App Game Kit is a powerful game development engine, ideal for Beginners, Hobbyists & Indie developers. Now anyone can quickly code and build apps for multiple platforms using AGKs BASIC scripting system. With just a few commands you can have demos/games up and running on mobile devices. Bob Duffy, Developer Relations Intel Corporation, said “AppGameKit is a great cross platform development tool. It allows developers to quickly optimize and compile apps.”

Games can be developed and deployed to your chosen mobile devices for rapid prototyping. AGK does all the heavy lifting for you - making it easy to code, compile and then export apps to each platform. All you need to focus on is your game/app idea. It's that simple!

AGK also caters for more seasoned developers, allowing you to use the AGK C++ libraries and benefit from all the features of AGKs core game engine. A great example of this Echoes+ developed by Binary Zoo and now FREE to download on STEAM;



You can create games with AppGameKit on Windows, Mac or Linux devices. The games you make with it can then be exported to run on;

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android (inc Google, Amazon & Ouya)
  • HTML5
  • Raspberry Pi (free from TGC website)


  • Cross platform Geany editor
  • IntelliSense
  • Code folding
  • Colour schemes
  • Edit multiple projects
  • Fast Compiler
  • Full de-bugger
  • Broadcast direct to device
  • Export to exe, app, ipa, apk


AGK 2 has commands for all the important areas of game creation. These can all be called as BASIC commands or as library calls in C++ and XCode.

3D Graphics

  • 3D Primitives
  • 3D Bone Animations
  • Shaders
  • Lighting
  • Ray Casting
  • Camera controls
  • Meshes
  • Formats supported: .X .3ds .md3 .smd .md5 .lwo. .ac .b3d .dae .3d .lws .ms3d .blend .m3 .obj and .ago

3D Physics

  • Character controller
  • Ragdoll
  • Joints
  • Rigid Bodies
  • Contact reports
  • Raycasts
  • Physics world commands
  • Compound collision shapes

2D Graphics

  • Sprites
  • Particles
  • Shapes
  • Text
  • Fonts
  • Tweening
  • Spine support
  • Blend modes
  • Image formats: jpeg, png


  • Box 2D collision

Rendering Control

  • Shaders
  • Render to Image

Sounds & Music

  • Play sound files
  • Play music files
  • Sound formats: Wav
  • Music formats: Mp3, Ogg, M4a
  • Blending Sounds
  • Change sound pitch and balance

User Input

  • Mouse
  • Multi Touch
  • Controller support
  • Joystick/Virtual Joystick
  • Keyboard
  • Edit box
  • Buttons


  • Video playback
  • Network (broadcasting, messages, shared variables)
  • File I/O
  • HTTP
  • Memblocks
  • Sensors
  • GPS
  • Social feeds - Facebook & Twitter (iOS & Android)
  • Adverts
  • In-app purchase (iOS & Android)
  • Game Centre (iOS & Android)
  • Notifications (iOS)
  • Rate this app (iOS)
  • Time & Date
  • Camera access
  • QR codes
  • Zip archiving
  • Extensive Help & tutorials
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Well, this is taking a lot longer than I thought it would but I thinks it's time to give an update. So what have I been doing and why is this taking so long? I think I've already mentioned in a previous article that the number of levels in the game has grown from what I originally anticipated and now I have to fill those levels with something that is hopefully interesting and exciting.

rm article 07 01

rm article 07 01

I talked about map styles before [ref article], which is the term I use for the basic look of the map, and I've been creating more of these and adding some new features into them. There are now ten map styles. Each map style has about forty tiles so it's quite a lot of work to create a single style. Apart from the amount of work the main challenge has been creating styles that are different from each other, that offer different playing experiences and challenges.

rm article 07 01

rm article 07 01

rm article 07 01

I've added some more objectives for each level. The main purpose of the objectives is to get the player to move around the map and generally focus on collecting things or destroying things.

There are now a few more ways that the maps are created. The below image shows what I call a “gauntlet” level. These are still procedurally generated but will always be single path levels that force the play to deal with every enemy and defense on the map. This make them useful for introducing something that I don't want the player to miss. There is also the “big room” map which is pretty much what it says it is.

rm article 07 01

rm article 07 01

rm article 07 01

I've also been making some new npcs. There are now fifty npcs with various ranged and melee weapons and shields and force fields and other abilities so I'm hoping that I have enough variety. They probably need some tweaking to make sure they're have the right level of challenge, which is quite a difficult thing to do. I tend to think that the npcs are too easy to defeat and the temptation is to make them more difficult to beat. However, they become harder, almost impossible to beat if there's more than one of them or when paired up with other npcs, say a melee focused npcs and a long ranged one. This will probably take a while to sort out.

rm article 07 01

The last thing I've added is some simple space rocket levels. Whilst this goes away from the strict rogue like premise of the game it adds to the feeling of a wider universe and breaks up general claustrophobic grey corridor feel of the game. One of the space rocket levels is also important to the overall narrative of the game so it was something that needed doing so the player wouldn't be caught totally off guard when the the time comes.

