The Zone of Alienation mod is an adaptation of the renowned AMK mod. It is built on top of a specialized variant of AMK that uses a magazine system. From this premise, it has expanded to aim to include the following:

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So as some of you already know, I've released a new patch, not really that much of a foray into new territory, but it includes many of the features and fixes that I had released earlier, as well as some small tweaks to weapon behavior.

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You can download the new patch here.

I've decided to release this because I will be making some major changes soon, I don't really consider the medical system I've just come up with to be major, and it's a fun thing for people to try out with the new patch, but I have some serious work ahead of me if I'm going to get night vision scopes and artifact detectors added in. I might also decide to make some changes to the AI too.

This patch is the most "stable" version of ZoA by far, at least from my own experience, and I wanted to get it out before I go in over my head breaking things again.

And as I said earlier, I have what are the beginnings of an expanded plot line in development for the mod, part of it are some new maps that I intend to add (yet I still have no clue how to add) Here, and here.

I'll take some short time to explain, The player is supposed to start off in predbannik, in Sid's bunker, Sid gives him the usual missions for Cordon, but the player can explore the starting map, and can even go to the Soyuz/Stalker hideout in the village, or take on the bandits in the southeast. However he can't enter the Monolith occupied town in the southwest because there is a psi field surrounding it, yet after X-16 he will be able to help Soyuz besiege it. The helipad in the center is occupied by Jackals, a dangerous group of stalkers, that spawn there after Soyuz take the town.

Marshes on the other hand, is a different story, I originally wanted to leave swamps open from the beginning, but now I think the way there should only open up after X-18, where Marked One discovers from a tip on the military raid on the lab that some of the stalkers from the Vendetta faction are hiding out there. The marshes are absolutely crawling with enemies, and might end up being one of the most difficult, and treacherous areas to navigate because of SoC's version of Xray where you can't run through water, so it may be quite maze-like in layout. 7.62x39 weapons will make up the vast majority of the loadouts of the people there, with some 5.45 being reserved for Vendetta, and the more elite Jackals camped out there.


-I cant get a HUD even though it's selected
Thanks for your work, the maps look huge - fun times.
-The weapon loading system is very strange - I don't know how many shots I've got or what type of ammo
-I just started and picked up a SKS but the description doesn't tell me what ammo it uses
-The depth of field is too intense (I have normal vision) and kicks in whenever I pass a shrub or tree
-I can't enter text into the console
-Very hard at the beginning with invisible anomalies, I hope a detector is easy to come by..

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