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For those of you who have been following development closely, you probably know by now that I have the embryonic stages of a story here, that I intend to further build upon and fully introduce in coming updates.

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The story I'm planning on adding to the mod is not a major alteration of the original SoC plot, in fact, it is merely an embellishment of the existing story in the game. The new factions I introduced in my last article are an integral part in this further fleshed out SoC story. If possible there will also be new places and quests to support them.

Some of you might probably understand this from the hastily-made map I scrawled out last week while being deprived of sleep. In doing so, I cobbled together things to add there, and possible quests that may take place. An example is an event in the game like the faction Soyuz evicting the Monolith from the town after their leader Seer dies, which is triggered by the player returning to the map after completing one of the X-labs, or the group called Jackals setting up shop near the old helipad, or a quest that may have to do with the caves. I even considered the old radio quest that I talked about with other people on 4chan back in the day.

However, none of the ideas and concepts that I've been very involved in lately have to do with the next patch, they are instead slated for 1.07-1.08 if possible, but they do provide insight into the "big picture" of what direction I want to take the mod in, which is after the major changes to night vision, medicine, and artifact detection. An expansion of the existing story, with new places, characters and events will certainly build on all of this.

I've made a number of changes in the past few days and weeks, and I'm thinking of compiling the many different small patches I've released since 1.05 with the changes I've made only recently, and releasing it as a new cumulative patch, a sort of alpha, for 1.06 with the new medical system included.


Nicecceee. :D

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Hey man, glad to see you're expanding the project. Good luck, it sounds really promising. What about adding some maps from Clear Sky?

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FatalFunnel Author

I already have a concept for the marsh map drawn up.

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