The Xenoforce Reborn mod takes the classic Xenoforce mod from CNC Generals and re-invisions it on the CNC3 engine with new units and new designs. The new armies that are currently scheduled to be in the mod are the Earth Federation, ZEON, the Invid, and the Earth Robotech Defense Force. We also have heavily modified the original CNC3 armies, giving the GDI, NOD, and Scrin a much more dynamic gameplay experience. This mod is NOT FOR PROFIT and NON-commercial based.

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Oct 25 2011 Anchor

Right now we're working on finishing up NOD and GDI as well as re-examining Scrin/UC/AW for some balancing issues. The existing forces are getting minor balancing tweaks, some weapons are being re-defined like the way flame and sonic weapons work, and some powers are getting shuffled around/added.

This thread is dedicated to NOD. After all the hours of playing what do you guys see in NOD that doesn't quite fit? What do you see as something that should be there that isn't? If you have any ideas for them that fit with our ideas and descriptions for NOD then this is the place to talk about it.

NOD after the 2nd Tiberium War/Firestorm Crisis has become a full fledged religion gaining massive support in 3rd world countries/yellow zone/red zone areas. They are dedicated to the ideals of Tiberium being the key to unlocking humanities evolutionary process. But this is only the face they show the world. They still have hidden military forces and are continuing to recruit from their "church" the brightest and strongest candidates for bio-engineering and controlled mutation. They no longer care about controlling the world, they care about controlling the future of human evolution and manipulating the public to their beliefs.

With GDI faltering and new governments rising up and crying out for national sovereignty NOD took advantage of it's new standing in the world and infused itself into every government were it could. They build a massive city in Egypt dedicated to the "peaceful teachings" of NOD where from the outside it seemed NOD was based.

NOD also started giving free medical and financial support to those who would follow their ways. These free supplies ranged from basic food and medical treatment for broken bones to advanced therapy and ways to protect the people from the harmful effects of Tiberium. Once the people had learned and been treated properly they could interact with wild Tiberium with little to no adverse effects done to them. NOD promised salvation and evolution from tiberium where others did not care to listen. And this makes NOD all the more dangerous.

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Oct 25 2011 Anchor

Well, I wonder that Nod will have realistic star-ships and others that would deal to fight EF, Zeon, and others. I have some models that would make more deadly combat against EF, Zeon, and others star-ships. Maybe Nod would have GDI stolen titan walkers to create Nods new combat mechs.

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Oct 25 2011 Anchor

Nod wouldn't have any star ships, the one they did have was a Scrin Ship that they managed to get running again (fat good it did them, GDI blew it up before it got anywhere). Nod modifying old GDI tech that they found to their own purposes sounds more like something NOD would do definatly.

Oct 25 2011 Anchor

They would actually easily to capture Scrin ship from Tiberian Sun. Then later they used this ship in Tiberium Wars for space battle operations. But, I wish it might be, because Nod never battle in space with their own scratch before. So Nod finds a way to create a new star-ship from scratch instead of hijacking anything else. This actually used the combination with hijacked Scrin ships and Nod star-ships from scratch were used to conquer in space and other planets for no reason. Because it would actually helped themselves easier to defeat GDI, EF and others for their own purpose.

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Oct 25 2011 Anchor

We're not doing star ships though, NOD is not an interplanetary force. Hell, we're trying to avoid that stuff with the EF for the most part thats why you don't get direct control of the White Base or the Argama. We're not doing inter-planetary battles here, the story and everything takes place on earth just as a few forces start expanding out into space. I just can't see NOD being able to build a starship for doing things in space when that is not their focus. NOD is interested in Tiberium and how it is able to be used to evolve mandkind. Since Tiberium is on the Earth why would they go into space? And even if they did they could use another companies ships to do so they wouldn't need their own ships.

Feb 22 2012 Anchor

Copied from the Comments Page:

azuza001 wrote: So this is kind of important, I want new names for the 4 houses of Nod. Inquisition/Sisterhood/Assassins/Templar just do not do it for me. Any suggestions would be welcomed. This is the current idea behind each house.

Sisterhood - Tech and laser based / cutting edge / more about speed and power, uses some stealth tech.
Assassins - Tech and stealth based / cutting edge / more about black operations, uses a lot of stealth tech and unconventional weapons.
Inquisition - Couter-house based / about changing units so that they would be a good counter against the other 3 houses. high tech.
Templar - Defensive based / more about additional armor and health than speed.

I figure I would just use this thread instead of making a new one...

It really depends on what kind of approach you want to go with this, I mean the style of it currently is a religious type thing. Is this what you are still going for but want different names? Or a different style altogether with different names? If you are still wanting to keep the current style, it could look something like this:

Sisterhood - Seraphim or Virtue
This is more of an Angelic Hierarchy approach that could work with this house.

Inquisistion - Dominion
Again, more of an Angelic Hierarchy approach. This name IMO is best for this house.

Templar - Templar or Vicar
This can be kept the same, it really isn't that bad to have. If you are hell bent on changing this name and having a similar style of naming, this would also suit this roll well.

Assassins - Inquisition
Change Assassin to Inquisition, if you are going by the book on what the names come from, Inquisition was basicaly the assassin group of the catholic church that also keep order within their religious beliefs. This would fit better.

As said above, it depends on what kind of style/approach you want to take with Nod that really determines the naming.

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Mar 7 2012 Anchor
The names we decided to go with are aimed with a more modern theme.

Sector 9
Black Ops
Homeland Defense
Tiberium Guard

However I did like a few of your suggestions.

The Sector 9 team of infantry is going to be called Sector 9 Seraphims
The Homeland Team is going to be called Homeland Defense Templars
The Black Ops Team is going to be called Black Operation Special Teams.

I still don't have a good name for the Tiberium Guard specific funded team. :p

EDIT: Damn it opera, I put spaces in there! Had to edit to put them in lol.

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Mar 8 2012 Anchor

Black Ops Inquisition sounds way better for that, but that's just me. lol

Aaand you could go with Tiberium Guard Dominion for a place holder. :-)

Mar 9 2012 Anchor

I may just go with B Ops Special Forces.
Tiberium Guard Dominion doesn't seem to fit for me. Then again nothing seems to fit so far. :p

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