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A roundup, UserCreated review Jailbreak, Ponies, Winners, Lightning Guns and a video where Wills' says FAR too much... also Kiss Chase.

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Ponies! Good. Now that's out the way, Big Breakout Weekend was amazing! It was great to see the servers filling up again, and hopefully we can keep the momentum up this time. The big message we received this weekend, was that a lot of people want to play Jailbreak, but we need to coordinate more events like BBW to facilitate this! As such, Big Breakout Weekend II: TK's Revenge is coming soon!

UserCreated Review Jailbreak!

UserCreated wrote: You may be incinerated by a rocket ignition, or sliced-n-diced by a moving death-train, or even assailed by a flock of canon-fired rubber ducks, but it’ll be ridiculous, funny, terrifying, and some of the most entertaining moments in a jailbreak game. Often, you’ll be given one, last ditch escape route – an escape hatch, or conveniently placed ledge – and the sight of your entire team desperately scrambling to safety is somewhere between sheer schadenfreude gaming satisfaction and genuine comedy gold.

Winner(s) of the Random Game!

We allowed the Hat of British Justice to decide the winner of the Random Game Competition. The Hat failed. The Hat dispensed, not one, but two names, choosing both Evil Cupcake and Arctic Revrus. I decided to not question the Hat's judgment, and promptly gifted two games to the winners! Evil Cupcake decided that Bioshock 2 was the game for her, whilst Arctic Revrus picked Rainbox Six: Vegas 2.

An interview with InstantRespawn!

Future Events!

If you want to be involved in future Jailbreak Events, make sure to join the Jailbreak Steam Group. We're hosting new events more frequently now, and we've just had a great two hour long, Poetry Night session. No, really. It was hilarious. Jailbreak: Kiss Chase night is up next!

Ponies & Lightning!

For some reason, Evil Cupcake became known as "Pony" over the course of the weekend. We have no idea if this was her choice, or whether it was forced upon her... whatever it was, the concept of Ponies, Ducks and Jailbreak seemed to strike a chord with the fans. As such, I cannot confirm or deny if Ponies will appear in Jailbreak: Source 0.7... Also, Lightning Guns. Yes.

Don't forget to add yourself to our Mod Watch if you haven't already! And if you fancy getting more involved in our community, then join our forums over at or learn something new about the Source Engine from the Jailbreak Blog!

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Unfortanly I couldn't take part but I will try for the next ones.

Congrats to Evil Cupcake and Arctic Revrus.

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Yaay :) Ryan's doing interviews !!
I loved the interview, it definitely put on my bookmarks.

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Word, I 2nd

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Was great fun, everybody should definitely take part in these games, they are completely random. My monitor even exploded during the poetry match. So it was rather eventful.

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Wills Author

Jailbreak: Source - Anything can happen! :D

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INtense! Staff

Don't argue with the HAT! Love the post...

I really enjoyed playing the new version... i gotta find some free time

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I hope i will be able to play, my graphic card is coruped cant play l4d2 and not even the old game Desperados 2.

So far nothing in hl2:ob so JB:S would be no problem.

JB:S :)

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Game for "her" ahaha poor poney

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