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A selection of screen shots from the latest map to be created.

Posted by cjb on Jan 22nd, 2012

NWO free zone NWO free zone

Hey Guys, this media release I have released some of the latest shots of the map I am still currently working on. Its set as you can see in a forest area along with a large body of water. This area is a New World Order free zone as you can see by the warning sign in one of the shots.

I know source is creaking now and starting to show its age but I really still do love the reflection qualities of the source engine.

The map is around 60% done so will update shortly with more screenshots.

See ya soon

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MARiN3 Jan 22 2012 says:

great update :-)

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Jokerme Jan 23 2012 says:

Source doesn't show its age if you use new textures and models rather than default HL2 ones.

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cjb Author
cjb Jan 23 2012 replied:

I was actually referring to the lighting reflection ability of the source engine on water surfaces and nothing to do what so ever with the textures. New textures or not source would still be an OLD Engine compared to the newer ones coming out.. its like a 20 year car with a new paint spray job its still a 20 year old car lol. you think textures will sort that? then i suggest you need to map a wee bit more lol

I suggest in future before trying to be clever or sarcastic.. THINK first lol

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Jokerme Jan 23 2012 buried:


Don't accuse the engine for your incompetence.

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cjb Author
cjb Jan 23 2012 replied:

What were you saying spy-maps about him not being sarcastic? lol

joker said 'Don't accuse the engine for your incompetence. '

ah we so we sunk down to the level of cheap insults… ewww

no joker I'm accusing you of not fully understanding the source engine.. if you can’t see this engine’s age joker then you are either blind or delusional or has source just been released in turkey or what?.. Have you seen the new engines?

I fear your response is more likely to be some ‘apelike’ association thing you have with source where you think you have a relationship with it so must defend at all cost?

The psychological condition for your response joker is called 'cognitive dissonance' i think. A book called 'the selfish gene' on describing ape and human behaviour and genetics also fully explains jokers behaviour.

Also with regards to my ‘incompetence’ I doubt you are in a position to say such things when your mapping is substandard at best.
jealousy really is a killer joker.

Cure for trolls suffering from ‘cognitive dissonance’ like joker? ignore the filth

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SPY-maps Jan 23 2012 says:

i don't think that Jokerme tried to be sarcastic of clever, but that he really meant what he said. and i understand what he means, although you are right. more detailed textures and models with there skins will not make it look like a newer engine. but, to say that source is creaking now, that i don't agree with you. the duke32 or buildengine, or the quake2 engine, or at least the GTKRadiant version that was used for that game, those are creaking engines, lol.
but, i also do understand what you are trying to say.
guess we all just agree that the source is getting old but still it is able to do the trick quit well, (am still mapping with Hammer myself, for 6 years or so now. although i have to be honest and say that the mod that i am now working on is also my latest source mod, because there are much better engines around now.)

to get back to your mod, am tracking it now for quit a while and i like what i see, it progresses very well!


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cjb Author
cjb Jan 23 2012 replied:

Hi spy,

thanks for your post.. with regards to the engine, me like you are a long time mapper and there is something about hammer that after along time makes it rather soothing and relaxing to actually use (or is that just me?) lol

Source like the first Halflife1 engine at the time is an old friend now, and don't get me wrong if i sound harsh against source that was not the intention. Indeed if i thought that bad of her i would of switched engines long ago. Visually though the new engines look stunning!

What comes to mind is the new battlefield 3 engine.. when you see the effects and quality of animations etc its stunning i just wish i had a computer that could run it ! Even my partner who only knows facebook says source looks old compared to the new engines as advertised on tv.. THis of course is disheartening after 5 years work on the gate II.

Visually i tend to agree with her but hey source still has alot of nice qualitys, the physics for one that not enough modders use to full potential, indeed even the original halflife 2 game didn't use it all that much tbh which was odd as the physics was one of the selling points valve used when promoting it.

There is also an issue of halflife 3 and when its released.. i had same problem with the gate II at the start i started making the sequel on the halflife 1 engine and then hato transfer everything over to hl2 which of course also consumed time. doe's anyone know if hl3 and hl2 are actually compatible in the same type of way hl1 and hl2 were?

thanks for ur post spy-maps and nice to know I'm not the only geek who has been looking at hammer and a bunch of lines for over 6 years :)

thanks for your compliments


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InStars Jan 23 2012 says:

The new Portal2 source engine is totally new and amazing. ^_^

You know it's true...

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Dr.Goupyl Jan 23 2012 says:

Yeah ! I like big spaces like that, good work.

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Black_Stormy Jan 23 2012 says:

So when are you guys moving to UDK?

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cjb Author
cjb Jan 23 2012 replied:

lol stormy u hate source that much?

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SPY-maps Jan 24 2012 says:

hi Cjb,

i think that most people think Source is old looking now because it still uses heavenly brushes as building blocks. most new games are build for 99% out of models and that is probebly the biggest difference. because even i myself do see screens or movie parts here or elsewhere, of new HL2 (ep2) mods and then i am amazed that that was done with source. ofcourse, the technology is much further with the newer engines like UDK, Cryteks newest engine (3.0) and the Battefield 3 engine, Frostbite i believe its name is.

so, personaly i will not change from engine because it looks old or even is old. but simply because people move on, and the HL2 community is so small compared to when HL2 was released. and as modders and mappers we want ofcourse that as much people as possible play our mods, and with Hl2 that is not the case anymore. even really great mods now get only 1/10 of the amount of downloads as it did get 5 years ago.

although i do have to agree, the options that we have with the newest engines are far more superior, lol.


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jjawinte Jan 24 2012 replied:

Agreed sir. Well stated.

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SolidFake Jan 27 2012 says:



very cool looking map :)

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