raylib is a simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming.

NOTE for ADVENTURERS: raylib is a programming library to enjoy videogames programming; no fancy interface, no visual helper... just coding in the most pure spartan-programmers way.

raylib does not provide the typical API documentation or a big set of tutorials. The library is designed to be minimalistic and be learned just from a cheatsheet with all required functionality and a big collection of examples to see how to use that functionality. Best way to learn to code is reading code.

Are you ready to learn? Jump to code examples!.

NOTE: raylib is being developed and maintained with big effort by Ray (that's me!). If you like the library and you enjoy it, consider contributing to the project through GitHub Sponsors, raylib Patreon or just donating on downloading.


  • NO external dependencies, all required libraries are included in raylib
  • Multiplatform: Windows, Linux, macOS, RPI, Android, HTML5... and more!
  • Written in plain C code (C99) in PascalCase/camelCase notation
  • Hardware accelerated with OpenGL (1.1, 2.1, 3.3, 4.3 or ES 2.0)
  • Unique OpenGL abstraction layer (usable as standalone module): rlgl
  • Multiple Fonts formats supported (XNA fonts, AngelCode fonts, TTF)
  • Outstanding texture formats support (including DXT, ETC, ASTC)
  • Full 3d support for 3d Shapes, Models, Billboards, Heightmaps and more!
  • Flexible Materials system, supporting classic maps and PBR maps
  • Animated 3d models supported (skeletal bones animation)
  • Shaders support, including Model shaders and Postprocessing shaders
  • Powerful math module for Vector, Matrix and Quaternion operations: raymath
  • Audio loading and playing with streaming support (WAV, OGG, MP3, FLAC...)
  • VR stereo rendering support with configurable HMD device parameters
  • Huge examples collection with +120 code examples!
  • Bindings to +60 programming languages!

Wanna see all functions available in raylib? Check Cheatsheet

Looking for binaries for a different platform? Check GitHub official release page for precompiled library binaries for multiple platforms and compilers! raylib is open-source and free to use. View license.

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"Hare 136 - Slider" is a simple and relaxing but increasingly challenging puzzle game featuring:

  • Exiting 136 sliding puzzles
  • A new unique additional puzzle for each new day
  • A beautiful 6 songs soundtrack (that you can also get at our bandcamp page)

Totally free and without any ads!

Play it now on Android or Itch

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Hare 136: slider

Hare 136: slider


Our fluffy friends went out to enjoy a whole day of fun sliding under the sun, now its time for them to go back to their den. Can you help them find their...

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