The Urosis Conflict: Urban Operations

The story takes place in the city of Urosis, year 2021, where a large rebel faction known as the "People for European Liberation" or "PEL" have taken over a large portion of the city as their Home Base. Two years ago the European Union started a large operation to erradicate this threat at it's source. The PEL was formed five years ago and had its first major rise in Urosis in 2018. Before that incident, the European Union thought of the PEL as nothing more than a pest, and never put many resources or effort into bringing down this faction.
After two years of war Urosis has very few buildings that haven't been severly damaged, making it an extremly hazardous warzone.
The European Union has sent in a large amount of elite "Wolf" troops to aid the standard army as well. The Wolf troops are outfitted with highly advanced equipment designed and manufactured by "Urosis Combat Solutions" AKA "UCS" -the only remaining company in Urosis, the factory itself is heavily guarded, and is located on the outskirts of the city.
The European Union currently is unaware of the location of the PEL's Headquarters, as all Recon has been unable to find any clues or signs of its whereabouts.

- It will have no crosshairs; ironsights will be used for target acquisition.
- realistic muzzle flares
- Modular weapons
- Realistic weapon characteristics (Firemodes, Reloading, etc.)

-Ability to create outposts by bringing items such as the Mobile Armory Station to an area such as an
apartment or any other easily defended area.
-Adjustable elevation to compensate for bullet drop.
-Set amount of weapons and vehicles in map to encourage more tactical thinking.
-To compensate for lesser equipment, the Terrorist faction will be comprised of 60% of the
players in the server.
-Vehicle engine blocks will be physicalized to be bulletproof to all weapons except the Steyr IWS2000.
-Each team will have a different set of reload animations. Terrorists would not have the training of Military troops.
-The whole city will be in all maps, but different map variations will have different accesable areas, spawn points and detail.
-No HUD, except for a vague health meter and the amount of magazines left for your current weapon.
-Realistic ballistics, to account for bullet drop and penetration.

Release notes:

1st release: Multiplayer
2nd release: Single Player
3rd and final release: Co-op including single and multiplayer.

Weapon Systems:

Melee Weapons:
Glock Field Knife, KABAR STR Edge KYDEX

Glock 18, Glock 17SF, HK45 Tactical, Sig P250 (9mm and .45ACP full size)

TDI Kriss*, HK MP5A5, HK MP5SD6

Assault Rifles:
Izhmash AKM, IZHMASH AN-94, Steyr ACR, AK-104, Bushmaster ACR 18", Bushmaster ACR 14.5" AK, Bushmaster ACR 14.5",  Magpul PDR-C

Sniper Rifles:
AMP TS DSR-1, Zastava M76, Steyr IWS 2000 AMR, NTW-20

HK CAW, Mossberg 500 Tactical

Machine Guns:
RPK, M2HB, FN Mk 48 Mod 0, XM312

Homemade Smoke Grenade, M67, RGD-5, AN\M8, M18 Red, Green, Blue


Brabus Rocket Police Interceptor, Mercedes Benq E-Class Police Cruiser 1990 Lamborgini LM002, Mercedes G Wagen


Elcan SpecterOS 3.4x, EOTech model 550, PSO-1, POSP, UMI Advanced Illumination SPR Scope, UMI Tactical GPS, GPS, GP30, Aimpoint Comp M2, AN\PAQ 4, Surefire Kroma K2

Note: Some items may be subject to change.

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Just a few logos and banners for Thanatos Games and SoU, made by some of the dev team.

Mod announcement

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Finally after about 2 months ive gotten around to making a website and now im finally on moddb, however i am in dire need of a mod team so if you are...

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What programmes do u people use !! I just use Blender 3D and it does me but the lack of format compatibility does my 'ead in !!!! AHHHHH!

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Please, please do not let this mod die!

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anyway, im making the Glock , currently im detailing the grip and engraving the letters into the glock

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we have about 2 objects done for now

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Shadows of urosis has been a idea for quite a while before we decided to make it for crysis u guys can post here

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hey iunno, im in and i told u i can be a community guy

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babyeater Creator

I am iunno666

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babyeater Creator

I am back on the internet (through a hard wired connection, however its better than nothing)
so I should be able to create some models(I made an attempt at using hammer however I found it to be impossible to follow without a tutorial or some other form of documentation)

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babyeater Creator

my network card is being gay so i cant get on the internet with my pc, also i had to reformat my pc so i dont have steam, modeling tools or anything like that, however i am working to resolve this issue and i should have either newer drivers or a new network card soon.

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****, I'm for this!

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