one of the members on the Killer App Mod team here. First off, I just want to thank you guys for featuring the mod on the ModCast. Appreciate it!

But I have to correct something, that Deadrawkstar mentioned. He said the mod isn't compatible with multiplayer. That's not true. What the news page says is that the latest version of the mod isn't compatible with the previous version for multiplayer.

In fact, the latest version of the mod has had to restore multiplayer and make it work again; since the shutdown of GameSpy completely broke multiplayer for everyone in Tron 2.0. With v1.1a of the mod installed, people can use the in-game functions to find and join online multiplayer matches again.

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deadrawkstar Author

Thanks for the clarification.

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