Skyline Game Engine is currently in development of the Second Generation for the engine called Gen2 which is in private alpha. However we are in the greenlight process and would love the support of the community:

Skyline Game Engine - Gen2 - Steam Greenlight

Gen2 description to be added soon....

The rest of the text is for Gen1 skyline :)

Fun for Hobbyists, indies & pros. We are focused on making a game engine that's easy to make games not cinematic or interactive movies!

Get up and running in skyline in a few days without the need of documentation! It really is that easy to get started.

We are released, but we are still in BETA


Q) Where can i get the Skyline Game Engine?

Skyline is a full commercial game engine that is made to be a complete all in one development solution. We also offer a free version for anyone to try and use for non-commercial use. The free version of our game engine is as feature rich as possible, boasting full global illumination through image based lighting and end game export.

Please support the development of our game engine by purchasing your copy for £40 : Buy Now!
Or download your free version here: Download Now

Q) Is there any way of staying up to date with development?

Join in and keep up to date with development by reading our blog: Skyline Development Blog

Q) What is Skyline?

Skyline is a full WYSIWYG editor, that has been designed to make games in the easiest way possible. We use actions and modules to control any entity in the scene without scripting or coding, but we also offer full LUA programming as a scripting language for those that really want to take control of the engines power and display it all in Glorious 4K Resolution.
Skyline Game Engine
We currently have a Visual Game Mechanics editor that will allow anyone to make a full 3D game without touching a single script and also have a full c++ SDK planned for the future.

Skyline is an affordable game engine for only £40, and £20 yearly updates for auto updates.
Once purchased, that version is yours to keep.
But once you have purchased, you can make and sell as many games as you want, earn as much as you want, with no extra costs, no royalties and no hidden service charges.

We are constantly evolving the engine to be bigger and better whilst focusing on the users needs. If you purchase skyline and need a feature, simply ask the developers and they will try and get the feature in for the next release if possible.

Why don't you start making games today with a modern platform that will accelerate your development saving you time and money.

Features List:
Here are some features:

  • Actions - c++ coded actions can be added to any sceneEntity
  • Scripting and Script Editor
  • Presets (Saveable scene entities with actions or scripts attached)
  • Wide variety of mesh import types (FBX, dae, .x, .lwo and many more)
  • Rapid Development (reload assets without closing down)
  • Lighting (Full global illumination through Image based Lighting)
  • Animation
  • Terrain Editor
  • Material & Shaders (Full Industry standard shaders .cg, .hlsl, .glsl)
  • Animation and Blending
  • Post Processing
  • Audio (WAV and OGG)
  • Full Terrain toolset (as good as any terrain software)
  • Vegetation
  • Road Systems
  • Path Editor
  • Navmesh (Powered by Recast and Detour)
  • GUI Editor
  • Skybox Editor
  • Height Fog
  • Ocean
  • Dynamic Sky
  • Easy workflow
  • Low learning curve
  • Great Tech Support
  • Cheap and affordable engine for all user, with simple and price effective updates
  • Auto updating

See more features on the main website: Skyline Features

Major features planned in:

  • Android Export
  • iOS Export
  • Lightmapping

Why don't you join in our forums where we discuss the use of skyline, talk about game development and showcase development projects made on skyline: Link to Forums It's all free to join in!

System Requirements:
Recommended Hardware Specs: (60fps on most scenes)
OS: Windows Vista, 7 and 8 (XP can be done on request, but we are depreciating it unless lots of users request it.)
CPU: Intel i3 1.8ghz dual core
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 460, ATI cards of similar calabre.
RAM: 4Gb DDR3 Ram - 8Gb DDR3 Ram (for 64 bit architecture (coming soon.))
Harddrive: 1.5GB free space (install), recommended 20GB free space ( for scenes, meshes, textures )
Audio: Stereo Speakers
Hardware: Joypad (Xbox Controller). Oh and a keyboard and mouse is useful as well lol.

Minimum Hardware Specs: (~60fps)
OS: Windows Vista, 7 and 8 (XP can be done on request, but we are depreciating it unless lots of users request it.)
CPU: Dual Core 2.0ghz Intel
Graphics: Nvidia 9800 gt (512mb video memory minimum)
RAM: 2Gb DDR2 Ram
Harddrive: 1.5GB free space (install), recommended 20GB free space ( for scenes, meshes, textures )
Audio: Stereo Speakers
Hardware: Joypad (Xbox Controller). Oh and a keyboard and mouse is useful as well lol.

