The Zone's Call returns the player to the southern reaches of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, to once again, answer the Zone's Call. With all of the southern areas from Clear Sky, ranging from the expansive Marshes to the eerie Red Forest, along with some of the more well known areas from Shadow of Chernobyl, are used to help complete the world of the southern Exclusion Zone.

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Flea Market - Shady Dealings
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You should make the merchants have unlimited money, keep up the good work.

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SetaKat Author

Will do.

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One concept I had for aliVe II was to make those market events happen from time to time at different areas. So you would get a radio message where the next market will be. In addition you could ask bypassing stalkers if they know where the market will happen.

The market itself is kind of neutral ground and using weapons there is permitted. But bandits try to catch stalkers which are travelling to the market.
My concept of aliVe II was to have those markets as trade hubs with a lack of traders throughout the zone. This would fit to the timeline of aliVe II since it should play in the early days of the zone we know and love.

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The Flea Market - once the refuge of Stalkers digging through the trash piles looking for scrap to sell for a few coins, it has now become a valued trade hub, and a central piece of the Zones black market. A wide range of faction exclusive and rare items can be brought here on a semi regular basis, or ordered in special - provided you can pay the prices the items warrant. Prices, the traders say, are due to the 'risks' of obtaining said items.
That said, the merchants here are always interested in rare and valuable items, such as that rare rifle you carry, or that shiny, hard to obtain artifact on your belt. They might just offer you a very attractive deal for such items...

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