The Zone of Alienation mod is an adaptation of the renowned AMK mod. It is built on top of a specialized variant of AMK that uses a magazine system. From this premise, it has expanded to aim to include the following:

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Jun 16 2013 Anchor

i have a problem with the sky, it's all time the same hour with the sun ( his down and don't move), how fix it please ?

sorry for my english i'm french

Jul 12 2013 Anchor

Is this the weather/sleeping bag bug?

Try this.

This is the weather bug people have mentioned to me, follow these instructions to temporarily force weather. Make sure you back up your level_weathers.script.

Weather trouble, stuck at dawn, dusk or night
Workaround: Back up gamedata\scripts\level_weathers.script, edit it in Notepad.
Replace the contents with then save and play.

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