Total-conversion mod for SWBF2 that adds the Mass Effect era to Instant Action. You can fight as the Systems Alliance, the Heretic Geth, the Collectors, or the Evolved Geth on six new custom maps, all of the stock maps, and all maps from the Sol Map Pack.

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Apr 6 2013 Anchor

I've installed the mod step-by-step and although the game launches, I get the proper music and UI, but I do not have an N7 option for games. I am not too sure what I should do to get this working. :/

May 16 2013 Anchor

I had the same problem, making a new Battlefront 2 account fixed it for me

Jul 7 2013 Anchor

I tried installing the mod correctly and stuff but I still cant get even the music, UI and the N7 option... Help please?

Jul 28 2013 Anchor

Hello i've got a problem, my game is on steam and even if i install the patch my game stay in 1.1 and so the mod doesn't work (i think it's because of that). Could you help me or giving me some advice for installation on steam ?
Thank you.

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language and i hope i'm understandable .

Marth8880 Project Leader
Aug 1 2013 Anchor

Installing the unofficial 1.3 patch does not change the text in the upper-right corner of the front-end menu to read "Star Wars Battlefront II v1.3" or the like.

To install Unification with the Steam version of SWBF2...

***Note: If you are running a 32-bit version of Windows, change "Program Files (x86)" to "Program Files".

On this screen:
Installing to Steam

*** Paste the following text into the file destination field.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData

So it looks like this:

***Note: If you are running a 32-bit version of Windows, change "Program Files (x86)" to "Program Files".

Aug 24 2013 Anchor

I need help!

Ok so im using steam version of Battlefront on windows 8. I finally got some mods to work, when i saw this i uninstalled all the mods (there were only 2) Then installed this one. However i manually moved it after i used installer (It didnt put it in the right place). The launcher comes up as the mods but star wars music still plays and the maps are listed in instant action but i can add them to play.

Marth8880 Project Leader
Aug 24 2013 Anchor

So then what's the problem? Did you install the included unofficial 1.3 patch?

Apr 3 2014 Anchor

So um, Gamespy is shutting down all of its stuff on May 31st. No more multiplayer in SWBF2. Are you abandoning the mod? D:

Marth8880 Project Leader
Apr 3 2014 Anchor


Apr 4 2014 Anchor

We rarely ever test multiplayer as it is. We've always focused on a solid singleplayer experience, and then add on a functional multiplayer.

We're not changing any of our plans.

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