I think I've now got enough features and npc to keep the game fun and interesting. I may add some new things, as long as they are not too difficult to implement, but I'm now concentrating on designing the levels and getting the game finished, there are still some details to sort out, some sound effects and integrating the universe map into the main game. It's been a struggle but I feel like I'm getting there.

Version 1.04 released and 50% off in Swedish sale
Rush to Adventure

Version 1.04 released and 50% off in Swedish sale

Rush to Adventure

Version 1.04 of Rush to Adventure brings a bunch of bug fixes and other minor improvements. And for a few days get it at 50% off during the mid-week Swedish...

Version 1.03 released - Achievements Unlocked!
Rush to Adventure

Version 1.03 released - Achievements Unlocked!

Rush to Adventure

Version 1.03 adds support for Steam Achievements and a bunch of other fixes to the game. And don't miss the 40% off sale ending this weekend.

Rogue Machine - Universe
Rogue Machine

Rogue Machine - Universe

Rogue Machine

In this article I talk about the universe of Rogue Machine beyond the confines of the grey corridors of the main game

The Vacuum - Updates 5 to 8
The Vacuum

The Vacuum - Updates 5 to 8

The Vacuum

Summary of the work I've put into updates #5 to #8 over a 2 month period. Special focus on Update #8 being the update for the last month's effort.

Add game Games
8 Breed

8 Breed


Casual mix of rogue shump and dungeon crawler. Created in tribute for my own Gameboy memories. I hope you also like it.

Pixelstein 3D

Pixelstein 3D

First Person Shooter

Pixeltastic bombastic retro fps fun for mobiles and computers.

Zombies stole my video game.

Zombies stole my video game.


Retro blasting zombie bashing. Protect your friend by tapping the zombies....

Rogue Machine

Rogue Machine


Armed with two laser pistol / laser sword combo weapons, you're a rogue machine in a fascist universe.

Dragon mind

Dragon mind


A simple puzzle app to train your memory. The brain neads it to.




pico8 style adventure rpg platformer game. Built in Tools to mod it. Downloads during development over at itch…. Android is going to be released later...

Salacot Jack

Salacot Jack


Loot pharaoh's tomb, solve riddles and defeat mummies in this 3D action puzzle. Profane the tombs of the pharaohs and loot the lost temples of Egypt...

Lone Star Dive: Fears of Mars

Lone Star Dive: Fears of Mars

Futuristic Sim

NASA does its job: "InSight is a Mars lander designed to give the Red Planet its first thorough checkup since it formed 4.5 billion...

Arkeos Chronicle, Fantasy RPG, Android, PC

Arkeos Chronicle, Fantasy RPG, Android, PC

Role Playing

Arkeos Chronicle is a Fantasy RPG game in 2D isometric, in a cartoon style and with a great and funny story. The game will be available for Android, PC...

Not another retro pixel game

Not another retro pixel game


Retro style pocket rouge/rpg for people new to the game style.


The best of all!

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Finally on IndieDB! TGC's products are my preferred tools!

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AGK is awesome! I have been using AGK for three years now and couldn't be more satisfied. Its easy to pick up and get started. Three weeks after purchasing I had my first game published to Google Play and since have two more. Constant updates keep you on your toes!

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AGK is the best tool to create 2D games, and even to create 3D games, it's an amazing tool.
IT's very simple, easy, a lot of example and doc, lots of functions...

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


AGK is the best program you can buy for Developing Iphone, Android, PC and others. Its fast, compiles faster than any other Game Development systems, trust me , I own them all!

It is under 60 bucks, makes games that run very fast, has built in physics engine so it does most of the work for you,

Go to The Game Creator site and see for yourself, its amazing what this program can do!

And I would have rated it a 10 if I could, but this site limits new members to 8?

I dont understand this rule, because its a false rating, but I dont make the website here, i just visit it.

Nice site here!, bad rating system, sorry, i call em as I see em!

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I've coded 5 games in AGK and one of them is featured here on Desura ; it works quite well and is very well suited to 2D games.

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Love this "engine"! A joy to code in, supported by a fantastically personal company and possibly the best forum members in the world!

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I've been using AGK for about 6 months now and I really like it.
it is definitely one of the better options for app programming

Mar 13 2013 by MissJoJo

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