Ultimately for a flawless and best experience, a powerful PC is required like most modern games

Please leave us feedback if you download the free version. This helps us know if we are reaching all you users :)

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Skyline Game Engine is now on Steam Greenlight and we need the communities help in order to get skyline greenlit.

Please click the image below:

Steam Greenlight Thumbs Up

or use this link: Vote for Skyline Game Engine on Steam Greenlight

We have developed skyline for 6+ years now and it is starting to produce some truly great results, especially with the new Gen2 renderer which has been upgraded to use OpenGL and DX11.

There are still many tasks left to do in order to complete the engine but we are at a point where we are ready to start promotion and getting onto the Steam PC Distribution platform.

Check out some of the new Product videos:

Gen2 has many improved features over Gen1 which many of you may have seen before, these are:

  • Up to 16x performance
  • High Quality Lighting
  • Better shadows using PSSM and up to 6 shadow casting lights.
  • PBR - Physically Based Rendering
  • Modern PostFX including HDR with built in Glow and HBAO
  • New Game Object system which allows levels and games to be created very quickly in a few clicks
  • Visual GUI Editor instead of having to script the GUI in HTML, CSS
  • Many built in mechanics such as weapon pickups, Doors that can be locked and opened with keys or access panels, get in and out of vehicles, and many more, some are still to be made.
  • New Asset packs such as Trees and Rocks
  • Enhanced Visual Module Editing
  • Dynamic Properties that allow a single script to be shared but used across many entities with different properties to alter what the script can do.
  • Fast TOD(Time Of Day) system
  • and many many more features

Recent Changes

Recently, the terrain has just been upgraded for Gen2, so check out some screenshots.

SkylineScreenShot02152017 210811

SkylineScreenShot03192017 204633

SkylineScreenShot03192017 202635

What else has been made:

And too top it all off, here are a few more development screenshots that have been taken during the process of creating Gen2:

SkylineScreenShot03082017 212354

SkylineScreenShot10192016 150549

SkylineScreenShot01052017 210308

Skyline Blog Site

Skyline Blog Site


This time we have some short but news for those who like to read up on software development. We have now started a new development blog for skyline that...

Skyline Game Engine V0.9.2 Released - Let there be light!

Skyline Game Engine V0.9.2 Released - Let there be light!


We have released another version of skyline with new fixes and some pretty cool new features such as navmesh, bouyancy, multi light terrain shader.

Skyline Game Engine V0-9-1 Released

Skyline Game Engine V0-9-1 Released


We have released a new version of the Skyline Game Engine V0-9-1 featuring many bug fixes and new features.

Skyline appeared in Indie Game Magazine news

Skyline appeared in Indie Game Magazine news


Skyline was featured on Indie Game Magazine news page.

Add game Games
Xmas Runner

Xmas Runner


A game filled with Christmas joy as you collect presents and coins with Santa in his sleigh. Developed with the skyline game engine and the game is free...

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TheKohedlo - - 296 comments

Excellent and unical in his class the engine. Whorry a recommendations.

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Avarus_Lux - - 90 comments

hello developers,

sorry for the long post ahead, but i am thinking of creating my own game with 3d models i have made and ideas i have gathered over time...
however i only want to invest and dedicate myself to a single engine without the requirements of having many addons or 3d party programs for a lot of features, i am using blender, photoshop CS6 and fruity loops as tools of choice for my models, textures and sounds... so im searching for a development and engine kit that works with these well, especially blender. my eyes fell upon this engine as it seems to be a nice allrounder that fits my demands i hope.
following up are a few questions regarding this engine;

-1-how does this engine compare and hold up to the ever popular "unity 5" and "unreal engine 4.7" or even "frostbite 3", "CryEngine 3", "Source 2" or the "blender Game Engine"?

-2-on average is it easier, harder, middle ground? general pro's & con's, beside the engine is new? i cant seem to find a proper FAQ on the page (i could be blind on my end though).

-3-physics? for example animated tank threads, capes, hair, arrows, rocks, etc... and vehicle/character--ground interaction and collisions, same for water physics.

