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Here it is! The post you have been waiting for! Today we are officially unveiling the Zero Gear Trailer, and opening Zero Gear beta signups!

Posted by marshmonkey on Nov 9th, 2009

Here it is! The post you have been waiting for! Today we are officially unveiling the Zero Gear Trailer, and opening Zero Gear beta signups! Here is our hard hitting trailer:

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INtense! Staff
INtense! Nov 9 2009, 10:21am says:

oh wow that is brilliant, I love indie game trailers. best of luck with the beta!

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Croco15 Nov 9 2009, 9:09pm says:


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DemonProwler Nov 9 2009, 9:18pm says:

Awesome, i have a key. Is there a limited amount of keys or can anyone get it?

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Dejiko Nov 9 2009, 10:26pm says:

I've played this a little bit already. it's alot of fun once you get used to the floaty karts.

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awesomepossum Nov 9 2009, 10:40pm says:

HEHE, Excellent trailer!

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Dr_Nick Online
Dr_Nick Nov 10 2009, 1:23am says:

I played a bit of the beta and I seem to have run into some sort of problem.

Whenever I use the booster, the game freezes up.

I'm using a Pentium D @ 2.8GHz, 4GB of DDR2 RAM and a 9600GT.

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Dejiko Nov 10 2009, 2:51am replied:

That's probably something you should talk about on their forums. after all, betas are NOT for letting people play a game early, they are for getting some of the tougher to find bugs found and ironed out.

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Dr_Nick Online
Dr_Nick Nov 10 2009, 1:23pm replied:

It seems like a problem to me if I can run games like Crysis on mid to high settings but this game freezes up. And without shadows or AA enabled, it works fine.

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Dejiko Nov 11 2009, 3:56pm replied:

I'm not saying it isn't a problem(where did you get that idea anyway?). I'm saying you should tell the people who make the game about your problem, and not random people on a site they may not be keeping close track of.

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SinKing Nov 10 2009, 7:51am says:

Robo Love - lol. What's going on there?

Great trailer and great customization interface. So much to do - I predict a big success among casual gamers, even though the concept is not exactly fresh. When it comes to fun that's not important.

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calmflow Nov 10 2009, 2:35pm says:

What's with this steam rubbish?

I would love to take part but i flatly refure to be strong armed into steam, too many game developers are compromising their games to get it on steam.

This one has promise, will there be a steam free version?

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marshmonkey Author
marshmonkey Nov 10 2009, 3:03pm replied:

probably not on windows at least, we rely on a lot of steam technology to make the game work.

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Mischa_Silden Nov 10 2009, 4:02pm replied:

You said the magic word, "steam"!
This will be a sure buy for me ^_^

BTW, are you planning to use the steamworks to your advantage?
(achievements, game saves, leader boards etc.)

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marshmonkey Author
marshmonkey Nov 10 2009, 4:28pm replied:

yea, we are already developing achievements and stats and rely heavily on steams networking system. We are going to use the steam cloud to save your settings and kart customization too.

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eXeC64 Nov 11 2009, 2:41pm replied:

Woah! Awesome. Loving the beta, good to hear your using steamworks too =]

Here's a quick bug I found:

Ingame chat puts '[' as ']' so trying to do a smiley like '=[' always results in '=]'. It's really annoying as I always use that smiley.


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NullSoldier Nov 10 2009, 5:17pm replied:

Cry some more, steam is the future of game distribution. Anyone who doesn't accept it it just trying to act cool they have no true reason not to want to use it. It benefits developers and gamers more than you know so why don't you make a game and then complain about it?

Stop trying to stifle technological innovation in gaming distribution. You're comment offends me. Karma--

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darth3pio Nov 10 2009, 8:05pm replied:

Maybe their are people in the world that have internet quotas that limit us as to how much we can download monthly, Australia for example, Steam may be good for the platform that it is but unless there are content servers that are unmetered (doesn't count toward quota) and the content is on those servers then those gamers are royally screwed. I thankfully have an ISP that provides some content servers unmetered.

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calmflow Nov 10 2009, 8:58pm replied:

Null, I am fully aware that Steam benifits game developers by making the game much more accessible and brings many games that may remain in obscurity to the attention of a great deal of gamers.

