An ancient historical RTS for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. The first beta is released featuring 5 civilizations: Romans, Carthaginians, Athenians, Spartans and Macedonians. There are 3 more to come: Persians, Celts and Scythians. I am looking for people to contribute (or form a team) with mostly minor modeling/skinning tweaks (major are welcome as well) but anything from triggering/terraining better than mine to suggestions or playtesting is welcome.

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The map is at a playable state with a working AI on all difficulties, including 5 Civs: Athenians, Carthaginians, Macedonians (with 3 successor sub-factions), Romans and Spartans.

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The map is at a playable state with a working AI on all difficulties, including 5 Civs: Athenians, Carthaginians, Macedonians (with 3 successor sub-factions), Romans and Spartans.

First Beta Release

To install simply un-zip and put the map file in your WC3 maps folder or any sub-folder of your choice.
If someone wants to play (I'm on EU battlenet) pm and I will If I'm around.

- 8 playable civs, 5 are ready (Romans, Spartans, Athenians, Carthaginians
and Macedonians) and 3 more to come (Persians, Celts, Scythians).
- AI for all playable civs.
- Increased focus on economy and overall room for more playstyles, with turtling,
rushing, expansion, booming etc all being viable options.
- New armor system similar to the one in Age of Empires II.
- (Mostly) Soft counters representing realistic unit functions and strengths/weaknesses.
- Units ranking up by killing enemies.
- A huge range of technologies, both shared and civ-specific.
- Naval Combat serving the purpose of capturing fishing regions, which reduce
the need for housing and can keep increasing the food cap after the farm
limit is reached.
- Randomized neutral buildings and creeps adding more variety to each match.
- Capturable animals serving as an easy but fragile food boost or allowing the
construction of stables without imports at the market.
- Many game modes.

Civ Attributes:
Sword Infantry get +1 damage and +10 hit points. Main upgrades give bonuses to Infantry, structures and mechanical units.

Spearmen get +3 damage/+30 Hit Points and get limited to 1 per Farm.
Main upgrades give bonuses to infantry, slaves and skirmishers.

Workers get +1 gold capacity but starting gold is reduced by 50.
Workers, Militia and buildings get +15% hit points. Each
Athenian-specific Academy tech and each Phase researched grants one or
two free Philosophers units. Main upgrades give bonuses to ranged units,
navy and structures.

Town Centers, Fortresses, Docks and Towers +50% hit points. All units and ships +150
line of sight. Main upgrades give bonuses to mercenaries, economy,
structures and navy.

Stable units and Skirmishers get +1 damage and +10% movement speed. 3 Successor faction
options with various bonuses each are unlocked for the Imperial Phase.

Known Issues:
Starting Phase - Post Imperial doesn't work for AI players
Some tooltips need improvement
A few hotkeys might not be working
Some Icons need changes or passive versions

To avoid a bug with no solutions found even by experienced triggerers who
checked the map, player count is reduced to 4 and map size is reduced as
well. The lag/crash issue seems to have disappeared since that change.
Map layout is changed as well and many of the game modes are


Reminds me of Empire Earth.

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ProdigalSon Author

The visuals? Tree and ground textures are from 0 A.D. (awesome freeware RTS), converted to WC3 format by fingolfin. Btw I'm currently working on a 0 AD version of Ancient Empires.

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