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Underhell Prologue version 1.5 has been released! New Official Underhell website is now Opened ! Plus the entire Original SoundTrack for Underhell available on Youtube !

Posted by Mxthe on Mar 6th, 2011

Underhell Prologue has now reached version 1.5 !

Thanks to all of you who have reported bugs and issue I was able to fix them very quickly. The Changelog can be found in the Download Description. The patch and the new full version are now up in EXE and RAR formats.

In other news, the Official Underhell Website is now opened ! Thanks to Ido from We Create Stuff for the Hosting and to Pedro for the design ! The entire Original Soundtrack for Underhell has been uploaded and can be found below:

Tom Stoffel really did an amazing job ! In less than 2 weeks ! As final words : The production of Chapter 1 has begun...

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Mkilbride Mar 6 2011 says:

Fast patch. Quality fixes. It took EA over a month to fix a bug in Dead Space 2, which a user fixes 4 days after release using a modified save file^

Really sucks how companies getting paid can't put out patches like this.

Grabbing the Sound track Tom, great job, but I say you should compose a few more tracks and sell them over at CD Baby. I know you didn't do it for the money, but these are beyond normal mod music tracks. These are professional.

Also, guys, to note, your House will be reset when you install this patch, so what you do is hit Continue, it'll start the game from when you first start in the house, this is normal, walk around until "Saved" appears, then go and reload the dual pistols save near the end of the game, beat again(Press Enter to skip cutscenes), then you'll be in the house, but you have to re-do all the stuff, but since you know how to do it this time...

It took me like 5 minutes...and still scared me.

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ZPower Mar 6 2011 replied:

I was just about to post it in the forums. Should've known you'd get to it first. :)

Am holding of playing this until i get a new PC. Wanna play it at the best quality i can.

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Prone Mar 7 2011 replied:

I nearly **** my pants when the phone rang for the first time in the house.
It's still bothering me. >.>

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BlazeHedgehog Mar 7 2011 replied:

The difference being EA is a big company with a lot of "red tape" to go through just to release a patch. It may have taken one guy 4 days to release a fixed save file, but that's not something EA's going to release as a patch. You have to research what's causing the bug, you have to spend time fixing the bug, then you have to run the patch through Quality Assurance (bug testing) to make sure the patch implementation doesn't break anything else, on top of that they probably wait until Microsoft and Sony's QA runs through the console versions of the patch assuming they want the patch to go out on PC, 360 and PS3 all simultaneously...

One guy can fix some bugs on a small project relatively quickly, but when you're talking about a huge project involving the collective cooperation of hundreds of people, it understandably can take a while. :P

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ponpat Mar 7 2011 says:

Nice job.
Just one "bug" most people will not notice. If you run source games/mods with the "-window -noborder" parameters (and your current screen resolution) you can play better while using 2 screens or you can faster Alt+Tab in and out of the game/mod. But the "noborder" is not working for UnderHell.
Yeah, you still can play this mod, but, even if you can tollerate/ignore/workaround this problem as a player, it still is a bug somewhere in just this one mod.
Btw. You did a nice job to this point of the mod, I can't wait to see what is going on.

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drdelta Apr 15 2011 replied:

@ponpat isnt that because source sdk base doesnt support that since its a new l4d2 feature?

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xXMaNiAcXx Mar 7 2011 says:

Thanks for the patch and really nice work. In some days you fixed more things than a big company like EA or Crytek did with Crysis or Dead Space 2.

I also love the soundtrack of this mod :C

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Zlandael Mar 7 2011 says:

Someone told me to investigate the entire house.
At night. And two more events?

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--JoKeR-- Mar 7 2011 says:

were is the website?

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Awesome_ninja Mar 8 2011 says:

damn nice job there mate! Quick and efficient =)

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SDKD Mar 8 2011 says:

Now i have nightmares because of that dream.

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valzi Mar 9 2011 says:

Is there a way to install this in Desura? I can't find a game page for Underhell or an install button.

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jerry111 Mar 10 2011 says:

Woah! where did this come from? downloading.

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version15 Mar 10 2011 says:

A surprise, to be sure. Impressed with the quality of the mod, looking forward to future chapters, and I am glad the guys at wecreatestuff helped out. Great job!

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Dronevil Mar 14 2011 says:

Great, great stuff so far. Very intrigued, and I can't wait to see what happens with chapter 1.

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ruanito Mar 20 2011 says:

I'll die 5 years younger after something exploded/broke inside the house, making a big noise. Also, what does the *SPOILER?* "Let's Go" door do in the Dreams section?

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killbotvii May 7 2011 says:

@ruanito *SPOILER!!!!!* the lets go door is like a bridge between chapters. its there because when you beat the game the truck outside the house vanishes. the door is there so that you can choose when you want to continue through the storyline.

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