WWI Source: Fight in the rain soaked trenches or charge over No Man’s Land to battle in the War to End All Wars. Use authentic weaponry to conquer the enemy, call in artillery strikes to take out enemies en masse, or use chemical warfare to disable your opponents! WWI Source is the first and only World War I game to be developed for Steam. All the current WWI mod teams (‘The Trenches 2’, ‘Fields of Horror’, ‘WWI Source’) have united to develop the best World War I game to the Steam community, using the latest Source engine. Please visit the official website for more information on WWI Source and the team.

Trailer for the new WW1 Source Engine Mod released February 12th 2010.
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Necrod Feb 14 2010 says:

Looks a LOT better than alpha gameplay, is it just effects on video or what?

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7FoX Mar 15 2010 replied:

who made the song? whos the artist ? is there a full version of the song, somebody tell me where can i find the song :P

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aidas2 Jun 1 2010 replied:

M83 - Moon Child

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Ninja_Duck Dec 28 2010 replied:

That is one beastly song.

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ArctosAbe Nov 12 2012 replied:

M83 - Moon Child. You can get it just 'bout anywhere bud. :P

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CS6xRECON Feb 14 2010 says:


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NuclearBanane Feb 14 2010 says:

I'm that trailer!
Lol, I guess game play works as a Trailer to.
This Team has done great work for 5 ppl or so and as a new mod is really getting alot of attention.
I hope this project will benefit from more Devs as this game has great things going for it but need that extra push to achieve full potential.
There are many Ppl wanting to join the team and i hope they do.
I hope this game/ mod will become a full IP to unlock it's full potential.
- Nuke

P.S Next trailer make it with a Narrative of In flanders Fields since the teams are put together and have a Bayonet on somme or passchendeale rush.

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painphul Author
painphul Feb 18 2010 replied:

I put the trailer together and I've already been asked why it says "Nuclear Banane" when the explosion goes off. It's an interesting name.

I'm not sure when I'll be making the next trailer but it will most likely come out when new features are added to the mod. I kept this one basic so people would go out and give it a try.

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supertron421 Feb 14 2010 says:

Whats the song?

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Woolybear777 Feb 15 2010 buried:



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Savci Feb 16 2010 replied:

pointless answer is pointless.

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painphul Author
painphul Feb 19 2010 replied:

M83 - Moon Child

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faulk Feb 15 2010 says:

I think the music's a bit of an anachronism...

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mesaone Mar 20 2010 replied:

WW1 on a 2010 computer is an anachronism. LOL

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chris_sloany Feb 15 2010 says:

really nice! and with more people playing i can imagine this mod becoming really big.

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Anonymousperson Feb 15 2010 says:

This is basically the equivalent of what your average game-life in the game will be.

Have fun.

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Kirk´smod Feb 27 2010 says:

looks very nice, will download it^^

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7FoX Mar 15 2010 says:

somebody tell me where I can find that song, plz plz plz

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painphul Author
painphul Jun 15 2010 replied:


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mesaone Mar 20 2010 says:

Wow, the reload speed is way too fast. No one can lift, pull, advance, and set a bolt in 1/10th of a second. Reloading a bolt-action rifle requires 4 separate and distinct movements, and the reloading hand has to be lifted from trigger to bolt, adding to the reload time. I'm not trying to be the "historically accurate" guy, but for real that superhuman reload speed kinda ruins the setting.

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Bladerunner71 Mar 24 2010 says:

even though this is WWI it looks almost like BoB

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Reeze17 Aug 12 2010 says:

It is looking good but this trailer seems more like a gameplay.

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stevoboy11 Oct 9 2011 says:

I tried the beta, If im lucky ill find one server.....with like 2 people in.
anyone agree?

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Hikimomo Jan 27 2013 says:

What is the name of the Ambient music/sound in the intro? :)

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Guest Nov 12 2015 says:

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Trailer for the new WW1 Source Engine Mod released February 12th 2010.

Feb 19th, 2010
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