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a classical survival horror video tech demo. its only a tech demo, but you can see the gametype and other thigs.

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from what i can see and tell: looking good! love the atmosphere (twin peaks soundtrack ;D), lights, models and the town... espeically the inside of the diner and the differences overall when theres night and day.
but please, could you reupload it in better resolution? this is really blurry, and i bet it originally looks way better - it's a shame that most of the details are lost because of the bad quality upload. :/

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don't forget the fact that its not even in english, which would be greatly appreciated.

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Actually, if this was classic survival, as titled, it would have set camera angles and not following and rotating around the character. Besides that, everything about this tech demo screams current gen graphics , classic survival horror gameplay.

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titobruni Author

thanks, i think... well its a working tittle, and i am set camera angles and following and rotating free camera.

the graphics.. well i am using unreal engine 3, so, i want that the videogame be like last gen graphics.

antway, i am working about a month ago, so i have a lot of work too...

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come on dude only resident evil had a set camera system and it sucked

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well looks pretty good, the only complaint i have is that debth of field is turned up a little too high its very blurry in the distance. but please keep the follow camera option, fixed camera alone sucks. and if you can set the character to the side a little bit like kane and lynch, you know so the character is not in the way of the view of the player

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