-4-how well does it work together with "blender" 3d, importing created models, (cycles)materials, rigging/bones and animations?

-5-it is able to handle large worlds with lots and lots of objects per site descriptions, but in what way? does it utilize seamless transition via Line of Sight & LOD systems when moving through different areas, does it load in chunks or do i need to implement travel like they have done in the STALKER game series, or would i need a combination.

-6-you have .wav and .ogg support, is .mp3 and .flac support also (going to be) supported?

-7-currently you use dx9 and 32bit, any estimate on dx11 and the 64bit versions?

-8-the visual scripting, how far is this along, i can and want to learn coding, but where i don't have to, i'd rather not use manual coding.

Purchase Skyline! £40
Buy Skyline and get a commercial license to make and sell unlimited games. No restrictions! No Royalties

-9-this sounds a bit to good to be true, 40 pounds and the at that time available engine version is fully usable and mine to abuse? and i will be able to sell any product i make from it no problem?
and upgrading the engine to any newer version is just 20,-.
it sounds great :)

-10-also how are you going to manage and maintain compatibility between versions, will there be huge steps forward per version and therefore lots of updating to do and incompatibility issues to be fixed, or will you generally require little effort per updates as long as you go from version to version (automatic conversion in some areas)?

-11-when i export a games assets and executable, are the exported files in a special format that only this editor can read? and possibly protected by a key or something similar (to prevent piracy)

i think this is what i want to know in some detail for the moment, i really just want to make the right choice ;).
i thank you for your time :D.

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SolarPortal Creator
SolarPortal - - 24 comments

Hello Thank you for the Comments and i will try to respond with the best information we can provide.

Skyline is in Beta and this means that not all features are in place or there may be bugs and crashes that may occur when working. With saying this though, i believe skyline has a lot of talent and a great possible future. Anyway onto the questions:

1) This is a strange one to answer considering all the engines are different in what they do and who they are provided to. But we would say that we work very well depending on what you are doing. Skyline offers pro features but is aimed at the hobbyist or indie market and designed without a steep learning curve.

2) Skyline is being developed to be as simple as possible in use but with a powerful result and also we wish the engine to be accessible by the artists. When designing features, we wish things to be done within a few mouse clicks or button presses. We attempt to automate what we can to save you time. We also have a cool asset manager and resource system. No need to have duplicate assets per game as one library can be shared across all games.

Check out this Slant page for pros and cons endorsed by users:

3) There is a near complete physics library which supports everything you mentioned apart from hair and cloth. We have already made things like planes, vehicles, boats, characters, triggerboxs, full collisions each way and also have sensor sweeps all which are accessible to AI if programmed. We also have a ragdoll feature in dev but it requires a few tweaks before releasing it.

4) Skyline can import almost any art format. We mainly use FBX for our main model import routine and it is generally quite accurate with results. We have full support of rigging and animations with Bipeds and IK rigs.

Skyline's asset manager is capable of handling mesh conversion and import all for you. Our materials are single files and can be shared across many meshes. We also support multi materials on meshes and can assign any material to any mesh with ability to overwrite the base mesh data. Full freedom is what we aim for. When you prepare assets for skyline, materials are generated automatically with high quality shaders and apply the normal and specular maps if found in the same location.

5) Skyline is designed to be genre agnostic, but this includes full open world gameplay. We can handle large terrains up to 16km without paging lol :P We have also been planning on upgrading this area and are going to be implementing a paging solution for the terrain and assets for even bigger or unlimited worlds.

For the vegetation, we currently support static batching with transitional impostors for large forest rendering. However, we are redesigning the entire vegetation system as it does have the odd issue to be honest, but our new system will rival all others :) For the grass we use billboards and they have many features including wind.

As for the performance of openworld, currently is is just frustum and LOD stages, but we do have plans for adding dynamic lodding and full occlusion culling. Plus there is lots more to add that we have planned.

