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The problem with multiplayer mods is the lack of players; the solution is to play them. That's where the Modding Social Club (MSC) at ModDB comes in. Want to get social? Pop into our bi-weekly event-- just join a server of our target game with people in it.

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Modcast November Recap

Feature 2 comments

Today the second mod cast will air, keeping you up to date on the latest mod news and releases! This week we are joined by a developer or two from No More Room In Hell!

We'll be chatting with the No More Room In Hell developers during the show and playing the game afterwards as well!

Part 1 - News and new releases

Part 2 - No More Room In Hell developer interview

Part 3 - No More Room In Hell play session

Come kick back and join the community as we delve into the wonderful world of mods!
If you miss the stream worry not, the cast will also be published over at our youtube channel so be sure to subscribe and enjoy it later.


- FakeFactory 2013
- Mafia Sweet Winter
- Double Action Boogaloo steam release
- Mount & Blade : Warband - New Dawn
- Mass Effect : Unification
- Warcraft 3 : Ancient Empires
- Arma 3 : Breaking Point
- Penumbra : Necrologue


- Quake 3 Arena : Knockout
- Fall Of Saigon
- Master Sword Continued Pre-Patch map
- Thief 2 + Expansion HD Texture pack
- Shadowlands
- Real Mod for FC2
- GMFX 6.3 for Deus Ex
- Awakening 6.9 for Diablo 2
- Tron 2.0 : Killer App mod
- Arma 3 : Get Wrecked
- Tactical Ops 3.1 for Insurgency
- Age Of Empires 3 : Napoleonic Era
- Supreme Battlefeel 3.5.1 for Supreme Commander
- Map Jam 3 for Quake

The Mod Cast is not possible without the help from our friends at custom gamer, mod informer, and eat at medve's they all cover content featuring custom maps and mods, you should check them out.
Hey there, Friends!

I guess I’m chiming in to say, I still haven’t given up on Modinformer, and it’s more of a time issue than anything. Modinformer is still under my name, and I do not plan to give it up or give up on it. I still have projects i have plans for and stuff i’d like to eventually incorporate into Modinformer.

To give light onto my personal life, I recently moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend of 2 years, this new apartment features 2 bedrooms for us to put our STUFF into. I have claimed the bedroom i’m typing this in for myself, and my games, which gives me a nice opportunity to focus. I believe some people would call this type of room a “Study” .

I’ve watched alot of videos online, mainly Classic Game Room which inspired me to start reviewing mods in the first place, and when I watch these reviews it triggers the same feeling inside of me to start reviewing again, and start coming out with more content for everyone to enjoy. The most challenging thing for me is what should I review?

I believe, reviewing older mods is almost just as important as new mods, because as time progresses, all the those great mods on Doom, Quake, Half Life and other games get forgotten as newer computer gamers come into the picture.

So at the end of the day, I had conflicting views, as I wanted to run and get this great site off the ground something inside me told me to review all of the new mods that were coming out and getting alot of attention on other sites like the beloved ModDB, at the same time, I wanted to review some of the older mods i know and grew up loving, but at the same time I felt that wasn’t what “the people” wanted.

To sum it all up, to get to the point, and to put a lid on it.

I’m going to review what I want, when i want, New, and Old.

Weather the people want it or not.

I’m looking forward to doing my next review/video and i hope you are too.

Your friend, Shawn aka Deadrawkstar.


Fall Of Nations Needs Your Help

Greetings Guys and Girls From Madiba127 Studios,
This is a Simple New Post requesting new team members, Do you think you have what it takes
Look below for positions we have open

3D Modeler and Animator:
Animator Requires 3DS Max
Can you model buildings, tanks and infantry and more, then we have a spot for you
Madiba127 Studios is looking for Modelers for Fall of Nations
Apply Via Private Messaging Madiba127

Graphic Artist:
Madiba127 Studios is looking for graphic artists for Fall of Nations, you will be tasked with
making the unit icons and more,
We will require a sample of your work
Apply Via Private Messaging Madiba127

Concept Artist:
Can You draw or model, then we are looking for more concept artists to join our team, we have
a list but no drawings to go with them, think you can help
Apply Via Private Messaging Madiba127

Fall Of Nations also Uses Skype to Chat between members, its not required but its
useful to chat with the team and give direct info to the team

Don't Forget We have our own Website, get more news and images before they get
added to ModDB, we don't add them all to ModDB
You can Post comments via facebook and like the items

Thanks, Madiba127 and the Fall Of Nations Team

FoN Update #6

News 7 comments
Fall Of Nations First Update For 2012

Greetings Guys and Girls From Madiba127 Studios, and welcome to the first update for fall of nations in 2012, hope this year goes well for you all

Madiba127 Studios has been working on the plan for the storyline of the mod, some of you may have already seen part of that on our special update, for those who have not then check it out on our forum, and post your suggestions, ideas and the like on there as well

part of the progress made on Fall Of nations is some redesigning of some buildings like the PF Power-plant and Gauss Cannon

So here is the first showcase of the new Gauss Cannon, Please not nothing is textured or scaled
PF: Gauss Cannon Redesign

Also Here is something else we have been talking about:
Madiba127 Studios Plans on getting our own Domain Name, we have been meaning on doing this for some time, this will allow for us to give you a wiki on FoN Units, the storyline etc
But We would like your Help To Do so, by helping donate.

But here is the thing if you donate you will get access to a special unit (this is possible via a private version for you) and access to our Closed Beta testing for each side and early access to the full Closed Beta
This might be sometime till this but we keep track of all donations and your name (user or real) and e-mail will be recorded do not worry we will not give any of your details away

To Donate go to
this website will also give you an incite to our team and what they do

Thanks For Reading and Stay tuned for more updates
Before we go here is the newest track from one of our composers

Zero Hour - Mod DB

Thanks, Madiba127 and the Fall Of Nations Team