Darkness... My body hurts! Or is it my brain? The explosion! I remember it now. Maybe I'm in a coma? Or even worst, I may be already dead... Everything is so confusing... Zombies, monsters and ghosts from the past are filling my mind... Oh God, so many memories mixed with my dreams! I can't even distinguish them anymore. What if my entire life was just a nightmare? But it felt so real... Wait, what's that sweet voice? Sounds like a nurse! THAT is part of reality, I am sure. Now if I could just concentrate on this voice and try to wake up...

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Blue_Dust says

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Briliant work..
Models were great..For the age of this mod i'm suprised some mods can't even get a litle bit close to them..Altough the skeletons are similiar to vortiguants (They are reskinned vortiguants)the fleesh creeature sounds just makes it scary..I say models are HD enough and that you don't need UD to play but just the good old models..
Gameplay is amazing..When you think that you've seen everything in the episodes something new appears..Like in episode 3 Rude awakening where from a hospital you end up in a zombie farm..Gameplay was made specifically for this kind of stuff..It was great..
This mod has a deep story..As you go further into the mod and reach episode 2 you find out that doctor Franklin found a special chemical that brings back corpses to life and that that's how the cheriff was zombified..
Maps were almost perfect..They could get confusing sometimes but the reason i don't give it 9 out of 10 is because the trees could use a lil more detail but everything else is set great..The detail in episode 1 to episode 3 is increasing..
Sounds are amazing..The voice actors knew what to do..The heads that talk really are creepy and the frankenstein monsters are amazing on voice..The skeletons can creep you out by saying "fleeeesh cretuuure" or "so fat" or even "aaaah fleeesh"..
This mod has allot of props..From what i see even in episode 1 they're rich on them..Episode 3 just shows off major props like the steam engine they made..All i can say is props look great..
10 out of 10..

For players:Please play this mod..Once you do you won't stop untill you realise it's so great..Who ever thinks this mod isn't good must have bad taste because this is "one of those" mods which doesn't seem to mess up anything and is ballanced..This mod should've ben declaired a stand-alone game or expansion..Moddb users who read this..Please vote 10 and play it!

When I first played this mod I didn't know what to expect. Well, I expected tons of Zombies and stuff but that's not the point. The mod pulls you in with its cool intro and scripted sequences. When just wandering around the church grounds, you often hear "Hungerrr" or "Freshh", even if no zombies are around. This has players dumbfounded and searching each corner for something to jump at them. Now down to the real part of the review.

Graphics: 5/5
The graphics in They Hunger are the old-school 3d fps graphics. Models look good, from Zombies to Civilians, from the Shotgun to even the Umbrella, the models and textures show hard work, and much time put into it.

Gameplay: 5/5
They Hunger has more to it than just mindless Zombie-bashing, there are puzzles and some mazes to be discovered when you play this mod. Maps are sort-of linear, but sometimes you will just be asking yourself "Where am I supposed to go?". Other than that, They Hunger also has very detailed maps. The catacombs in the church grounds are heavily detailed and are kind of frightening because of Zombies breaking out of there catacomb. Scripted sequences are also done very well.

Sound: 4/5
Voice acting and sound effects are really one of the greater goods in They Hunger. With cheesy effects to frightening Zombie shrieks, They Hunger really nails it. Zombies groan with dull lifelessness, just like they should. Other characters, like the Zombie Sherrif, have excellent voice acting.

Conclusion: I thoroughly enjoy this mod. IF you like Zombies, horror games and First persons shooters, you will love They Hunger



Such a classic. Even though honestly I can not personally say such as I hadn't even been aware that mods existed until recently! Let's delve into this mod now, shall we? I'll start by saying that They Hunger is an exciting ..horror mod for Half-Life. The story? Honestly, I'm quite fathomed by the story itself. It amazes me that one man, Neil Manke, along with the rest of Black Widow Games, could bring about a game so exhilarating. The models, now.. They're pretty neat without doubt. Of course, a shame would be some of the default models with mediocre reskins. Sounds could be improved, but then yet again this is a mod from 1999. The voice acting.. it's different! Don't worry, that's a good thing! Positives aside, the zombie sounds are actually pretty eerie. Good thing too, I suppose. Great usage of textures and impressive usage of models, especially since it features level design by -the- mapping extraordinaire. Game-play itself is basically the same as Half-Life, except you are a writer in the 1950s, in a distant town - Rockwell. While you are on your way to your home rented by your publisher, you are put midst a 'strange phenomena'. I know it can sound like a cliffhanger, but you wouldn't want me spoiling anything for you, right?
Last but not least, don't forget that there are actually -three- episodes, much unlike Half-Life 2! They last a good while, too. I'm sure you'll get hours of fun from it. The replay value of this mod is extremely high. For me, at least. I'm certain almost any Half-Life fan would absolutely enjoy this mod. All I can say is thanks, Black Widow Games.

I can remember the first time I played this, it scared the **** out of me! I loved the quality of the story, mapping and textures! This mod should ALWAYS be the first mod that ANY Half-life player downloads and plays!


IMHO the best horror mod, and one of the best mods, ever made for HL. Action, re-skinned enemies, impressive sound and music, new weapons, a good story... Perfect.

best hl1 mod ever.

This is one of the best mods (and games) I've ever played. Amazing combination of horror and humor. I love it so much, that I'm currently working on remake, that were suspended by original performer. 10/10!


This has to be the best Half Life mod I have ever played, amazing story, monsters, etc. I can tell so much love was put into this mod! It's even better with the add on's :)

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