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SolarPortal Creator
SolarPortal - - 24 comments

6) For audio, we support .ogg and .wav, we prefer to use the .ogg though as it has good compression and keeps quality. Sadly we cannot use .mp3 due to licensing problems and if supported by users, then we can look into adding .flac

7) Yes, we do use DX9, but it is still pushing some good quality visuals and gives great backwards compatibility. Saying this though does not mean we are not developing DX11, it will take a bit more time though. A very cool thing that we can tell you today is that skyline is now 64bit enabled as of today as i just got the compilation working for it :D :D :D

8) Visual scripting (what we call visual mechanics editor) will be available in the next release of skyline, just a few extra bits are being sorted atm. The modules (code blocks) that you or anyone else needs can be added when requested and released in a automatic patch update.

9) hehe, yes this is the true price of the engine. We aim for affordable licensing to everyone. You only pay another £20 after your updates run out. The £20 provides you with another year of updates.
Your first year of updates only starts when we exit BETA, so all updates are free atm.

There are no extra costs or charges that we incur, but we do have the odd library integrated that does need payed for if you exceed their license restrictions. However, we will always try to offer a seperate non limited source library beside it to not add any more pain lol :P

10) Wherever possible we have placed an automatic upgrade system to make your life easier when developing.
<li> Scene Files: When opening a scene on a new version of skyline, it will auto upgrade everything to match the new version. A Backup file is saved in the same place in case of errors.
<li> Preset Files: Like the scene files, these will upgrade when dragged into the scene or managed from the asset manager.
<li> Skyline Installation: To make the process of upgrading painless, we have an auto update system which offers you the update and when proceeding, will download and patch your current installation. When done, skyline will reboot and you can keep on working. Patch updates can be between 15mb > 300mb+

11) We use a propriety archive format(*.pak) designed only to work inside skylines end game or editor. These files are as secure as any other game or engines assets.
There is second archive(*.ark) that is used only for in editor use and wont load into a compiled game, this is useful for selling assets that you do not wish to provide raw files with or simply for sample assets.
Games are exported easily using our wizard system, it is capable of setting loading screens and choosing levels to export the game and choosing which levels are the default. It offers multiple release versions including Stand alone games(Everything in one place) or Player based games, which is great for small games or sample levels as it keeps file size down. Other features include setting icon for exe's and future versions will even compile an installer of the game for you.

I hope this all makes sense to you and helps in your decision making process :D

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Avarus_Lux - - 90 comments

thank you for the long and clear answers,

-1- true, all engines are different, and what i get from this now, is that you aim for the lower end of the price market, but offer (some) higher end possibilities with this engine where applicable, especially when enough skill is applied by the user, with a acceptable learning curve.

-2- great link, thank you, a negative listed is no C++ SDK, i assume there is a reason for not having these code libraries included, is there no need for these with this engines setup? or is it a licensing issue of some sort and do i need to manually get this part separately?
my bet is that the visual scripting you mentioned comes looking around the corner here making the SDK unnecessary.

-3- thats great, however, i assume i can customize these and make additions or altrerations to the library where i might see fit, altering these completely to behave in a different way, or create a new physics asset altogether if needed atsome point in time.

-4- awesome, i assume this with blenders export behavior is a bit fiddling around to get working together in a nice workflow but, this sounds very promising.
do you have a list collected somewhere of accepted formats(any and all possible asset imports)?

-5- sounds good to me, as for unlimited... heard that before, thats pretty big ;), i hope you guys can pull this off.

-6-ok, fair enough, .mp3 is understandable, however .flac is in my experience quite common, but i agree, only add this if there is enough support for it from the user base, .ogg and .wav will do just fine for the most part.

-7-64bit works, thats great to hear, possible dx11 future, even better :).

-8-sounds promising, and something you will no doubt keep improving. :)

-9- amazing... and as i understood it was 20,- per (major) update per description imho, 20,- for a years worth is even better then i thought, makes it a whole lot more attractive.
imho you might want to make this part a bit more clear then it is right now :)

-10- as long as, i as a developer get notified of what changes where made where exactly in the game files/assets/etc after any update, via a log or notification system or something along those lines, then it sounds perfect to me, but i wouldn't want to make backtracking bugs manually by new update changess a regular thing, it will happen but i hope i will get notified on the majority of them :P.

