Triptych is a Lovecraftian horror adventure written and developed by Dark Craft Studios. It deals with two brother's journey into the occult, Necromancy, and cosmic horror.

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expertninjaa says

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Installed and played for half an hour so far. Interesting, great ambience, very Myst-ish. Not sure what is really going on plotwise yet but I expect something pretty twisted given from what I have seen thus far.

I made an account on here (after 10 years of playing with mods) to rate this so take that as you will.

(To the developers, I have an AMD GPU, works fine on 4x AA but no higher. Still looks great.)


Hippcelt says

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Why download Triptych ? Ask yourself the following

Do you enjoy your tales told in a macabre Lovecraftesque Style ?

Do you appreciate said tales spun with exquisite and painstaking detail?

And If those yarns are interactive and dripping in atmosphere?

Well then if yes grab this fine work. I won't wax lyrical about the tale itself

because that would only serve to rob you of the pleasure of discovering it for

yourself . You just go ahead and enjoy it for yourself and hope that one day

others like it follow.


Megalolpronoob says

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This mod is really scary and attracting at the same time, You feeling this close communitacion of brotherhood in protagonists and You worry about them all the time. Of course all this demons are terrify especially because of You can't see them and it's really scary! The story is very deep filling and when cutscenese are playing You absolutly are in game like watching film. Also I love this dark minor music with some dissonance. It's very atmospheric! Voice acting is trully professional and sounds very good. I like that author did it with CE2 which showed a good image. So it's one of the best dark stories that I ever saw in game modding!


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