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The free Bloody Summer event is live for Dying Light 2, so here's five mods across Techland's franchises!

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Dying Light 2, the newest zombie survival game from Techland, has just launched its Bloody Summer event, featuring new rewards and some souped-up gore. If you're interested in checking out more from Techland's catalogue, here's five mods for previous franchises of theirs!

I Am Legion - The Pursuit

By jlhaskins2008


Remember when we were all counting down the days until Dying Light came out, watching zombies run up walls, jump from buildings after you, feeling creeped out by the dark night concept? This mod adds a harsher AI to be reckoned with (human and zombies), environmental changes (weather and time scale), Inventory/trader overhaul, Realistic sound script manipulation, Player appearance (all skins unlocked), and a ton of new features across Harran. This is a complete overhaul to Dying Light.


By Rowansachi


This is a comprehensive gameplay overhaul for Dead Island. It replaces the loot treadmill, Left4Borderlands design of the vanilla game with a more realistic and tense survival experience similar to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The goal wasn't necessarily to make the game harder, just more plausible, immersive, and consistent. If you plan ahead, conserve your supplies, and proceed carefully, this mod is actually easier than vanilla DI. If you are reckless, wasteful, and stupid... well, there's a reason it's called an apocalypse.



Stronger modified harpoon

This mod increases the difficulty and options available to the player. It increases the re-playability of the game as well as the challenge level considerably. Characters are more versatile, with a greatly expanded skill tree which enables all characters to eventually become proficient with all weapon types, while retaining the unique expertise with their preferred weapon type.

Call of Juarez Mod

By Oblivion*

New textures for Multiplayer gaming !

This mod by the Call of Juarez Team includes bug fixes, new main menu, new music, new player textures, new weapons and more. A western film-inspired game, Call of Juarez found its own group of fans that enjoyed the unique atmosphere and portrayal of the wild west in a time before Red Dead Redemption became the de-facto franchise for representing this era. This mod rewards those fans further, providing a great new way to revisit the game.

The Cartel Overhaul Mod

By ZachFett


Call of Juarez: The Cartel was monumentally worse received than its predecessor, more or less spelling an end for this franchise in general. This is a fate that has befell many a poorly-received sequel, but mods are always there to patch things up, as with this mod bettering many of the flaws of the game, fixing a laundry list of issues, enhancing the game, and making this game worth a second look after all.

Light Fading

Dying Light 2 is the second entry in the Dying Light franchise, putting players in a post-zombie-apocalypse with an emphasis on survival. Where some zombie games turn action up to eleven in a gorefest of slaying fun, Dying Light's gameplay loop is more sinister, with zombies that are difficult to fight in groups at the best of times. It really goes to hell at night, though, when stronger zombies come out to play and even the basic variants go up a level in difficulty. Dying Light 2 continued and built upon these systems, and now has received a free event for players called the Bloody Summer, where gore is more abundant and players have the option to earn a few extra rewards to better their survivalist outcomes.

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Dying Light 2 sees you trying to survive in an environment overrun by dangerous zombies

Lurking Darkness

Dying Light 2 is still just about on sale from the Steam Summer Sale event, going 33% off for £36.66 GBP/$39.99 USD. With the Bloody Summer event out now, it has been stated "this is only the beginning of Techland's summer activities for Dying Light 2 Stay Human", boding well for fans of the game this summer.


Thank you, Techland!

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Late reply, but thank you for mentioning my mod!

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