-11-very well, thats basically what i wanted to hear :)

and you made good sense, as far as i am concerned right now i'll have a copy of the skyline engine up and running at the end of the month, or so when i have actually received my paycheck, maybe earlier maybe a bit later.

from what i can tell you offer a pretty decent engine that is still growing, offering tons of (coming) options with a great price tag and no extra hassling later on, especially money wise when you wish to start start selling or already have sold a bunch, an area where a lot of engines are quite shady imho.

i'd love to be part of a new community, especially since unity is used to death and UE4 and the other majors don't fare much better in this regard, and this is fresh and new and i'd like to try something fresh and new. :)

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SolarPortal Creator
SolarPortal - - 24 comments

2) Yes, this will be mostly true. We will have a c++ SDK at some point but it does not have the backing of the userbase as most of our users are hobbyists.

3) Well, we use physX as our main physics library and we are trying to add as many features as possible to save users the time on creating the parts everyone has to do everytime a game is made lol :P There are still a couple of parts to add in though.

4) Accepted formats that we use as our main ones are: .fbx, .dae, .x, .lwo, .obj, there are also many more as we have included the open source library Assimp and most of the formats work in one respect or another.

9) Thanks, i will go through the sites ammending the information for the updates to be more clear :)

10) We tend to release a changelog for every version, but not normally for the assets. Plus the scene files when upgraded generally don't need to show anything as it hasn't failed us yet lol :P But again, i can look at possibly building a system to notify you of the changes in your scene that were changed.

Thank you for the kind works, it really gives us motivation when other people show their great opinions of our engine. We look forward to you joining our community as we like to keep it friendly and creative.

til then :D

p.s. Here is some links:

main site:

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Avarus_Lux - - 90 comments

thank you, no problem :)

as for the physics, you create as much as is reasonable and that is absolutely great, but what i was wondering is if i can edit existing templates or create and make my own custom additions if i may need these, and possibly add these to my personal library (or upload them as asset if deemed usable enough for others).

also, payday came a bit earlier, will start running it sooner rather then later ;)

ps, do you guys have a logo/splash for skyline itself? i found the aurasoft logo, but does the skyline engine itself have something specific, if not, i will probably go with an actual custom skyline splash screen with the logos on it (kinda like this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SolarPortal Creator
SolarPortal - - 24 comments

Physics) Can you describe a little bit more with what sort of "edits to templates" or "creating your own" you mean as i am not entirely sure what you are after :)

Whatever you are after though, we can work it into the engine so you can use it if the task is doable and reasonable as we do listen to our users feature requests.

Thank you for your support ;)

SplashScreen) Yes, the end game has a basic splash screen for the compiled game, but you can change this if you want.
We are planning for more splashscreens that use the video technique instead of a GUI.

If there is anything you need, then please post to the forums or email support(at)aurasoft-skyline(dot)co(dot)uk and enjoy skyline.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Avarus_Lux - - 90 comments

with edits and additions to standard physics templates i mean things like, changing a standard water/underwater physics template, mainly its behaviour, to something like... making it behave as tough slime, sludge or mud, or even "space"like (space is an ocean ;) ) and then save this as maybe a new seperate standard.

english is not my native speech so i don't know how to exactly eplain this... but sometimes you need something thats a bit different from that which is provided, naturally in this kind of environment the question would be; can you change it (and store said changes)?
with additions i simply mean saving one of these as being a new standard i can choose from.

as for the splash screen, you said video splash screen is coming, so it is not in yet, but do you already have one made, for when it becomes available? something like this (unreal engines splash example): but then for your own engine?.
if not i'll make my own to use in the end project, to show what engine is used.

for any further inquiries i will use the forums.

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SolarPortal Creator
SolarPortal - - 24 comments

Any physics can be tweaked. For example you used water. This is all controllable through script. To make a water volume, you would need to add a triggerbox to the scene to detect colliding physics shapes. After you would apply the forces, restition etc.. that you want for watert, slime space ;) We have an extensive set of physics functions designed especially for what you want.

To store this volume you made for later usage, you simply save it in our .preset format which is a saved off entity in the scene and holds all the dynamic content like scripts and actions. Then drag this in as many times as you want or as many scenes as you want :)

The video splash screens will be supported soon, but for now we have a loading screen as a GUI as the game boots.

Well i hope this helps :D

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Avarus_Lux - - 90 comments

thank you, that did help, it clarifies a few things :)

...slime space.... space... but slow and stickier :D

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