But i must disagree completely, i am not trying to be 'cool', i don't believe it to be the future of games distribution, when i buy a game i don't want a download that is still on the strings of the distributor, look at the kindle, recently many found, without any prior notice that a book they had purchased had been deleted by Amazon, the only notification for many was a refund in their account.

I buy a game to get the game, but also the case, box art and manual, if it needs one, this way i feel i got something tangible for my money.

I see Steam as spy-ware, a program that has to be running to run my game, and monitors when and how long i play for. Spy-ware.

If i want to give feedback on the game it will go to the Devs, not the distributor.

I purchased a hard copy of Portal to try and get round the Steam issue, turns out it needs Steam anyway, haven't installed it, won't install it.

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NullSoldier Nov 10 2009, 9:35pm replied:

You are a massive hypocrite that only picks and choses things to cry about. I just checked your email on your ModDB profile and saw that you have a Hotmail account yet you have the nerve to claim that Steam is spyware for tracking when and how long you play games! I have bad news for you buddy, Hotmail tracks and saves every single email you've ever sent and keeps tabs on everything you do. Yet you post here and try to cry wolf like your the victim Steam's technological revolution. How pathetic. Welcome to the 21st century, if you find this disturbing it's going to be bumpy ride for the likes of your kind.

You're one of those people who take one example of abuse of digital distribution and then claim the rest of digital distribution is faulty, flawed, and a ticking time bomb. How childish. Microsoft could do the same thing with it's built in Genuine Advantage system and deactivate you're copy of Windows the next time you go to download an update, I hope you aren't using windows then either. It's funny how one isolated event occurs and a new wave of people fall victim to Fear, Doubt, and Uncertainty. (which is often a sign of stupidity and lack of intelligence)

I find those who require hard copies old fashioned, stubborn, and foolish. Receiving a physical copy of a game is a privilege not a right yet you think you are so special that you are some how entitled to having it. How arrogant!

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calmflow Nov 10 2009, 10:43pm replied:


It appears to me that you seem to think of yourself as the be-all and end-all of digital media and games, at 19 thats a hefty claim, pride comes before a fall my friend.

I only claimed steam was spy-ware, not all digital distribution, if implememted properly it could be great, but steam injects itself into the way one has to run the game, a proper system would allow the game to run without 3rd party software.

A hard copy is what has always been apart of the package of a game purchase, it is a safely stored backup in case of catastrophic loss, to remove that safety net from my investment is mind boggling, i'm not re-downloading my game if my system crashes.

To claim people with a different opinion to your own are stupid and unintelligent is an egotistical thing to say, that comment betrays your immaturity.

I'm saddened that you have brought this conversation down to personal attacks, in my last post i used no such tactics, adults have conversations without using playground tactics, come back when you want and adult conversation.

With that, i wash my hands of you,

Good Bye.

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NullSoldier Nov 10 2009, 10:52pm replied:

Getting desperate eh? Attacking my age? What's next, my grammar?

I like how you didn't comment about the fact that you're a hypocrite and you use plenty of other pieces of software that have the same control over you that you dislike steam for in your original post.

Sorry to bring you the bad news but the digital copy served by the Valve servers will far outlast your silly physical copy. It's much more likely that you will lose it or damage it. You want a hard copy in case of catastrophic loss and refuse to download it again? The steam copy IS your backup in case of catastrophic loss. What's wrong, clicking a single button to redownload it too hard for you?

Also you have absolutely no right to claim that you deserve a boxed copy or that it serves any more value than to "cherrish the purchase". You're cutting into developer profits because you enjoy having a box? Wow.

Nice try though, it's clear that you want to pull out of the conversation as your argument is falling apart and you've come undone.

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NullSoldier Nov 10 2009, 5:16pm says:

Pure awesome.

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Mischa_Silden Nov 11 2009, 12:27am says:

NullSoldier.. you are my hero <3

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calmflow Nov 11 2009, 1:46am says:

I must apologise to the devs, the way in which this conversation was undertaken was less than respectful to you on such a milestone day, i hope none were offended and i wish you luck with your Beta, Release and subsequent development.

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matthewdryden Nov 11 2009, 2:20pm says:

I've played the beta for roughly 2 hours. I'll be registering the the forums soon enough and trying to help out with as much as I can.

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AmazingRedd Nov 11 2009, 5:53pm says:

omg this looks fun. it is free?? i want it.

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