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After 2 months of development time, the secret City Assault 2:City Decedere level is now ready for download. This is a demo of Level 1 of the mod.

Posted by jlim on Feb 20th, 2009

As part of my university studies, I have included in the zip folder a link to an online questionnaire. The questionnaire will contain spoilers, so it is suggested that you play the game first, before reading the questions, in order to keep the content of the game a surprise. The questionnaire will help me in my studies and also help me make the map better, so please fill it in as it is only short.

As a demo - some of the elements are still WIP, and i have had to replace some designed features with standard features, but overall it should work well and feel different to the usual Crysis mods.


  • Custom buildings and props
  • Graveyard, woods, and swamp
  • Includes the flashlight/torch weapon
  • Includes the new Syringe based Health System
  • New AI zombie behaviour with attack animations
  • New character models
  • Voice dialogue
  • Higher FPS optimisation
  • Reduced HUD

As there are one or two bugs playing in 64bit mode, the end cutscene may not always come out properly. Therefore, I have captured the cutscene for you, which you can view below.

for full instructions on how to install, please view the readme included in the folder.

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myles Feb 20 2009 says:

**** that girl knows how to scream.

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babyeater Feb 20 2009 replied:

Can you shoot her?

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geokes Feb 20 2009 replied:

Please, god she's annoying.

+5 votes     reply to comment
noyart Feb 20 2009 replied:

I was thinking the exact same thing xD

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Armageddon104 Feb 21 2009 replied:

she's not even hawt...

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darth3pio Feb 20 2009 says:

looks good

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Kamikazi[Uk] Feb 20 2009 says:

Looks ok. Level design in there looks very bare and boring but i guess this is w.i.p still.

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Mars_3K Mar 6 2009 says:

Amy needs a change of underwear, from the sound of things...

I'm not exactly petrified, though. :-/

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jlim Author
jlim Mar 7 2009 replied:

^^ yeah this demo is still rather wip

but Level 2 : Darkness promises to be much scarier :p

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flippedoutkyrii Mar 9 2009 replied:

Well, your probably not scared because your not in her position at the moment XD

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Setis Mar 8 2009 says:

hmm it looks ok so far, but the voice acting needs improving. It sounds too basic and not very convincing. The screaming needs to be taken down a notch or two, as that really is overkill in terms of atmosphere. And when the guy speaks it sounds like he's reading off a script, rather than actually putting any emotion into it. Ultimately this makes the entire dialogue come across unnatural and fake.

In terms of overall idea, it looks quite good..making the choice between a dark passageway probably leading to nowhwere safe or facing some &%$! off monster coming your way pumps a bit of adrenaline, which is always something you want in a horror game.

I don't mean to slate your work, as I know from experience that a lot of time would be invested in something like this, but rather see my comments as constructive criticism :)

Keep it up, I'll be watching this.

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SinKing Mar 9 2009 says:

how much time does university give you for a program like that (=entire term)? And how many people are going in one group? How do you organise workgroups, etc, etc.
I would be interested in learning about how universities structure such projects. Is there any type of design you can hand out to show how they setup the project?
Not bad, but the quality of the Amy-mesh is strictly WIP, I hope. Amy screams a "bit" too much and of the same.
Doesn't look bad. I like the idea of guarding someone in a game, however, you must make sure she's not too annoying, or people will rather shoot her than guard her. ;)
Great, I'd really like to see more Crysis mods. Where is their main modding community (website)?

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jlim Author
jlim Mar 9 2009 replied:

hey thanks for the comments :D

this is a solo project, a module where you get to do anything games related that you want to do, so long as it has a proper structure and meaning. it lasts the uni year which is roughly 6-8 months for each module (some modules have to be handed in before easter)- with 6 modules running per year, and we are expected to work 8hrs per day, though of course most people dont work that hard at the start of the uni year, and then work like 24/7 nearer to the deadlines lol.

So its just me making 99% of the content (i had to ask a few people for advise when i was suck and i got some sounds+textures from the internet etc).

We do also have a group project, which consists of 2 designers, 5 artists and 2 programmers. I'm not sure if im allowed to give out the uni documents about the module structure, but basically one half of the module is to produce a 'product' and the other half is writing up a report about how we went about doing every.

lol yes Amy is Wip - she is currently 6ft tall lol

Here is the link to the main Crysis modding community
and in the downloads section you will see lots of maps and mods :D

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OkeiDo Mar 12 2009 says:

Haha I love it man, I think the voices atleast sounded realistic, maybe not convincing but it was not someone trying to fake duke nukem lines.

Everyone loves horror, keep it up!

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